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Box-n-Go - XL


20’ Container – all weather.
Perfect for 3-bedroom residence.
5-7 rooms, furniture, appliances, etc.

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16’ Container – all weather.
Perfect for 2-bedroom residence.
3-5 rooms, furniture, appliances, etc.

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8’ Container – all weather.
Modular – works for any need.
Each fits 1-1.5 rooms.

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Self Storage

There are many reasons to use affordable and the best self storage. Hence, don’t settle for a second rate place to store your personal property. Therefore you must consider only the best available options of self-storage. In addition, if you are moving, or planing on using U-Haul self storage, having a sale, running a small business, or just have extra stuff, you might need the best secure self storage. Is your home overflowing with stuff and you can’t bear to part with them? Then consider putting them in self storage facility.

However, not all self storage places are the same. Here at Box-n-Go we offer much more than the best self storage. We offer storage and moving services that can address any need. At Box-n-Go you can get:

  • self storage
  • portable storage
  • full service storage
  • loading help
  • local self moving
  • long distance moving
  • local full service moving
  • moving boxes and supplies
  • and many, many more services

Why Attic is Not the Right Option for Self Storage?

If you have an attic in your home, then you can utilize it as an affordable self storage at home. Therefore, you can use this primarily for all those empty boxes or contain items that you only use once in a while. The typical attic is hard to get and dimly lit.The temperature fluctuates greatly in here. Hence, it can affect your personal belongings too. As a result, you will worry about this and keep the things downstairs, occupying all the closets which is unnecessary.   However, there is a viable alternate solution that will meet everyone’s expectations. And for that you must keep your personal and professional belongings protected. For that, you can store them safely at an environmentally controlled location.

Convenient Self Storage

Secure Self Storage | Selfstorage | Self Storage Facility
Self Storage

Budget self storage space can be hard to come by. Many people run out of room to store things in their home or office. After a while, rooms can become cluttered, and people need to either get rid of things or find another area to store them in. Many people will turn to a cheap self storage option for the extra space that they need. The need of self storage for every person is different. Some people need long term storage, while others may need temporary storage during a move. No matter how long a person needs self storage space, a self-service unit is the perfect option. These personal self storage facilities rent units by the month or they also offer the best self storage options. Most facilities will have renters sign some type of contract when they come to rent self storage.

Cheap Self-Storage

The price for cheap self storage solutions will vary depending on where the self-storage box was rented from. Also it depends on the self-storage locker size and the length of time the unit is rented for.  One of the main attractions for self storage is that people can rent only the amount of storage space that they need. Most self-storage facilities are also climate friendly. Therefore, a person’s belongings will not get ruined due to extreme heat or cold.  Both of these factors make storing belongings in a self-storage facility very popular with customers.

The majority of individuals have moved or relocated at least once or twice in their lifetime without leveraging self-storage solutions. Hence, depending on their experience, they can have a positive or negative approach to this tiring event. In many cases like this, moving is considered to be stressful, challenging, complex and expensive. Hence, many people attempt to do it on their own if the distance is short. Unfortunately with long distance or large relocation the do-it-yourself method may not be the right way to go with.

Box-n-Go for Self Storage

If you are in the Southern California,then you need to consider one of the newest self-storage options. It takes all the negative aspects of moving and storage and turns them upside down so they work in your favor. For instance, common complaints about moving include packing of the truck.  You can unpack it at the unit and then pack it up again later when you are in the new home. As yo know, gas and truck rental fees are expensive. Even if you are only using it for one day. Then there’s the fact that you have to play the guessing game on the size of unit you need from the cheapest self storage facility.

Compare Box-n-Go secure self storage solutions with that of a traditional self-storage facility. And you will find that we offer you a much better self-storage solution. So, why choose  traditional self storage over Box-n-Go secure self storage?

Self-Storage Uses

When you utilize self-storage, you will find a completely different approach which brings the storage unit directly to you. This allows you to walk right into your affordable self storage unit and stack your boxes in a way that works best for your access. Users can take their time, only pay for the unit they use. You can make a single phone call to have it picked up and taken to the storage location. It is then secured and monitored until you need access or are ready to unpack.

The indoor protection and straightforward pricing is exactly what you are looking for. Therefore, Self Storage can ensure that your next move is made on your terms and schedule. Users save time, energy and money by taking advantage of this resource without sacrificing anything. Hence, it becomes one of the best investments you will make in the relocation process. Hence, do an online search for self storage and find out how much easier it is to move when the storage comes to you.

