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  • Move locally or nationwide
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Self-Serve Container Info

8’ Container – all weather.
Each fits 1-1.5 rooms.

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8’ L x 5’ W x 7.3’ H
93” L x 57” W x 78” H
Door Opening:
47” W x 78” H
240 Cu.Ft or 2 ,000 LBS
Clear Req’d:
8.5’ L x 8.5’ W x 8.5’ H
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Long Distance Moving Containers

When it comes to the inevitable happenings of life. moving from one place to another becomes one of the main thing. No matter how comfortable you are at a place, it is necessary that you think of relocating. Often for business expansion people move. Often for family expansion, they relocate. Getting married, having kids or even getting divorce can make one relocate. In this cases of relocation, you have to move with your precious belongings too. And for that, it is necessary that you seek professional help. Renting moving containers for the safekeeping of your goods is necessary. However, provider company for containers for moving and storage can be quite tricky to find. If you are looking for storage containers for moving, then you are absolutely at the right place.

Move and go is the mantra of life. Moving or relocation is an inevitability of life. No matter how comfortable you become with your present, you have to move. Moving comes with growth and change. Often business moves for expansion. Household moves to welcome new changes. Often you move within your familiar territory, your own city. Often you change city or even state. Long distance moving is such a hassle. Even though you are probably excited to begin your life in a new city, the process of moving all your items will not fill you with much joy. You must find a way to pack up all your items, get them to your new location and then unpack them when they arrive! So, shout out Box-n-Go now and make your relocation hassle free.

Our long distance moving container service is very simple:

  • You tell us where you are moving
  • We give you a flat rate price
  • You schedule your move
  • On the day of your move we deliver 1 or few of our long distnce moving continers. You load them your slef or we can do it for you.
  • When you are done, we come and pick up your container(s). One month of storage is provided to you at no chrge, just in case.
  • When you are ready to schedule the delivery to your new home in another state, you do so. We ship p your continer(s) to your new home state. We deliver your belongings to your new home
  • The price you pay covers all the above services

People move across the state lines for a viriety of reasons. Most people go with a traditional moving company in these situations. However, such companies often come with various restrictions. They often change their rates, especially in the summer. They do not want to deal with small moves. Also, they often want to consilidate the loads, which delays your shipment. That is why we believe there is a better option out there. Instead of going with a moving company, you could use moving containers for long distance moving. The beauty of these storage containers is that you can move with ease. For moving, you don’t have to depend on the timing of the professionals you are hiring. You can plan your move according to your own convenience.

What are Long Distance Moving Containers?

It is very straightforward. When you request Box-n-Go storage containers, you are sent the item you ordered to your home. You are getting a large storage container, or several, delivered to your doorstep. It is the most convenient long distance moving option. You can spend as much time as you want to pack up your items. Instead of having to move within a day, you can spend a couple weeks slowly packing up your items.

It is so helpful for those who have a busy schedule. You cannot afford to take an entire day to pack up the whole house. But you can manage a couple hours each day. Within a week or two, you will be set for long distance moving. Then you can contact the moving container provider, such as Box-n-Go, and they will come pick up the container.

When preparing for a move, most people’s default choice is the standard moving truck. But if you do your research, you may find that moving containers are a better option for you. Functional, spacious and designed to suit all requirements, these containers are undoubtedly more functional choice than truck. To help demonstrate the difference, here are 5 “NOs” that will make you want to say “yes” to storage containers for moving.

Benefits of using a Moving Container

Are you planning your next move? When it comes to relocating, whether it be across town, state or country, you want the most secure and hassle-free solution that keeps expenses within your budget. A moving container rental service is one of the most convenient, flexible and affordable ways to move your belongings. It offers unique advantages not available with conventional truck and trailer moving companies. Are you worried about the safekeeping of your goods while relocating? Then moving container can be the best answer for your worry. Why? From efficiency to flexibility, you will get everything from this option. Also, if you are worried about the huge hole it can burn in your pocket, then do away with it. Reliable providers offer the most affordable containers that will suit your needs.

Gives Control of Your Entire Move

A container is dropped at your home according to your schedule; you get to load it at your convenience and have it delivered to your new location. You’ll be in control of how your container is packed, moved and only you have the key to access it. This is surely the biggest advantage of this option. You don’t have to depend on the professionals for filling the container on their convenience.

NO Rental Truck Required

With containers for moving and storage, you can skip the hassles of renting a truck. Companies such as Box-n-Go Self-Storage and Moving Service will deliver one, two or as many moving containers as you need. With ground-level access, loading is much easier. And if you’re just storing your items, you won’t have to unload and repack at a public storage facility. While moving to the new property, you can drive your car while the storage containers for moving will tag along with your belongings.

