Storage & Moving Services We Offer

Box-n-go offers its customers unparalleled scope of convenient services, packages and products. From self-storage to long distance moving, we are able to accommodate practically any kind of moving and storage need you may have. All of our services are backed by unmatched commitment to service excellence. Our philosophy is to provide the ultimate in convenience, security, and affordability, whether you need temporary storage for your home or business, or storing your belongings for a longer term or moving; we have the storage and moving solutions to meet your needs. Listed below are the services and products we currently offer, along with short description of what they entail:

  • Self Storage
  • Mobile Storage
  • On-Site Storage
  • Portable Storage
  • Pod Storage
  • Storage Units
  • Storage Lockers
  • Oversized Items Storage
  • Storage Vaults
  • Drive Up Storage
  • Student Storage
  • Full Service Storage
  • Valet Storage Service
  • Dorm Storage
  • Business Storage
  • Military Storage
  • File Storage
  • Loading Service
  • Packing Service
  • Full Service Moving
  • Household Moving
  • Local Full Service Moving
  • Local Self Service Moving
  • Long Distance Self Moving
  • Nationwide Moving (Relocation)
  • Office Moving
  • Moving Boxes & Supplies
  • Protection Plans and Equipment Damage Waivers

Self Storage

Our warehouse is a self storage facility. Customers can come and have access to their belongings, as well as move-in and move out. The main advantage we offer over a conventional self storage facility is that we provide a ground level drive up access for free to all of our units.

Mobile Storage

Mobile storage is our core business. We deliver the storage units to you. You load them. We pick them up and store them for you. When you are done storing, we return the units to you. Same location or new, across the street or across the country. A very simple and convenient concept.

On-Site Storage

With mobile storage you have an option of where you want to store: inside our secure storage warehouse, or on your property. Some people prefer to store on their property. We call this on-site storage.

Portable Storage

Some people refer to mobile storage as portable storage. Some others make a distinction that portable storage refers to larger size storage units. Whichever way you like to refer to it, our storage is portable. With our approach you save at least 50% on loading (time or money, if you hire help).

Pod Storage

Many people call mobile storage containers pods. While it is a technically correct term, there is a company called PODS. They are one of the original creators of this storage concept. Their word PODS (Portable on Demand Storage) is trademarked. We are not PODS and are not affiliated with them. If you are looking for PODS, you can find the following this link.

Storage Units

Most people call storage rooms as storage units. Whatever type of storage you are looking for, the storage room in traditional self storage or a mobile storage container, you can call it a storage unit. Our storage units are 5’x 8’ units. All are the same size.

Storage Lockers

Some people like calling the self storage rooms as lockers. This is probably from use of the lockers in schools and gyms. A very similar concept, however, much smaller size. However, if you prefer to call our containers as lockers, feel free. Our lockers are much more secure than most others out there.

Oversized Items Storage

If you have an oversized item, like a custom built couch, or a built in refrigerator, that is bulky, do not worry. We can still pick up your oversized belongings and store them individually. Ask us for details.

Storage Vaults

Some people like calling our storage units as vaults. We think it is very appropriate. Each unit weights about 750 pounds empty. It is designed to provide the most secure storage for your belongings in more ways than just a physical strength. Ask us and we will tell you more.

Drive Up Storage

As we have mentioned above, when you come to see your belongings, your access will be at the ground level and you will be able to drive up right to your units. This is a FREE service we provide to all our customers.

Student Storage

Box-n-Go offers several storage services to students. The most common are Box-n-Go storage containers and Box-n-Go U valet storage service with in-room pick up. Talk to our service consultants and we will be able to recommend the best service for you.

Full Service Storage

Sometimes you do not want to do any heavy lifting. Sometimes you are simply too busy or need help. We are here to help. We teamed up with a licensed moving company to provide you with packing and loading help, all in one seamless transaction. Tell us what you need, and we will be happy to make all the arrangements.

Valet Storage Services

We offer a limited valet storage service. Mostly this service is offered to our student customers. Customers opting for this service need only to pack their belongings into boxes. Our crews come inside the house, pick up the boxes and loose items and take them to our warehouse for safe storage. Return is done the same way. Everything is brought back inside your house. This service is perfect for the freshman students residing in dorms. Parents do not even have to travel to So Cal to help with move out.

Dorm Storage

Box-n-Go offers several services for students residing in the dorms. We can bring one of our containers, which is big enough to be shared by few students. We can arrange for loaders to help loading the container and we can also offer valet storage. Call us and we will help you chose the best option for your needs and your budget.

Business Storage

Our services are perfect for business. Consider the advantages: you do not have to send the employees to the storage facility. We can bring your storage to you. This alone will save you $$$$. Does not matter if you are storing files, unused office furniture or holiday decorations, our storage can save you money and offer unparallel convenience, as well as lower the risk of injuries.

Military Storage

For the members of the US military services and their families we offer special discounts and accommodations. Please speak with our service advisors and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

File Storage

Our file storage services are tailored to the needs of small business. Rent a container and you can store 50-60 file boxes in it. Have just a few file boxes? We can store those starting at $1/Mo/small file box.

Loading Service

We have an exclusive agreement with a licensed moving company to offer a flat rate loading service. The great prices offered do not have any minimums attached to them, they do not change with the number of stairs, or crew size. You can have the crew load all your containers or just one or two.

Packing Service

Typically, when people move, most pack their belongings on their own. However, should you not want to pack yourself, we can send a crew of specialist to your home and have everything packed. This service is provided by a licensed moving company who has an exclusive agreement with us. So we can make all the arrangements for you. No need to shop or search for help.

Full Service Moving

Should want to move locally or anywhere in California and want to have the professional handle everything, search no more. Our exclusive agreements with a licensed moving company allows us to offer any moving service you need. We make all the arrangements and coordinate your move.

Household Moving

Our household moving services are unique. We offer a full range of services to choose from: starting with self service moving to self service with some help to full service, where you do not have to do anything.

Local Full Service Moving

Usually the term local means under 100 miles. Most people however think of local moving as moving where the distance between the starting and ending points is under 50 miles. Whatever your needs are, we can accommodate them.

Local Self Service Moving

Box-n-Go offers a very easy way to move locally. Order containers delivered to your origin location. Keep them there for few days, while you pack. Then have them picked up and delivered to new location. Keep them there few days, while you unpack. No rush. No stress. No hard labor.

Long Distance Self Moving

If you are moving to another city, it could get expensive. We offer an easy way to move long distance using Box-n-Go containers. Pack them at your current location. We will ship them to your new city, where you will unpack.

Nationwide Moving (Relocation)

If you are moving cross country, we can offer a simple option for you. Not only our service is priced competitively, it is also quoted on a flat rate basis. If your company is paying for your move, we offer the best option for you, where the price is fixed.

Office Moving

If you are moving an office, we can help you. Our crews are experienced with variety of buildings and their rules. We make sure to protect your belongings and the buildings, while we are in them. If you need storage for some items, we can solve this need easily and economically.

Moving Boxes & Supplies

Box-n-Go offers a full range of moving boxes and variety of moving supplies to help you move. We can deliver anything you choose to you for FREE with an order of your storage containers or your move.

Protection Plans and Equipment Damage Waivers

Box-n-Go is one of the very few storage companies that offer FREE limited protection coverage. In addition to this, we also offer several premium protection coverage plans, as well as the damage waivers, when you store our containers on your property. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at 1-877-269-6461.