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WU Student Storage

The perfect choice for your Woodbury University Student Self Storage

Whether you are heading to college or returning home for the summer, it’s important that you find  Student self storage. While you rather be saying good-bye to your friends, and enjoying one last party, planning your storage needs can help you save time in the long run.  The only challenge with placing your items in self storage near Woodbury University  is knowing   how to pack your storage unit for an effortless process.   At Box-n-Go,  we understand that you already have enough on your plate.  This is why we created a quick and simple tip sheet to help you have a great storage experience.

  1. Make a list- If you make a list of all the items you are planning to put in self storage near Woodbury University, you will have an inventory of all of your things.  This way you will know how many storage containers you need, and you will have an idea of all your items.

  1. Clean and Wash your items before storing- While you may like to keep your dorm spic and span, that many not be the same for your fellow roommates.  Dirt and debris can lead to unwanted critters in your clothes and on your items. So, it’s highly advisable that you wash all your clothes, shake all your electronics, and wipe down any other items before you place your items in  Student self storage.

  1. Label all of your boxes– It seems like a simple task, but you will be surprised on how many people forget to do this simple thing. If you label your boxes, you will know which items are which, what goes where, and it will be easier to retrieve your items when you are ready.

  1. Don’t pack any liquids– It doesn’t matter how much you try to protect your clothing, if you pack liquids it is quite possible that they can leak and damage your clothing.  If possible, don’t pack any liquids. Instead carry them with you or better yet, buy new liquids when you arrive home. This can be shampoo, soap, lotions, perfumes, etc., etc.

  1. Stack your items vertically- To create more space, you can place your mattress, chairs, desks, and more furniture in your storage unit vertically. By placing them vertically, you can create more space, which you can then use to place more of your items in your storage container.


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Going to college and returning home for the summer should be a fun process.  You can worry about your college experience, and let us worry about all of your Woodbury University housing and storage.  Whether you need storage in 19510 for the entire semester or just for the summer, you can rest assured that Box-n-Go offers simple and affordable storage solutions that meet your needs. Call us today at 1-866-631-8523 and discover the difference!

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