NO Time Constraints with Containers for Moving and Storage

Moving is a stressful time. The last thing you need is to feel rushed when moving day comes. When you choose storage containers for moving, you have the luxury to take your time. You pack at your own pace and call to have your packed moving containers picked up when you’re ready. If you are booking a normal truck or anything, you have to go by their timing. However, in the case of renting storage container, you can do the packing according to your convenience.

NO Disorganization for Storage Containers for Moving

When you pack a truck, you can write room names on your cardboard boxes, but it’s difficult to ensure everything stays together for easy unpacking. Containers for moving and storage typically hold 1 to 1½ rooms each, so you can keep everything from a room close together. That makes unpacking a breeze. It is very unlikely to get such convenience if you are renting a moving truck. Only a storage container for moving and storage can offer you this much of functionality and hassle free relocation.

NO Mildew or Mold

Your valuables will remain safe from the hazards of moisture, thanks to moving containers made of mold- and mildew-retardant materials. Storage containers for moving has a sturdy wooden frame and a weather-resistant cover to protect your belongings from the elements. The breathable nature allows air in, while keeping rain out. Containers for moving and storage are also designed to protect against pests that wreak havoc on fabrics and upholstery.

NO Need to Pay for Unused Space

If you have a house full of furniture, tables, beds, appliances and other goods, it can be hard to gauge how much space all of your stuff will take up. To be on the safe side, you may go for a larger rental truck than you need. If you’re able to get everything in the truck with plenty of room to spare, the good news is you didn’t require a bigger truck. But the bad news is you’re stuck paying for more truck than you need, which isn’t the most budget-friendly way to move. In this case, renting storage containers for moving can be especially helpful for you as you can book the one which is will exactly as big as you want.

Easy Packing with Moving Container Rental

Packing up your possessions is the most stressful aspect of moving. You would prefer having the time to sort your possessions and de-clutter as you go. With a moving container rental on-site, you can load your items at a pace that meets your busy lifestyle. This way, you will never have to worry about keeping your moving crew waiting, and since the container is at ground level, you can do a lot of loading and unloading yourself with ease.


Unlike moving companies where the driver’s schedule dictates a variable delivery spread, a moving container rental lets you choose a specific day of delivery. The service separates the actual storage device from the transportation itself allowing you to move at your own pace. If you need some time to complete your packing, using a moving container can give you the flexibility you need. You don’t have to schedule your move according to the convenience of the staff you are hiring. You also don’t have to think about the faster delivery of the container as the staff will leave as soon as you finish with your relocation.


Security is a major issue of concern when you’re packing, storing and moving your worldly possessions. A rental moving container is built around a sturdy steel frame. Services design them to withstand strong winds, rain, moisture and other harsh weather elements. Besides, they store it either on-site or in a locked-down, climate friendly storage facility and in either case, the owner is the only one with a key to access it. So, if you are worried about the safekeeping of your valuables, then don’t. Rest assured, the belongings are safe with the containers.

Perfect for De-cluttering

If you’re selling your home or want to get it ready for renovations, portable storage containers are great for de-cluttering. Instead of cluttering up other areas of your home, you can keep all of your belongings in a container where they can stay safe and secure while providing a tidy and spacious environment.

Handles Any Changes or Unexpected Delays

In case you experience unexpected delays, the container can double up as storage. This will allow you to store your belongings for a given duration either at your home or in a storage warehouse. The rental containers also come in different sizes so you can always find one that fits your needs perfectly.


If you’re moving on a tight budget, a portable storage unit is a great way to complete your move in a cost-effective manner. You only pay for the container rental, delivery, and pick-up. Prices also vary based on the number and size of the moving containers and the distance of travel. If you compare the service with other professional moving companies, this is a cheaper alternative for you. Unlike those companies, they don’t provide a flat fee quote for a long distance move.

Long Distance Moving with Ease

What are you getting for the price? With Box-n-Go storage containers, you are getting the container for all your items, the cost of transporting the container to and from your home, storage of the container if you are not ready to accept it yet, and assistance with loading/unloading. The last part is optional.

If you contact a moving and storage company such as Box-n-Go, they can give you a full breakdown of the storage container options. These long distance moving containers will be perfect for your needs.

Say you are moving cross country, but you have not bought a place yet. Perhaps you will stay at a small apartment for a few weeks. Then you will move to a nicer home. You are not ready to accept your items yet. Box-n-Go will keep your items stored until you are ready to have them delivered to a new address. And you get all these services for one, affordable price! It is the ultimate moving solution for long distance moving!

