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Dorm Room Organization Guide

So, it’s time to move into your new college dorm room, but where to begin? Dorm room organization is very important. You may even be a seasoned student who wants to declutter your dorm room. Your dorm will now become your temporary home for the next year. So more than ever, it is important to see its value, organize and begin a new journey! With a little resourceful and creative thinking, you can make the most of your new space.

Declutter Your Dorm Room

Start with leaving items that you’re not going to actually need at home. Accumulating new and fun mementos is a must have in college. So you will need to toss out the old to make room for the new. Keep your items to the bare minimum once you travel from home.

Focus on furniture with multiple uses. Most dorm rooms are furnished with your basic living pieces such as beds, dressers and working desks. Adding extra furniture can be a plus. Especially if you add a multi purpose item! For example, instead of placing a living chair in your dorm room, try a storage ottoman on for size. this will provide a place to sit and also act as a storage container! It may help you declutter your dorm room.

Handy Dorm Room Organization Hack

A handy dorm room organization life hack is using your vertical storage! Check out over the door hanging items such as shoe racks, towel racks and hanging baskets. These over the door wonders are perfect for storing your must have items. Such as accessories or even cleaning items. Opt for a wire shower caddy for those clutter based items such as pens, notebooks. Also loose leaf paper and other random items that live on your desk.

To really make your dorm room feel like home, a dining area is a must, but how? You may have items such as a mini-fridge, a microwave and a coffee maker. So it is imperative to set up kitchen station! Organize in the best way possible by using a small utility cart on wheels as well as adjustable cube shaped storage. These placement items are optimal for keeping your dining items together and out of the way. Plus it just feels good to have the feeling of home in your very own dorm room. Feel free to add small baskets and little plastic shelves for snacks, utensils and more!

1. Storage Under Your Bed

Declutter your dorm room
Declutter your dorm room

One of the most underrated storage areas in a dorm room is right under you, literally. Storing items underneath of your bed is ideal for keeping things organized and decluttered. Plus its a perk having your items close to you. Most dorm room beds can be adjusted to raise up or lower down. Thus creating adequate space for storage containers, totes, drawers, or boxes. Some dorm room inhabitants have been known to loft their bed to keep a small sofa or futon underneath for seating. If your dorm room bed does not lift and lower, fear not, bed risers are available and won’t break your bank. Sure, things can also get cluttered if you’re really utilizing the space. Therefore if the look bothers you, purchase a long bed skirt to hide your items. This is one of the simplest ways to declutter your dorm room.

2. Other Storage Alternatives

If you don’t want to store things under the bed, you can always store things over the bed as well! Using your wall space is the best thing you can possibly do. You can add shelves above your bed to keep things up and out of the way. There are organizational shelves made especially for twin beds that are optimal for keeping things out of the way, tidy, close to you and looking clean. Some of the shelves even allow space for a headboard, which makes organizing your room much easier.

3. Closet Storage

With most dorm rooms, you are also have some kind of closet space or wardrobe cabinet. Sometimes it seems like the easiest way to just hang your things up and pile your shoes anywhere. However, there are ways to truly amplify the space you’ve been given with a few handy items! Create more hanging space for your clothing by using thin, felt hangers. As opposed to bulky plastic or wood material hangers. In the spirit of keeping things cohesive in your spaces, use a hanging organizer for laundry items such as garment bags, detergent, fabric softener and other items.

You could easily conceal those in a basket and place them in the organizer! Place the plastic shelving on the top of the closet for towels and washcloths. Use the plastic shoe bags for shoe organization on the back of the closet door. Also the nearest flat surface, freeing up the floor of the closet for added space. Make sure to leave enough space for a hamper! If this area does not have a door, a trusty shower curtain rod with a curtain or even a stylish shower curtain can help keep your area looking neat.

4. Use The Dresser

If your room has a dresser, save room in each drawer by rolling your clothes! This is a special folding technique that can allow you to store many more tops and bottoms in one single drawer. This method can also help prevent those annoying wrinkles. If you do not have a dresser, you can use a set of plastic drawers. these will help in your quest to declutter your dorm room.

5. Entertainment Area

Another relaxing aspect of having your own dorm space is creating an area for entertainment. Whether you want to watch television or play video games. If you or your roommate has a small size flat screen television, you can save space on your desk or dressers by creating an entertainment center with cube shelves. All you have to do is stack the organization cubes and place the TV on top! These cubes can make it easy to store games, magazines, small decorations, a game console, movies and more! For an added touch, add accessories or stylish decor that you enjoy or even contact paper for the top.

6. Bedside Table

Something essential is a beloved bedside table! To make your bed experience feel more cozy, try out a rolling cart for a small nightstand. Bulky tables can take up space and are not practical. Using a rolling cart is your best bet. All bedside items such a book can laying on it. Also a bottle of water, a clock, an alarm clock or a small fan. It would also be great for keeping your phone close to you while it charges at night. A perk with the rolling cart is all of the sweet little storage areas underneath!

7. Do not forget the desk

The desk in your dorm can take up a lot of room, so maximize that space and add a hutch! A desk hutch comes in a variety of sizes, shapes and finishes. They provide loads of storage space for your books, school items and electronic devices. Throwing in a few small boxes, baskets and magazine holders can be placed on top of the hutch for added storage and organization. You can also utilize binder clips around the desk to create an affordable solution for cord storage. Just simply add a few clips and weave the chargers as well as cords through the loops to keep your cords accessible and cleaned up. You’ll never have to worry about pesky cords getting tangled again. You can also keep your devices organized on the desk with a DIY charging station. You can match each device’s charger to their designated device with decorative tape.

8. Bathroom organization

Your dorm room may or may not have its own bathroom. If so, you may have to think outside of the box. You and your roommate will both need space for your personal hygiene products. Small size bins that stack ideally fit underneath of sinks. These are perfect for items such as toothbrushes, deodorant, soaps and shampoos, mousse, hairsprays, and even your medications. Wire baskets and small hanging baskets suspended from cabinet doors can also be added for more storage. And as always, don’t forget to label!

If your dorm room does not come with its own bathroom, worry not. For a shower caddy is your best friend. Sharing a bathroom with an entire floor of students means you have to take your own items back and forth. You can make your bathroom routine so much easier by keeping your toiletries in a shower caddy or tote. You can store all of your items in your caddy such as shampoo, soap, razors, shower lotions and even a loofah sponge! Not only does the caddy or tote keep things organized, they create more space in your room and they’re easy to find when you need them.

9. Wall Hooks

And finally, stacking up on command hooks are something to remember when you want to declutter your dorm room, reorganize and start over fresh. These are a lifesaver and can work with any budget. You can use them for absolutely everything. Whether it’s creating a place for your keys, a place to hang a robe and towels or even for art and photos on the wall.

Organization and proper storage can be a real game changer when it comes to making the most of any space. Following these easy budget friendly dorm room hacks and clever storage ideas, you can create a personal space that feels like home sweet home! This is when all your efforts to declutter your dorm room will pay off.

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Should you find yourself with too much stuff consider decluttering using student self storage from Box-n-Go. Box-n-go actually offers many services far beyond self storage. All the items you do not use regularly can be in storage, where you can retrieve them with ease. Also, when the summer comes, use summer storage services from Box-n-Go to move out from your dorm room with ease.