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UCI Self Storage

UCI Storage

The time is finally here that you and your entire family have been waiting for. You finally got accepted into college and you are beyond ecstatic!  You will be moving from a place you always called home, into your college dorm, where you will meet new friends, classmates, and colleagues.  While this is a perfect time to celebrate, it’s also a perfect time to plan what you are going to do with your belongings while you are away.  Will you place them in UCI storage?  Give them away? Have a yard sale?  Keep them in your room?

If you choose to place your items in UCI storage, we provide UC Irvine student storage and moving services. Whether you are spending a semester overseas or you are going to take a few weeks to visit certain schools, Box-n-Go  UCI storage can provide you with all your UC Irvine storage needs.

Why Box-n-Go portable UC Irvine storage is the solution for UC  students?

It’s no secret that most dorm rooms are less than the average size. Therefore it can be impossible to take all of your belongings from home and place them in your college dorm. However, the dilemma is, you can’t leave your items at home while you are away in college.  Well, technically you can, but you will always worry if your siblings are rummaging through your things, or if your family has guests you don’t particularly care for at your home.  You will always be wondering if your items are okay.  This is why most students search for self storage near UC Irvine.  By placing your items in UC Irvine storage you never have to worry about anyone stealing or going through your things.  UCI storage will keep your items safe and secure until you return home. 

At Box-n-Go UCI Storage, we make things a little easier for you.  After all, you should be focused on your college experience, not worrying about UCI storage. Let us worry about your UC Irvine storage needs while you get ready to have the time of your life.  When you choose UC Irvine student storage and moving, here’s what you can expect:

·         We will deliver storage containers directly to your  home and/or dorm

·         We will pick up your packed storage containers and deliver them to our secure self storage near UC Irvine

·         We will make sure your items are free from damage, theft, mold, mildew, and debris in our  UC Irvine storage 

·         We will provide you with protection coverage on your valuables

·         We offer  storage units and  options at a rate you can afford

Call Box-n- Go for all your UC Irvine storage needs today!

Going away to college is one of the most exciting times in your life.  You should be excited about your new journey and not worried about your possessions. This is where Box-n-Go comes in.  While you plan you enjoy your college experience, we will keep your items safe and secure in our storage near UCI. Call or UCI Storage today and discover why many UCI students prefer Box-n-Go to help them with their UC Irvine storage needs!??


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