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Portable Self-Storage Units in Orange County, CA

Every year, many Orange County residents decide to move out of their large homes into smaller apartments or more affordable areas. When residents decide to downsize, they often look for cheap storage facilities in Orange County. If you are one of the many individuals who are trying to save money while keeping your belongings safe, call us. At Box-n-Go Orange County Storage, we understand how stressful it can be to move from a larger home into a small apartment with less space. For that reason, we pride ourselves on our cheap storage units in Orange County CA and throughout California. When you are looking to clear a home quickly, the solution often involves using a self-storage facility. Orange County residents are fortunate to be able to use the mobile self-storage systems from Box-n-Go. Orange County residents can take advantage of the services provided by Box-n-Go. We will deliver a mobile storage unit to your location for you to carefully pack your goods into. Follow the guidance for your items outlined below. When it is time to place some of your possessions into South Orange County self storage, contact Box-n-Go to take advantage of portable storage containers Orange County CA. Follow the useful tips below to make your storage hitch-free.

1. Furniture:

Wax or polish wood furniture to keep moisture from damaging the wood. Use a mattress bag to protect your mattress from becoming misshapen or other damage. Wrap table and other legs with paper to avoid scratches.

2. Electronics

Try to use original packaging or a similar type of box. Wrap electronics as you would glass or other fragile items to ensure they are protected.

3. Fragile Items

Wrap glass items individually several times with packing material to prevent breakage. Place packing material on bottom, sides, and top of boxes and fill all gaps to provide extra protection in transit. You should avoid stacking mirrors and all glass items. Set them on the edge in addition to wrapping them on cushioning materials.

4. Metal Items

These are best wiped down with a cheap oil to prevent the possibility of rust.

5. Garden Equipment

Drain the fuel tank of any powered equipment like lawnmowers to stop odor or fire risk. Empty trash cans make great places to store long-handled garden tools such as hoes, rakes, and shovels.

6. Sizes of Boxes

Try to keep them uniform, as this will make them easier to stack. Keep a few smaller boxes on hand for heavy items.

7. Packing Boxes

Boxes should be filled to capacity, as any partially filled boxes will collapse when stacked, while an overstuffed box can tear or tip over.

8. Books and Magazines

Wrap these in plastic bags to avoid any moisture damage. Books need to be laid flat to avoid any damage to spines while in storage.

9. Clothes and Other Fabric Items

Use special wardrobe boxes for hanging using non-metal hangers. Other clothing items can be placed in the unused space in dresser drawers or cupboards.

10. Cooking Appliances

Clean cooking appliances thoroughly to avoid unwanted pests. Refrigerators and freezers should be clean and dry; keep the doors slightly ajar when stored to prevent mold building up inside them. These guidelines will help you enjoy the benefits of cheap self storage South Orange County CA. Local residents can be assured their possessions are well kept.

How Can Box-n-Go Orange County Storage Save You Money?

When you rent the chepaest storage units in Orange County, you can have the storage container delivered to any address. You can then take your time to carefully store possessions from your home for safekeeping at our facility. At Box-n-Go, we know moving can be expensive. After all, you have to pay cleaning fees, hire movers, pay deposits, turn on electricity, and the list goes on. While all of these tasks are necessary, the bills can add up, leaving you more financially stressed than ever. However, if you choose cheap storage, you can save money and time.
  • Provide you with cheap storage units Orange County CA at a low monthly rate
  • Pick up and deliver your packed Orange County CA self storage containers—no need to rent a moving truck
  • Ground-level access to all your items at no extra charge
  • Pay only for your storage containers and not for space you don’t use
  • State-of-the-art security system that prevents thefts and break-ins
  • Deliver your containers in the county or anywhere across the country
  • Breathable units that prevent mold and mildew—this way you don’t have to buy new items
Low prices is just a begining
If you are looking for the best storage units prices Orange County you are looking for the best deal. There is a number of ways we could all benefit from cheap storage Orange County. As you know, Orange County hosts a wealth of workers who seek to improve their work/life balance. Many of us would love to have the luxury of working from home. But we do not have the space to spare to set up a home office. So we need the cheapest self storage in Orange County. Working from home will give you freedom and flexibility in your employment. The freedom from the grind of the daily commute not only frees up time but reduces workday stress.

