Box-n-Go Storage Moving – Why You Will Love Us

8’ x 5’ unit as low as $59/mo.
8’x5’ unit from $59/mo.

Save 50% Load/unload only once.
Less work, time, wear & tear.

No Truck Needed We'll deliver storage & pick up.
Ground level access.

No Heavy Lifting Do it yourself or let us
do the heavy lifting.

Let's choose the right option for you.
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At Box-n-Go storage moving, all our services are backed by unmatched commitment to service excellence. this is one of the reasons you will love us. As one of the best storage companies that pick up, our philosophy is to provide the ultimate in convenience, security, and affordability. Whether you need temporary storage for your home or business, or storing your belongings for a longer term or moving. We have the storage and moving solutions to meet your needs. Of course our commitment alone may not be enough to convince you to use our services. So here are the key features and benefits that separate us from our competition:

  • As one the best storage companies that pick up, we save you time. This is because we offer a 3-hour delivery time slot.
  • We save you money, because our rates are very reasonable when compared to that of the competition.
  • Our storage is easy and convenient, because all you have to do is call us or reserve online.
  • Our storage is secure. As one of the best storage companies that pick up, our warehouse is state of the art and equipped with the latest security protocols.

Whatever your needs are, whether you are storing the seasonal furniture or closing, sports or decorations, college dorm room contents between the semesters, decluttering your home, adding more living room to your home, moving or storing the business items and documents, Box-n-Go Storage is a complete answer to all your moving and self storage needs.

Please take a look at the time savings and advantages Box-n-Go storage moving offers you when compared to the competition:

Box-n-Go storage moving – We save you time


With Box-n-Go storage moving all you have to do is just give us a call, we do the rest. We will schedule the storage box delivery and pick up, help you with your packing supplies needs and will work with you any way we can along the way. With the conventional self storage you have to call several storage facilities to find out who has the space available, find the truck rental, rent the truck and then shop for packing supplies.

As the storage companies that pick up – check out our side by side comparison of the Box-n-Go storage moving advantages vs. the traditional storage.


With Box-n-Go Storage all the paperwork is done over the phone or online and at your location. With the conventional self storage you have to drive to truck rental center, fill out the rental forms and pick up rental truck, drive to storage facility, sign up for the storage unit and only then start process of storing your belongings.

Check out our side by side comparison of the Box-n-Go storage moving advantages vs. the traditional storage.


With Box-n-Go Storage you only handle your belongings twice. The first time when you pack your storage units. The second when you unpack them. While we offer this convenience, with the conventional storage you must first load the truck at your current location. Then unload truck at the self storage facility. Again load the storage unit. Then, when moving out, you will have to repeat the same process again. This will increase the wear and tear on your items as well as take much more time and place much more strain on you.

Check out our side by side comparison of the Box-n-Go storage moving advantages vs. the traditional storage.

One of the best storage companies that pick up – We save you money


Box-n-Go Storage is committed to offer the best values in self storage. This is why we are confident that once you look at our prices and offerings, you will be just as convinced as we are. To top that off, we offer a 110% Price Guarantee. Should you find an offer that is better than ours that includes the same services we provide, please let us know about it and we will beat it by 10%!


We offer various long-term discount options. If you’re planning to store with us for several months, please check out our special offers and save even more!


After the first month, you can end your storage any time and we’ll refund the unused rent. You only pay for the number of days you store with us. No cancellation penalties on term contracts!


FREE initial delivery is available in selected areas and special programs. Rent our storage unit and we will deliver it to you home or business for free! Why bother renting a truck or finding another way to move your belongings into storage? With Box-n-Go storage moving, you never need to leave the comfort of your home!


Each Box-n-Go storage moving box holds 1 – 1½ rooms of furniture. This means you only rent the exact storage space you actually need with zero wasted space. The conventional self storage facilities or some other mobile storage brands offer much larger rooms or containers. This means you could end up renting more space than you really need and you will have pay for the entire space whether or not you use all of it.


Box-n-Go is so confident in the safety and security of our facilities that we offer a basic insurance coverage for up to $250.00 at no additional cost to you.


Because Box-n-Go storage-moving warehouses numerous storage boxes at our facility, we are able to significantly reduce the storage cost for each individual storage unit. We pass the savings along to you – our customer. In addition, when you compare us to a conventional self storage facility we offer you the following cost advantages:

  • NO Truck Rental
  • We don’t take Gas or Mileage Charge – the best storage companies that pick up
  • NO Truck Insurance
  • You don’t have to pay any Tolls
  • NO additional cost for extra hours, days or mileage
  • There are no additional expenses for a hotel – the best storage companies that pick up
  • NO additional expenses for meals
  • NO loss of work days, vacation days, wages
  • With us there are risk of theft – the best storage companies that pick up

Our storage is easy and convenient


There is no need to leave your home or office to take care of your storage or moving needs. Our storage boxes are portable and we will bring them right to your home or business. Once you load them, we will pick them up and store at our facility. When you need your items back, we will bring them back to your home (even if it is a new address). It’s that simple. With the conventional self storage you have to unload storage unit, load rental truck and unload at new location.


