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"If you are in need of pod storage...Box-n-Go is the ONLY company you should call! This is a true customer service driven company & I give them an "A" rating. I would recommend them 100%!

Betty F.

Westside Self Storage Los Angeles

Westside Self Storage Los Angeles

Looking for Westside mini storage or Westside self storage Los Angeles options? Look no further. Your best Westside Self Storage Los Angeles option is Box-n-Go Storage, a native Southern Californian company. What are some reasons you may require a storage unit? Why should you choose Box-n-Go? Let’s answer these questions.

Westside Mini Storage

The are many Westside mini storage options. College students regularly make use of Westside mini storage to store their dorm furniture while away on summer break or to study abroad. Storage is also a great option for when you sell your home before your new one is ready. Sometimes homeowners simply collect more items than their present home can accommodate. If you’re not ready to part with the excess, storage can buy you time to decide what to do. It’s great for seasonal items too. There is a lot of summer equipment that doesn’t need to be around in colder, wetter months.

Storage for all ocasions

If you have just downsized then you may want a place to keep some items until you decide what to do with them. Military men and women who go on active duty may need to store some things while abroad. A business may require Westside mini storage while searching for larger facilities. These are just some of the many reasons that an individual, family, or company may need a storage unit.

Westside self storage

So why use Box-n-Go Storage? The primary reason is convenience. Box-n-Go Storage makes storage easier for you than any other storage company. Their eight by five storage units are mobile. Just let them know how many you need and they will be dropped off at your location that is the most convenient for you. Take your time loading them up. There is no extra charge, even if it takes you a few days to pack. When you are done, your items will be taken to a secure storage facility, just a short drive away from you. If you need to get to an item that you have in storage, two hours of advance notice is enough for your belongings to be made available.

The best self storage

Box-n-Go Storage knows that security is important to you. The storage units are all individually inspected. The storage warehouse has a high tech security system including video surveillance and motion sensors. Smoke detectors ensure a quick response time from local authorities in case of a fire at the storage warehouse. Plus, your unit rental includes Free Limited Contents Protection Coverage. You can have peace of mind knowing that your unit is safe and secure.

The easy way to address your storage and moving needs

Regardless of your reason for needing storage, if you live in the LA area, then, Box-n-Go Storage is the best way to fulfill your storage needs. If you have a self storage unit or space with another storage facility, don’t worry. Box-n-Go will deliver their unit to your storage facility. So you can move your belongings into their unit or if you need help. They also provide a packing service for a nominal fee.

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