Moving Containers Security

Safety of your goods is paramount when you are looking for a reliable provider of storage containers for moving. When you put your personal or professional belongings in moving containers you expect that they are going to be well-protected and taken care of. At least until you need to access them. While you might expect that security would be the number one priority for every vendor that specializes in this type of industry that is unfortunately not the case. Many will offer a ‘safe’ place that has poor lighting, no easy access and humid environment. This allows thieves and weather to get inside and wreak havoc on your possessions.

Looking for containers for long distance moving should be a task that is carefully thought through. Internet being as a vital resource in the search. You can easily check out all the different options for your move. See what they have to offer by way of flexibility, storage space, convenience, security and affordability. It may be difficult to find a single location that has every one of these characteristics at the top of the bar. The one you choose should have a high customer satisfaction rating at the very least.

Moving Containers:  Availability & Flexibility

The best in the business of long distance moving will be able to bring the moving pods to you. You can pack at your leisure and within your schedule. And then pick up when you are ready. Once they bring it back to their location you should be able to clearly find where your moving pod is located. Inspect the security measures they have in place to keep ‘eyes and ears’ throughout the facility. Climate control is very important to prevent humidity, moisture, heat and cold from getting inside.  This helps to maintain the integrity of your articles.

Moving Containers are designed to be user friendly and available. Even on a last minute basis. You can safely and effectively pack up documents, fragile heirlooms, furniture, accessories and other items that need to be put away for a time. Go online or give them a call today. See how you rent your space today and let the professionals take care of all the details for your peace of mind.

The following 6 tips will ensure you pack your moving container without any problems:

  • Use boxes that are uniform in size.  It makes them easier to stack ensure heaviest boxes are at the bottom.
  • If you’re putting any ferrous metal items into storage it is best to treat them for rust protection with oil.
  • When storing a refrigerator or similar appliances leave the door ajar. To prevent mold from growing within.
  • Under no circumstances should you keep anything flammable or combustible in your storage.
  • Leave gaps for access between the boxes and furniture in your storage unit so you can easily get to the items without moving anything around.
  • When storing a lot of boxes fill them to the top, use padding or crumpled newspapers. This ensures boxes do not collapse if anything’s placed on them.

Box-n-Go Is the Go-to Service for Moving Containers

Should you determine that containers for moving and storage make the most sense for your needs, you’ll want to find a company you can rely on. Box-n-Go has a long list of reasons why they’re a smart choice. In addition to greater convenience, one key reason to go with Box-n-Go is affordability. With a 110% Best Price Guarantee, you can feel good you’re getting an unbeatable price. Find a really good deal somewhere else? Just call Box-n-Go and you’ll get a rate that’s 10% better. For such hassle free moving, get in touch with Box-n-Go today.

Why Box-n-Go is the Best Option for You?

While there are many reasons why moving container rental is much better for today’s homeowners and renters, one should make sure they use a reputable service that guarantees a smooth, safe, and stress-free move.

A great option for your moving and self-storage needs is to use moving container rental units supplied by Box-n-Go Storage.  Follow the guidelines below to make the most of your storage units.

  • You need to dissemble the larger furniture in order to move them.  Keep the components together by binding.  Keep all fixings screws bolts etc. in a bag tied to the item.
  • Empty fridges freezers and dishwashers. You can use the space for additional storage but keep the doors ajar to prevent mold or mildew forming.
  • Coil up and tie electrical cords from appliances and secure them so they do not dangle or form a trip hazard.
  • Pack the unit with items you may need more frequently at the front of the unit. Store the less in demand items at the rear.
  • Empty all furniture cupboards and drawers of breakables, prohibited items and anything that could damage or puncture.
  • However use the space in drawers  for blankets, sweaters, lingerie, bath towels and similar soft, lightweight goods
  • Group similar items together. Do not pack delicate fragile items in the same box as heavy kitchen saucepans.

Note: loading labor service and full-service moving is provided by our sister company My Moving Guys a licensed California Mover Cal-T 0191190. Box-n-Go will provide full administration of your move from start to finish, customer service, cross country moving options and will provide any storage requirements you may have.

Box-n-go offers its convenient long distance moving services in the following metropolitan areas:

Atlanta, GA, Baltimore, MD, Boston, MA, Chicago, IL, Columbus, OH, Houston, TX, Greenville, SC, Miami, FL, New York, NY, Portland, OR, Raleigh, NC, San Francisco, CA, Seattle, WA, Washington, DC and many more. Please call us at 1-877-269-6461 to discuss your moving needs and how we can help you.

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