Storage specials are easy to find. Many places offer move in deals. But what comes next is the most important. If you ever had an experience with the self storage, or you are new to self storage practice, this is what it is like to use one of those things of the past… imagine you are embarking on a historical adventure, and you need a perfect place to store your items while you are away. No matter the circumstances, live events usually come up all the time which trigger the need for storage space. Also, depending on your location, the price of a storage facility will vary from one provider to the other.


Firstly, you need to find a storage facility that is safe from break-ins, and safe for you to visit alone. Read the statistics on safety of self storage facilities.

Second, you need to rent a truck, also learn how to drive it all in one day. So, have you considered the cost of renting a truck, paying for insurance, and how about gas for that truck? It is true that some of the self storage facilities are offering “Free” trucks. However have you seen a small asterisk next to the word “Free Truck”. It is always there. Asterisk always means that there is a catch. Like, paying for insurance, gas, extra fees for going over the time limit of loading driving and unloading your belongings.

Box-n-Go Service is Like a Special Promotion Already!

Wait, before all that, getting up early in the morning to make sure you get a rental truck, to make sure you have enough time to load all your belongings in that truck, driving to the facility to unload. The rush to do it all in one day. On the average, it takes at least two to three truck loads to move your furniture and belongings to a storage facility. By the way, the same quantity of furniture and belongings will fit into one container by Box-n-Go Storage, and we bring it to your home. So, make sure you get up early enough for that second and third trip home and back to the facility.

To return that rental truck on time, you can always ask your friends for help. Lets face it, friends could be reluctant, and that could ruin our day or our week, or our friendship. Please do not forget that on the day of the move, friends are just like trucks they need to refuel with breakfast, lunch and dinner. And, it is on you.

How about going up and down that ramp all day.

Are you Tired yet?

Box-n-Go Storage had added a new concept to an old storage idea at a great price and with great storage specials on top of it.

  • No rental truck required
  • No rushing – load at your leisure
  • Guaranteed Secure Storage – at our site
  • Less stress
  • Convenient! Saves time & money

1. Box-n-Go Storage delivers an empty container(s) to your address.
2. We pickup the full container and transport to our warehouse.
3. We re-deliver your container(s) to wherever you are located in the Southern California area.
(This location can be different from the original location the container was picked up from)
4. We do not have a key or access to your container(s).
5. The container size is 5 feet wide x 8 feet long x 7 feet tall.
6. You may also access your container(s), during business hours (by appointment only). Just give us a call to schedule your appointment (or schedule it online) so we may make your container available to you (reservations for the next day access must be placed by 12-noon).

Current Price Promotions and Storage Specials

Over the years we developed many different price promotions depending on various needs of our customers.

  • Real Estate Professionals – Summer Specials – valid from June through September
  • People on the Move – Year round program with price reductions depending on the number of units needed.
  • Remodeling Contractors – Year round program with price reductions depending on the number of units needed. Also, B-to-B professional discount applies.
  • Remodeling Homeowners – Year round program with price reductions depending on the number of Boxes needed. Added incentives/discounts for delayed project.
  • People Selling a House – Quick and affordable service for short term rentals.
  • Companies Who Are Moving – Year round program with price reductions depending on the number of Boxes needed. Also, ask us about B-to-B professional discount.
  • College Students – College Promotions are valid from April through September
  • Temporary On-Site Storage – Year round program with price reductions depending on the number of Boxes needed.

Too many to list. Therefore, we developed various price options to feet your situation better. Please call us at 1-877-269-6461, to get an instant price quote.

Storage Specials

Storage Specials

For those who are not convinced in advantages of Box-n-Go, read-on. Here we have some information on the traditional self storage and how the pricing with those services works.

What Determines the Pricing for a Self-Storage Unit?

For individuals to determine the total cost of a self-storage facility near them, it is essential to understand the location and size of the self-storage facility. In most cases, it is difficult to estimate the size of a storage room you need, which makes you end up paying for the entire room even if you will only use half of it. Once you move in, the self-storage providers start raising the rent since they understand that after moving in, it will be difficult to move out.

Also, you will need to get trucks to transport your belongings in which may cost a hefty sum. When looking for a self-storage facility, you should be focusing on finding a firm that would provide modular spaces. Whether it is a climate-controlled or standard storage facility you are looking for, this page features some move-ins and storage coupons as well as specials for clients to use.

