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"If you are in need of pod storage...Box-n-Go is the ONLY company you should call! This is a true customer service driven company & I give them an "A" rating. I would recommend them 100%!

Betty F.

What if I have too much stuff

Once you start packing for storage or moving, you’ll probably discover that your possessions have been multiplying in the dark corners of your closets and especially in the garage. By the time moving day rolls around, you may find that all your belongings won’t fit inside the containers you ordered or even in your new home. This problem can be dealt with quite easily. Order one or two extra containers over what you think you will need. Box-n-Go will charge you only for the ones you are actually using.

You may also be able to avoid some of these headaches by holding a garage sale several weeks before your move (read more here). Of course things cannot be sold at the yard sales for any appreciable value. It is also understandable that people are attached to their possessions. Nobody likes throwing anything away as certain belongings should be preserved for the next generation. If this is your position, sit back and relax. You can safely and easily store your belongings with Box-n-Go Storage.

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