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What can a 5×10 storage unit hold?

Anyone can rent commercial storage units. From a business to a private individual. These places are a great way to store items and ensure they are secure from theft and damage. Each storage facility has different rules, so if you need to 24/7 access, be sure to read the fine print.

A Handy Quick Guide on What a 5 x 10 Commercial Storage Unit Can Do for You

Often, homeowners rent storage units when they are decluttering, remodeling, or in the process of building their own house. Some just need a storage unit because they have a lot of personal items they don’t want to let go of and part from.

Why Rent a Storage Unit?

Business owners like you need to rent commercial storage units for a variety of reasons. You may need to store seasonal decors, heavy equipment that you don’t always use, or you could also be in the process of remodeling your restaurant.

What You Need to Know Before Signing the Rent Agreement?

Typically, renting 5 x 10 commercial storage units will need your driver’s license and proof of insurance. Rental is usually on a monthly basis. Typically, how much you pay is dependent on the size of the storage unit you pick. There are actually many different sizes ranging from small, mid-size, large, and extra large storage units.

Pick one depending on what you need for your business needs. The more square foot you opt for, the more you pay. Make sure you don’t get more than you need so as not to waste money. Usually, since the 5 x 10 commercial storage units are the cheapest, this size is one of the most common and popular size of space that is rented out to businesses or individuals.

What is Not Allowed in 5 x 10 Storage Unit?

Let’s take a look below at what 5 x 10 sized commercial storage units can do for your business. But before we discuss the specifics, let’s get the banned things out of the way first. Take note: perishables, flammable items, plants, and animals are never allowed in these storage facilities. For the other things, it can be fair game and how much you fit will depend on your crafty storage skills.

How Big is a 5 x 10 Storage Unit?

Commercial Storage Units
Commercial Storage Units

A 5 x 10 commercial storage unit is the size of a standard walk-in closet. It can fit all the contents of one room. For instance, it can accommodate the furnishings of a bedroom such as: a dresser, nightstand, desk, television, mattress, lamps, and a few medium-sized boxes.

What Can 5 x 10 Unit Hold?

There are numerous things that you can fit in these commercial storage units. If you are thinking of renting one out for your business, getting this small sized space is a great idea. This size actually sells out like hotcakes.

Due to their popularity, you ought to reserve your slot, to ensure they don’t run out. Here is a list of items that you can fit in your rented 5 x 10 commercial storage unit:

Seasonal Decorative Items

Businesses often need seasonal decorative items to spruce up their restaurants, retails stores, or offices depending on the holiday. Buying all of these year after year will be very expensive. Keep your favorite holiday items safe and protected from damage by keeping them in a storage facility.

You can put all your Christmas items here from ornaments, wall signs, table decors, or even the giant blow up Santa. You can also include your faux Christmas tree into the mix. Your Thanksgiving, Easter, Halloween, and Valentine’s Day decorative items that keep your stores festive can be placed in this storage space, too.

Just make sure your label each box for ease of access. The key to ensuring you will find things easily is to keep them organized. Keep every seasonal theme in one box and make sure you never mix them up, so you can find what you need without confusion.

Kitchen Equipment

If you are a restaurant, your commercial kitchen may be bursting at the seams. You can even be doing catering on the side line. Those materials that you do not often need to run your restaurant on a daily basin can be kept in a storage unit to give you more room to move around your kitchen. This will be able to give your staff more breathing space, avoiding unwanted collisions that can lead to spills, burns, and other untoward accidents.

You can put your big chafing dishes, cutlery, dinnerware, and glassware that you need for your catering jobs here in the storage unit. Your chocolate fountain, fondue pot, on the spot grill, and others that are used on occasion can be stored here. You can also add other kitchen equipment that are not in use like an extra ice chest freezer or even an old oven that you no longer use but can’t seem to part with.

Inventory Supply

All kinds of businesses have a lot of inventory supply that you need to order in advance to ensure that you can avail of great rates. Typically, the more you buy, the more savings you incur because of bulk pricing. You also need to have these stocks on hand to ensure you don’t run out of merchandise to sell.

However, since some stores have very limited space, your stock rooms are already probably full to the brim. You can use this 5×10 commercial storage unit to keep your stocks safe and sound. Whether you are fashion business, a boating business, or whatever other type of business, you can rent a storage facility to keep your stocks organized.

Office Equipment

Businesses typically move offices, and as such, you could have amassed quite a number of furniture. These items are usually very expensive, so you can’t just afford to be flippant about discarding them. You can pack up your items that are not in use neatly, so you can store them in storage until you need them.

Moreover, if you are renovating your office or if you will soon be moving to a new office building, you can also temporarily store items in your 5×10 storage unit. Just leave the bare minimum that you need to keep our office functions running smoothly. Office equipment that it can hold can be a conference table, chairs, fax machine, xerox copier, faux planters, computers, computer table, and the like. All you have to do is to ensure that each item is strategically positioned and fixed, so you can fit a lot of things in the storage unit.

Product Supplies

Typically, business have a large stock of bulky items that they need such as giant bubble wrap rolls, folded cartons, styro packing shells, bond paper reams, and more. These are usually bought in bulk to avail of discounts. You can pack all of the extras in your commercial storage space, up until the time you need to use them again.

Other specific businesses have also amassed a broad range of materials to get their jobs done. For instance, landscapers and contractors have many tools that they need to store. Think lawn mowers, sanders, leaf blowers, drills, wood slabs, etc. Those will no longer fit in your garage or your pick up truck bed, so it is definitely handy to keep these items in storage.

Just make sure you pick a facility that is open 24 hours, so you can gather materials whenever time you want, especially if you have a super early call time for your client.

Bottom Line

As you can see, a self-storage facility is a critical component for keeping your business running seamlessly. Storage can fulfill whatever purpose you think it may serve. You can even program things in such a way wherein your assistant can access the stuff inside. These self-storage units are there to help you out, so use them to the best of your advantage.

Try Using Box-n-Go

Box-n-Go is your all-in-one storage and moving solution. Box-n-go offers portable storage units that can easily address any of your business storage needs. With Box-n-Go there is no need to rent a truck. Also, no need to guess on the side of space you will require. There is also no need to send employees to storage as we can deliver your storage units to you. If you are searching for the commercial storage units, search no further. Just call us at 1-877-269-6461 and we will address all your needs. Our consultants are standing by.