Box-n-Go for Cheap Storage Service in Orange County, CA

A clutter-free workspace can be yours when you rent self storage units Orange County CA. South Orange County storage units is a service Box-n-Go storage, which offers the easiest, most flexible route to cheap self-storage. You can clear one of your rooms or garages into a convenient mobile storage unit. They will deliver, and a usable office space or workshop is yours. The advantage is that you do not need to be involved in a tiresome journey to and from a self-storage site. There is no need for packing and unpacking at both ends. Your belongings are taken in the mobile storage unit to a storage facility where they will be held safe and sound. You will have the benefit of the extra space to allow you to work from home. When necessary you can conveniently have your mobile storage unit returned.

Need Cheapest Storage in Orange County? Box-n-Go Provides Affordable Storage Solutions

Box-n-Go Orange County Storage is in a league of its own! Unlike other storage locations in Orange County, we don’t make you go to the self-storage site in order to rent a space or retrieve your belongings. Instead, we bring the service to you! Yes, you read that right! Box-n-Go can transport the storage container rental Orange County to your home where you can store it for as long as needed. There’s no need to rent a truck in order to schedule drop-off or pickup. Instead, call us to handle all of the heavy lifting. In no time, you’ll have all of the storage you need right on site. When you are looking for cheap Orange County storage units, how about using Box-n-Go to solve the problem? We can help you with our innovative mobile storage solutions.
Bank on convenience
It really is storage without the inconvenience, saving you valuable time. We will deliver mobile storage containers for rent in Orange County CA to your home. You place all your belongings you need to store inside. These units are designed to be breathable and keep your goods in the best condition without fear of damage. Then the units are collected and placed into our secure self-storage facility in Orange County. That means you have an easy storage solution without any inconvenience of hiring a truck to transport your goods to and from a remote facility; you just arrange your storage activity around your lifestyle.

Self storage Orange County California to make your life easier

Rest assured when you need an Orange County storage facility to help you free up space over Thanksgiving or Christmas or any other time of year, we will be available to make your life a whole lot easier. One of the most difficult and stressful times families face is dealing with the effects of a departed parent. Alongside the natural grief, clearing the home is an emotional step for many to take and often has to be done quickly. It is a situation that thankfully not many of us have to face very often. When dealing with regular self-storage facilities, you are faced with having to pack items into a truck, then drive them to a storage company to unpack into a regular storage locker. So at this important time you will be packing and commuting to a remote storage facility twice over. Using mobile self-storage, Orange County residents can have the storage container delivered to any address, however remote. They can then take their time to carefully pack your loved one’s possessions, leaving the home clear. The storage unit is then taken to a secure storage facility where the possessions will be safe and remain undamaged inside the container until needed. So at this sensitive time, Orange County residents have many reasons to use Box-n-Go storage.

Looking for Self-Storage Facilities in Orange County? Box-n-Go Orange County Storage Has the Solutions You Need

How could Orange County storage containers save your hairline? Moving homes is believed to cause stresses that can age you by two years. In extreme cases the high stress can result in severe side effects like short-term memory failure and hair loss. Self-storage services will make your move a lot easier and is an ideal way to reduce the stress and tension of a home move. Box-n-Go provides an even better solution to self-storage in Orange County. We will deliver a mobile storage unit anywhere in Orange County. Your storage container provides an ideal way to move by allowing you to place your belongings in the container in your own time. That is a great way to tackle the move, load your storage container at your old address, and then have it conveniently delivered to your new home without the moving-day rush. When you need affordable short-term storage in Orange County, California, then Box-n-Go is the best choice for you. Our unparalleled customer service ensures that you have the space you need without compromising budget or security. Whether downsizing your home, moving into a smaller space, or experiencing any other life-changing event, our company can help. Discover why our customers return to Box-n-Go time and time again. Call to discover how we make your transition easier. Get a free quote on our self-storage facilities in Orange County today!