Can Secure Self Storage Help When Moving?

Moving can be a hassle if you’re about to travel long distances. Hence, secure self storage and moving can be helpful. Even if you find a free self storage, the cost of renting a secure self storage, hiring movers or renting a truck and paying for gas mileage can also be expensive. Therefore, moving using self storage has become very popular nowadays. Mobile self storage by Box-n-go is especially popular. They give you more time to load and unload. Also you don’t need to move the unit by yourself. As a result, you are free to focus on other aspects of moving that needs your attention.

Storing Items in the Self Storage Facility

By renting the self storage, you can have much time to load and unload your locker that prevents you from feeling rushed when you move. Moreover, the cost of moving items in a storage vault is less when compared to the cost of hiring movers or renting a truck. These units also help to alleviate your stress that is associated with moving. However, you also need to be careful to load your furniture and other items with an even weight distribution while moving. Also, you must pack your items carefully and tightly so that they do not move around during the transport. It’s also important to cover the items with moving blankets that could become scratched in the Self Storage. The unit should be locked, if you aren’t directly loading or unloading to prevent theft.

Self-storage facilities are perfectly secure. Even the facility staff won’t have access to your unit. You can relax knowing that the only person who will touch, move or see your stuff is you. They are definitely a great solution when you have furniture; clothing or other items that you need to keep, but don’t have enough room for it. So, there’s no reason to feel like a guest in your home.

Why Box-n-Go Self Storage?

Box-n-Go is one of the best self storage companies out there! Box-n-Go self storage lockers are the perfect answer to your storage and relocation needs. As convenience and customer service being at the top of the priority list, it has become quite popular. Box-n-Go brings a moving container to your office or home. After that you are able to load it at leisure and according to your schedule. And when you are done, they will come back and pick it up for you. Then we bring the storage pod to a secure storage facility. It comes with complete access to your items when you need and for as long as you want. Hence, there is no easier and better way to care for heirlooms, important documents and other necessary items that you want to hold onto but don’t have the room at your location.

At Box-n-Go Self Storage, we believe that it is time you got your money’s worth from your self storage company! Unlike the conventional self storage facilities, we offer you the convenience of a large, secure and controlled storage facility without ever asking you to leave your home! Hence, we literally go an extra mile for you and bring all our services to your door step. Therefore, the affordable self storage has never been easier.

Our approach to self storage is convenient simple and secure.

Three main reasons to opt for Box-n-Go self storage delivery: convenience, savings, and safety/security.


With Box-n-Go units self storage, we bring the self-storage units directly to you. Thus we eliminate many worries associated with traditional self-storage. Firstly, we remove the extra burden of packing up a truck, making multiple trips to the self-storage facility. And then moving everything for a second time into the self-storage unit. Therefore, with our self storage cheap and convenient approach:

  • No need to rent and drive a large truck and take multiple trips to storage facility
  • Load and unload only once! We deliver secure self storage lockers right to your door time reducing your workload and reducing the wear on your belongings
  • No need to rush so you can return it that day. Load your Box-n-Go affordable self storage at your leisure
  • No need to walk up the skinny steep ramp into the back of the truck, risking injury and damage
  • You eliminate the hassles of dealing with multiple companies (i.e. truck rental and self-storage facility). One call does it all.

Containers for Self Storage

We provide you sturdy weather proof self storage containers that are especially designed for this purpose. Hence, once the self storage containers are delivered to your door, store your belongings inside. Containers sit at ground level for easy loading and unloading, and the convenient size of 5′ wide 8′ long and 7′ high allows you to rent as few or as many as you like, while paying only for the storage you need. Therefore, our service eliminates the need to rent a truck and reduces the handling of your belongings. Hence, you pack only once! It’s safe, convenient, economical and best of all, stress free!

Once you are done packing your belongings inside the self storage containers, we pick them up and store them in our warehouse. Therefore, your containers can be easily accessed. As a result, they are never on the third floor or “down the hall”. You won’t need to rent carts or dollies, as containers are brought to a special, secure and private area within our facility for easy access.

Time Savings!

Since we deliver the self-storage units to you, there is no need to handle your items twice which cuts the total packing/unpacking time in half. Additionally, you don’t have to bother with reserving and renting a truck or finding another way to transport your things to a self-storage facility. Therefore, no need for multiple runs to a self-storage facility. Thus, you’ll save lots of time by using Box-n-Go self storage services.

