This page presents the variety of moving specials we are currently offering. However, this page also will help you understand the pricing of moving services, as offered by Box-n-Go and other moving companies. You will probably find many saving coupons and special offers for Box-n-Go Moving services.

Box-n-Go offers several moving services for you to choose from:

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Moving Pricing and Moving Specials

Full service moving companies are a great to have on hand during a big move, because of their convenience. Of course, they even have a place in a small, local move. Especially for those who need a little more assistance or just don’t want to do the work themselves. However, one of the biggest questions people have when choosing movers is how much the service is going to cost. Unfortunately, this isn’t like some professional services where you can get a flat rate estimate and call it a day. There are many factors that go into determining the cost of a move, however. Here are some of the important considerations when pricing and comparing a full service move:

Moving Specials, moving pricing

Moving Specials

Movers Charge Hourly

Most moving companies work on an hourly rate basis. The time will depend on how far you are moving and how much work needs to be done. So many companies switch to a flat-rate or weight-based charge for long-distance moves. However, every company is different. So you will have to ask for quotes and find a moving company that has rates to suit your needs.

Box-n-Go offers a flat rate long distance moving service, as well as the loading assistance service and self service moves. Our full service moving works just like those of most any other moving company. So, depending on what you prefer, you can get a service that works the best for you. Use the above posted moving specials to your advantage.

Non-Binding Estimates

Movers typically offer their customers what are known as “non-binding” estimates. As a result, this means that they are going to give you an estimate of the total cost of the move. However, it is not a fixed, final cost. This number is likely to vary. Usually based on a number of potential obstacles. Additionally, the elements and items that cannot be foreseen until the team gets to work can also affect the costs. Here are some costs and fees that might be added based on the moving process itself:

  • Additional laborers or helpers on the job, because, obviously this directly affects the costs.
  • Packing and unpacking services (planned or last-minute addition), because this adds time to the process.
  • Long-carry: if they can’t park the truck close to the entrance of your home or apartment it will take time to carry items further, because the process takes longer.
  • Elevator: If movers are required to utilize stairs because there is no elevator, such as in an apartment complex, they may charge a fee for the extra effort. As well as such effort will take extra time. Also, elevators may be occupied by other tenants. This will cause extra wait time. Because of the wait time, your cost will go up.

Additional items affecting the costs

  • Additional items that need packing, crating and moving.
  • Bulky or specialty items, like pool tables, pianos, etc., because they may require more men to handle as well as disassembly time. Also, they may require some additional crating and or packing.
  • Appliance and TV disconnection and crating, because these items can take quite some time to accomlish.
  • Extra stop charges can apply, especially if there is a second stop required before heading to your new home.
  • A storage fee could be assessed for people who want movers to take their items to storage before having them moved into the new home.
  • Fees for unforeseen challenges: due to narrow stairways, unexpected furniture disassembly, tight walkways, dangerous environment, etc.

Any company worth your time will tell you that the estimate is non-binding (not guaranteed), however. Movers should also explain the potential extra charges that could arise at the time of the move. We hope the above moving specials will help you save on your upcoming move.

Factors Affecting Your Moving Bill

Determining how much a move should cost can be tricky, however. Furthermore, there probably are plenty of resources to help you calculate the expense. However, this can only be done once you have a better idea of what you are going to need. Hence, by taking the time to understand how moving companies calculate their charges and what things you can do to help cut the costs. You will have a better idea of what you are actually paying for, as well as how you can save money. Look at the who, what, where, when, and how of the move:


Who is moving? This is important, because family moves are more expensive, naturally. This is because there are more items to move. Also, who are you hiring for the move? Because of whom you choose to work with will determine many items, including the costs. As a result choose a reputable, affordable local company for best outcome.


What are you moving? Because a household move seems fairly common. However, the items that you need moved can impact the cost. Consequently, if you have a lot of big furniture, as an example, you might pay more than if you were just moving a few furniture items and some boxes.


Where are you moving to and from? Because the local moves are more affordable than long-distance, for obvious reasons. Some companies will also change their rates from hourly to weight-based or other rates during a long-distance move to help you save money.


When are you moving? Because if you have the choice, you should move on a weekday, or early in the morning, for the best prices. People who move on weekends, the first or last day of the month, or during the peak season will likely pay higher prices. Therefore, for the cheapest possible moving rates, pick the least popular time for movers to be busy. Similarly, moving specials are also rare when the movers are busy.


How are you going to move? Because, if you are hiring movers, they will provide the truck and the labor. Often they can also provide packing services, of course, at an extra charge. Likewise, if you can help the moving company’s team on the big day, your move will get done quicker and you will save money on the bottom line costs. You will find many resources on this site that, as a result, can help you get a reasonable budget for your move.

Moving Insurance and Protection Coverage

One thing a lot of people don’t consider when they are moving is to purchase moving insurance. So, to begin this process, you should look at your home or renter’s insurance policy. This is because your quick research will probably tell you what is covered during the moving process. If you don’t have coverage, or you don’t have enough, you can discuss purchasing an actual moving insurance policy. This is probably with a third-party insurers and such polices can get rather expensive.

In contrast, most moving companies do provide protection known as Basic Limited Liability Protection. This insurance, however, only covers 60 cents per pound per item of liability for the items being moved. Usually, it is included in the hourly rate due to local regulations. Above all, whatever you do, make sure that you protect yourself and your belongings when working with movers.

Moving Coupons, Specials, and Discounts for Moving

Also, it seems like some companies offer discounts and specials throughout the year. They do it to help people save money on the cost of hiring movers. However, if you have already exhausted the rest of the process and found all the savings that are available, don’t forget that there probably more savings yet available. Because you can simply ask companies if they have any coupons or specials available for your move. Similarly, if a special might be coming up that will coincide with the timing of your move. So, just remember to ask about coupons and moving specials that might save you money to help offset this big expense.

Moving Discounts and Specials

Today, all complex processes have developed simple algorithms for their solution. There will definitely be more than one moving company engaged in transportation at the local and national levels in your city. If you are planning to change your place of residence, localize your business, or move for your own reasons to California or other states of the country for your own reasons, you are definitely in the right place!

What is the best moving company near me?

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