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Betty F.

West Glendale Self Storage

West Glendale Self Storage

When you hear the word self storage, you probably think about movers and moving. However, self storage is used for much more than moving. Did you know that you can actually store some of your items in West Glendale self storage to free up space in your home?

Whether you have too many things or you just want to make your space more inviting,  West Glendale self storage is the perfect solution for your needs.  Now that you know you can use storage for your items, you are probably thinking what kind of things can you store?

Here are some items to place in West Glendale storage units to create more space:


  • Books
  • Video games
  • Instruments
  • Dishes
  • Clothes
  • Furniture
  • Toys and board games
  • Business documents
  • Winter clothes
  • Holiday decorations


Discover the many spacing saving solutions when placing your items in self storage West Glendale!


When you create more space in your home, the possibilities are endless. Here are some ideas that you can create in your home when you make more room:


·         An exercise/yoga room

·         man cave

·         nursery

·         reading room

·         spare guest room

·         sewing/craft room


Why do many people prefer placing their items in our West Glendale storage units?

As you can see there are many creative things you can do when you have extra space in your home.  Placing your items in self storage gives you the freedom and flexibility to use your imagination and make your home more inviting and spacious.  However, most people are still apprehensive about placing their items in storage.

If you are still on the fence about placing your items in West Glendale storage units, here are some reasons not to worry!


·         belongings will be in a safe and secure warehouse with maximum security and surveillance

·         protected from mold and mildew

·         can be retrieved at any time

·         on the ground level (Most West Glendale self storage facilities charge extra for this)

·         Your belongings can be delivered to you whenever you need them, wherever you need them.


Box-n-Go is the simple solution for all of your space saving needs!

Whether you are decluttering your home, moving across country, relocating for college, or just need to place a few things in storage, Box-n-Go is your solution.  We provide convenient and flexible storage solutions for all of your moving and storage needs.  Call us today and find out why businesses, students, and residents prefer our self storage over any other storage facility in West Glendale.

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