Take as much time as you need without worrying about rental truck schedules and late charges. With the conventional self storage facilities you have to hurry to load storage unit on the same day. Rental truck must be returned on time or additional charges will accrue.


Our Box-n-Go storage moving containers are loaded at ground level, hence eliminating the need for dangerous and difficult loading ramps. At the conventional self storage facilities, depending on the facility, you may have to do any or all of the following: unload at a loading dock, load a cart, push carts down several isles and use an elevator or stairs, just to get to your storage unit.


Cut your work in half by only loading and unloading only one time with Box-n-Go storage moving box, versus multiple times with conventional self-storage. Less handling also reduces damage to your belongings!


Our storage and moving offer reduces the stress on you. Aside saving you a bundle of money you also save a lot by not having to worry:

  • No packing and unpacking numerous times
  • No renting, driving or returning unfamiliar equipment with added intimidation of driving a large truck without prior experience
  • As the best storage companies that pick up, we never drive to and from a storage unit
  • With us you don’t need to worry about the mileage used
  • No worrying about the extra charges for hours and/or days
  • Do not need to worry about the rental insurance
  • No worrying about the high price of fuel
  • If you are moving, you do not have to worry about hotel and meal expenses
  • Your storage is as close as your curbside – the best storage companies that pick up
  • Our container storage facility is monitored and protected around the clock
  • Stress-free packing (load at your own pace)
  • EASILY ACCESSIBLE – the best storage companies that pick up

You can access your belongings during normal business hours at our conveniently-located facility. Access is by appointment only. We have a private client access area that is specifically set up to fill all your needs. If you wish, we can even bring your storage box back to your home or office and then return to pick it up when you’re ready. In a conventional self storage facility the storage units are not always located in convenient locations for customers to access.


Box-n-Go storage moving is a locally owned and operated company. Our drivers are trained to be courteous, safe, efficient and knowledgeable. We care about our customers and their goods. In most cases we can deliver an empty Box-n-Go storage box to you just within hours of placing your order and even if we need to work extra hours for you!


All the packing and moving supplies you may need, furniture pads, boxes and moving supplies are available for your convenience. Also, we can deliver these along with your Box-n-Go storage box. With the conventional self storage not all facilities offer packing supplies. It’s up to you to pick up supplies and bring them back to your place.


We provide easy and cost effective moving services to our clients nationwide. Please contact us for a customized quote.


Box-n-Go Storage containers are sized right. Each holds about 1 – 1½ rooms of furniture and is similar in size to what the nation’s traditional moving and storage industry has used successfully for nearly a century for temporary storage for millions of Americans and this feature affords you the following significant benefits:

  • it easier to find a particular item.
  • you can keep your good furniture and high-value and delicate household storage items separated from smelly and dirty items such as tools, lawn equipment, etc.
  • you can keep your belongings separate for one or two rooms to make loading or unloading into a new home easier.
  • the right sized container allows you to pack your belongings tighter, makes it easier to load securely to avoid damage from furniture moving and shifting during transit. You can order as many storage units as you need thus assuring any amount of storage space you need is always available. With the conventional storage not all sizes are always available. Popular sizes run out quickly during peak times.

For your convenience, we can set up your account to “auto-pay” each month. This saves you the hassle of remembering to send us a check and will also help to avoid late fees.

Our storage is secure


When you pack a full household into separate smaller portable storage containers, there is much less chance for your storage items to move about and suffer damage. For example, the moving industry has used the same size storage boxes for decades because of this proven benefit.


Every Box-n-Go Storage container is a sturdy, mold/mildew-retardant container made of moisture breathing materials with vigilant and proactive pest protection. The wood frame allows the Box-n-Go storage containers to “breathe” while they are stored in our warehouses (metal boxes can sweat with changes in humidity). This makes them very similar in construction to your house. Each container is also covered with a highly durable, weather-resistant cover to protect your belongings from rainwater while the containers are out of our storage facility for loading or unloading or are on your property…more>>


Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your belongings are housed in a super-clean, controlled, high-security storage warehouse. This is because Box-n-Go storage facility has around the clock security. We have on-site stuff during the normal business hours and advanced anti-theft alarms, including motion sensors and perimeter alarms during the off hours. In addition, each container door is constructed in such a way, that it will latch tightly closed in three different places and the middle latch has a place for you to put your own lock.


Our facility has a centrally monitored automatic water-sprinkler system that covers every square foot of the building. This is not available at most conventional storage facilities.


Our facility is under an around the clock video surveillance. This is provided only at the very few conventional storage facilities.


Our facility is clean and pest free. We maintain a rigorous anti pest spraying program. This is not the case with many of the conventional storage facilities.