Safety and Security!

Every time you move things you risk damaging them. Hence, Box-n-Go affordable self storage method cuts down the amount of handling in half – you load/unload only once. Subsequently, you avoid a lot of the handling that occurs when you load into a truck and then into a self-storage facility and then back into another truck when you vacate. Thus you greatly reduce the risk of damaging your belongings. Hence, we ensure you get peace when you know that your secure self storage container is safe in a state-of-art, clean storage facility, equipped with complete security systems including motion sensors, fire alarm and sprinklers and 24-hour video surveillance.

Box-n-Go Secure Self Storage Facility

Worry-free storage:

  • With Box-n-Go secure self storage facility, you do not have the same worries associated with traditional storage. For instance, our containers are made of wood which allows everything to breathe. In other words, no mold or mildew!
  • Once you are done with packing, lock the units with your own padlock and keep the keys. All units are stored in a large, secure, centrally located, controlled indoor, secure self storage facility. Therefore it makes for the perfect environment for storing household goods, electronics and documents.

What will You Get with Self Storage?

As a result, this new concept of affordable self storage has been revolutionizing the affordable self storage industry. Just think about the following points:

  • Firstly, take as long as you want to find the things you need to store. And then pack them inside the secure self storage container. This is how you will never have to leave the comfort of your home.
  • Moreover, you will only be handling these items once, at the convenience of your own home, packing the affordable self storage containers at ground level. Hence, no stairs, no halls, no carts and elevators, no hassles.
  • Similarly, if you have many items to store and you are renting few of our affordable self storage containers for them, you can separate the items anyway you’d like. That is to day it will protect your possessions better and will make it easier to find things in the future.
  • Above all, your containers are stored in a large self storage warehouse that is manned per following schedule by our operating personnel. Therefore, we provide you with a much higher degree of security for you and your belongings when compared to the isolated, remote rooms of the conventional self storage facility. In a nutshell, we’ll watch over your personal belongings like they are our own.
  • What could be more convenient? Order your affordable self storage today or call us at 877-269-6461

Why Do You need Self Storage?

Are you still not sure that our secure self storage services are right for you? Just ask yourself:

  • Are my rooms filled with too much furniture, preventing openness and ease of traffic flow? Are my closets overstuffed? Do I have an excess of toys and sports equipment? Is my office space disorganized and messy with unfilled paperwork? Is my garage filled to the max?
  • Make more room for yourself, storing all those extra belongings. Whether you are clearing out that extra stuff in your home, storing seasonal decorations, or if you are perhaps even a student going home for the summer, we can provide you with safe, accessible, year round affordable self storage. Therefore, let Box-n-Go store your extra items for you.
  • Do you need to remove years worth of clutter before placing your home on the market? Are you in-between homes, relocating overseas or renovating? If I sell my house, what do I do with my belongings until my new house is ready?

Let Box-n-Go help. We can deliver the storage right to your doorstep. Not sure how many secure self storage lockers you need? Therefore, order an extra one or use our Storage Calculator. If you don’t use all the storage containers delivered, don’t worry. We only charge you for the ones you use! Haven’t found a new place yet? Then we can hold your belongings for a very reasonable monthly storage fee until you are ready to have them redelivered. Monthly rates vary depending on your storage needs.

The Services We Offer

Just think of these great reasons to use our services:

  • Firstly, Competitive affordable self storage prices
  • Most importantly, there is no need to leave your home to arrange for secure self storage!
  • No Truck Rental or Driving to and from storage!
  • Subsequently, there are no deposits!
  • No Gas & Mileage Charges!
  • You will encounter no damp concrete floors!
  • Similarly, no Loading Ramps!
  • With our affordable self storage there is no loading/unloading in and out of self storage twice!
  • No Rushing to Load!
  • No guessing on affordable self storage space size!
  • You do not need to worry about the affordable self storage Safety And Security

Box-n-Go storage and moving services are available to the residents and businesses located in Southern California. Presently we provide our portable self-storage services to the business and residents of the Los Angeles and Orange Counties. We also service parts of San Bernardino, Riverside and Venture Counties.

Box-n-Go is constantly expanding the coverage areas where our services are available. If your neighborhood is not listed below, please check with us to find out if we are able to bring the convenience of our Storage Delivered™ services to your door. Additional delivery charges may be applicable for the extended coverage areas.

Choose an affordable self storage service area near you

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