How Much Does It Costs to Rent a Self-Storage Unit Without a Storage Special

The average cost of a self-storage facility varies depending on availability, location and the quantity of the items you are planning to store. When preparing to rent one, the first step is to decide the size and type of the self-storage unit you require. Along with the current price averages for the most popular unit types and sizes, it is essential for all providers you are considering to work with to include some guidelines to allow customers to get excellent deals.

Sometimes, choosing a perfect self-storage unit can prove to be a difficult task. However, you can work with experts to help you select a storage system that meets your unique needs and requirements.

Here are some of the factors that determine the cost of a storage unit outside of storage special consideration.


When looking for a self-storage unit, the amount of time you are planning to rent is a major factor that determines the price. In general, these facilities tend to provide rentals on a monthly basis. Most of them even provide their customers with a bonus of one month free, however there may be a catch to it. Also some others offer flexible monthly pricing plans. These allow customers to keep their belongings temporarily without making long-term commitments.

For most individuals, this is an excellent option. Also, storage contracts provided by full-service self-storage facilities vary from one company to the other. If you want to be on the safer side, it is essential to insist on a three-month minimum while some provide month-to-month services.


The location of a self-storage facility is also an essential factor that determines the price. Individuals living in established urban areas can find that the units are more expensive since there is high demand. If you are in such places, you should consider renting a unit in the nearby suburb since prices can be lower in less popular areas.


The number of items you are planning to store will determine the size of the storage unit you need. Because of this most full-service and self-service storage facilities provide units in various types and sizes to accommodate an array of storage needs. The only thing to remember, however, is the more significant the storage unit is, the high the price. So before storing your belongings, it is important to sift through all your things first. Hence disposing of unnecessary items will help you bring down the average cost of a storage unit.


Many self-storage facilities make their clients buy insurance, however. For most consumers, storage items may be covered by a renters or homeowners insurance. But, the off-premises home insurance package often has its limit on personal property. So for individuals without insurance, storage facilities will help you get an insurance provider. Other factors include the items stored, the add-ons and the level of service.

If you are looking for a perfect place to store your belongings for either long or short-term, having a storage space from a reliable provider is an excellent way to keeping your belongings safe. That is before, during and after your move. Self-storage units also provide a perfect space-saving solution to individuals whose houses are overflowing with items.

Compare what you find to Box-n-Go

When searching for storage you can easily find some advertised storage specials. However, you must be very careful evaluating these. Remember, at Box-n-go we do not play any games. Because we offer you a fair everyday price on storage. Also, on top of it we offer many storage specials and other promotional discounts. Call us at 1-877-269-6461 and we will be happy to find a storage special that meets your needs.

Self Storage Discounts and Specials

Moving is always accompanied by a lot of big and little hassles. For example, some things are lost, and sometimes they can be damaged in the process of transporting… You can use the offers of transportation companies. Here again, there are no guarantees of the safety of all items and what to do if you are already moving out but you don’t want to take everything yet. Or maybe you are leaving for some time and would like to just take care of the safety of your personal belongings, furniture, and equipment? Or do you have a business you plan to relocate to and need to store equipment and other important things temporarily?

Self and near me easy storage organization

Looking for rental vehicles, loading/unloading assistants, and rental warehouses, and taking into account the associated costs is not cheap and definitely something of the past. When you need to make the right decision quickly about storing your items, Box-n-Go, with its cheap storage units, will come in handy like no other:

  • no need to rent a car;
  • no time limits – download at a convenient time for you;
  • guarantee of safe storage (only you have the key and, accordingly, access to your things);
  • convenient and stress-free – the company delivers an empty container to a specified address, then picks up a filled container for transportation to its warehouse and re-delivers it to any location in the Southern California area.

These advantages are already enough to justify the choice of Box-n-Go services, and there are also special storage discounts. We try to consider our customers’ needs as much as possible. Summer special offers exist for real estate professionals for the June-September period. There are programs with a reduced cost of services depending on the number of containers needed and a professional B-to-B discount all year round. Homeowners and businesses that move frequently using Box-n-Go also benefit from a price reduction. Students often choose college promotions with discounts on Box-n-Go services from April to September. There are also short-term and affordable rentals for home sellers and a low self-storage cost program on-site and temporarily.

In fact, we have a lot of special offers and good programs with discounts. Various options will allow you to find a solution for any circumstances and request. Call us at 1-877-269-6461 and get the best deals for you instantly.