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Valley Village Storage

?If you are placing your items in Valley Village storage long term, there are some steps you have to take to make sure your belongings stay in top-condition.  While you can get access to your storage at any time, sometimes it’s virtually impossible when you are thousands of miles away. So, how do you protect your items from, debris, damage and theft when you don’t have immediate access to them in Valley Village?


Here are some quick and simple tips to ensure that your items will be in good condition while in Valley Village storage:


            –       Don’t stack boxes and storage bins too high- They can fall if you do

            –       Use plastic storage containers instead of boxes that can be easily damaged

            –       Clean, wash and dry all of your clothes and linens before placing in storage

            –       Buy a secure padlock and lock up anything valuable

            –       Wrap delicate items in bubble wrap

            –       Research if your  storage  in Valley Village is climate controlled

            –        Wrap your furniture in plastic

            –       Disassemble any furniture or electronics

            –       Drain all the fuel tanks of outdoor equipment , such as Lawnmowers

            –       Make sure your  storage  in Valley Village is equipped with state of the art security systems

            –       Don’t store any flammable items or weapons

            –       Use moth balls or  potpourri to preserve the freshness of your garments and to keep moths away

            –       Label all items for easier access when you return

            –       Make sure you choose the right size storage unit to avoid overstuffing

            –       Inspect the storage warehouse in Valley Village for bugs and insects

            –       Place all your valuable belongings in the back of your storage unit in Valley Village 


Call Box-n-Go storage in Valley Village  for your entire short and long term storage needs today!


When you need a safe and secure storage unit, choose our Valley Village Storage. At Box-n-Go, we offer short term and long term storage rentals at an affordable rate. Whether you need to use our storage for 1 week or one year, we have you covered. Call us today to reserve you spacious storage unit in Valley Village  now!

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