How Our Storage Services Can Help with Your Job Relocation

Our Orange County storage units give you the ideal solution if you have to move out of your area for work. Having to relocate for a temporary move need not involve a costly, inconvenient relocation. The demands of work can require you to move away from home for a couple of months or more. Also these moves often happen with little notice. So arranging domestic affairs has to be handled quickly with a minimum of fuss. It would be much easier if you could place all your belongings in storage when you leave your current home, therefore allowing you to give up a lease or rent out your property. You will also have the peace of mind that your possessions are secure and safe inside our storage units in Orange County, CA.

Storage Pods Orange County California

When most of us think and use the word pods, we think of a protective container. When it comes to storage and moving there is a company called PODS. Their company name stands for “Portable On-Demand Storage”. As they started to use the word pods, as applicable to storage and moving some 30 years ago, the word stuck and became sinonimous with practically any container storage service. So when people ask for pod storage Orange County CA, they do not realize that there are many companies that provide container storage. However, there is only one company named PODS. In many cases they do not even know that there is a company called PODS and many competitors, with similar services. PODS is one of the pioneers of the portable storage industry and has a great name and reputation. While Box-n-Go offers a portable container service, we are not PODS and have no affiliation with them in any way. If you are looking for Pods Orange County California, we recommend searching online for PODS. Although Box-n-Go provides a similar in concept service, our equipment and systems are very different. However, if you are looking for any portable storage, give us a chance. We promise to do everything we can to provide you with the best possible service.

Box-n-Go Orange County storage facilities for all moving and storage needs

Box-n-Go can make your temporary move even more straightforward with flexible mobile storage units. They are delivered to your home allowing you the convenience to pack your belongings without commuting to a remote storage facility. The container is then collected at your convenience and taken to a storage center. You are assured all your belongings are held in a safe and secure environment while you are working away. Also, keep in mnd, this service is available at the most reasonable self-storage unit prices in Orange County. When you return and need your belongings, they are delivered back to you in the storage unit for you to unload in your home or new address.

Compare Box-n-Go to Other Orange County Storage Options

While we are convinced Box-n-Go will deliver the best storage value to you, do not just take our word for it. Compare our convenient and affordable services to that of other local companies:
  • Public Storage Orange County California – 2200 E McFadden Ave, CA 92705
  • Orange County Self Storage – 280 N Sullivan St, CA 92703
  • Storage West – 681 S Tustin St #301, CA 92866
  • Outback Self Storage – 1934 E Taft Ave, CA 92865
  • Public Storage Orange County CA – 14861 Franklin Ave, CA 92780
  • My Self Storage Space – 224D N McPherson Rd, CA 92869
  • Extra Space Storage – 340 S Flower St, CA 92868
  • Zippy Shell – 2400 S Garnsey St, CA 92707
Storage has never been so convenient and efficient. Hence we invite you to join the growing list of local customers—from Santa Ana, Tustin, Anaheim, Placentia, Laguna Hills, Los Angeles and other towns—who come to us to reserve storage units in Orange County that they can rely on.
Check out Box-n-Go services in South Orange County
Unlike many traditional storage companies, Box-n-Go delivers a different kind of service:
  • With Box-n-Go you do not need to rent a truck
  • Because of the above, there is no need to load/unload your belongings twice
  • We do not raise the rates avery couple of months
  • You will not hear us ask you to provide a mandatory insurance
  • Our access is at ground level and we do not charge you extra for it
There are numerous other benefits to add to the above. If you are in South OC and loking for storage, please drive by the below facilities first. Check out the storage units, prices, amenities. Compare them to Box-n-Go and choose what works the best for you:
  • All Size Storage – 27872 Crown Valley Pkwy, CA 92677
  • Public Storage South Orange County – 25131 Costeau St, CA 92653
  • Soth Coast Self Storage – 3480 W Warner Ave, CA 92704
Box-n-Go provides self-storage units to the following zip codes in Orange County, CA: 92864, 92861, 92868, 92857, 92865, 92782, 92859, 92866, 92867, 92863, 92706, 92705, 92856, 92869. Find an Orange County portable storage unit near you!

Self Storage Units in Orange County