Are you a student?


Rima F., Redondo Beach, CA

They gave me great service, great price, and all promise were fulfilled.

I was so happy that they understood my situation to have to pack and leave quickly. Also, thank you Frank because you checked in with me to make sure I was comfortable with my order. Thank you so much Box-n-Go, it fit perfect in front of my house. They did exactly what I asked them to do.

Chelsey L., Los Angeles, CA

Great service. Great deals. Best price in LA by a long shot.

This was my first time using a storage box service and I’m happy I did. Frank was super helpful through out the entire process and made my move more simple.

Alexa M., Claremont, CA

Box-n-Go is a very easy service to use.

I am a student in Claremont, but I live in Arizona and it is such a hassle to transport all of my belongings back and forth over the summer. Most of my stuff does not even need to go home for the summer. I’ve seen the Box-n-Go storage containers all over campus but I never wanted to rent one. I thought that it would be a long and expensive process. But it’s not. Box-n-Go is a very easy service to use. It was not hard at all to make a reservation for a storage container to be dropped off on campus. and the price was not bad either, especially if you share a box with some friends, because they are very spacious! Tip for college students using this service: you probably won’t need a whole container to yourself, so share with friends, split the cost, and that will make the service that much cheaper!