BnG Storage Services Agreement C-104

This Non-Negotiable Storage and Moving Services Agreement (hereafter “Agreement”) is entered into between Box-n-Go, LLC (hereafter “Box-n-Go”) and the Customer (hereafter “Customer” or “Occupant”), as identified below, constitutes an Agreement for delivery, storage and moving services, shipping order and freight bill.
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  Description of Goods/Declared Value: household goods/$250/Container Note:The above information can be updated at any time at 
  WAIVER OF 72 HOUR NOTICE REQUIREMENT. By executing this agreement, Customer acknowledges that they are aware of their right to receive this Rental Agreement and all related documents containing terms and conditions at least 72 hours prior to receipt of the storage containers. By receipt and execution of this Agreement they expressly waive this right.
  INCORPORATION OF TERMS AND CONDITIONS. By executing this agreement, Customer acknowledges and agrees that the Agreement Terms and Conditions (“Terms and Conditions”) as may be modified in accordance herewith, are a part and parcel of the Agreement between Customer and Box-n-Go, are expressly incorporated by reference herein and have been diligently reviewed and understood by Customer. Without limitation on the foregoing, all definitions set forth in Terms and Conditions are applicable herein. Customer and Box-n-Go agree to be bound by all terms of this Agreement and any and all addenda, documents or exhibits, including but not limited to, the provisions relating to the Limitation of Box-n-Go liability, the disclaimers of warranties, the limitations of value of Customer's property and the nature of Customer's property. You can view the current T&C here.
  BELONGINGS ACCESS AT THE FACILITY. When you require access to your belongings, please schedule your access appointment with Box-n-Go in advance of such access. Next day access appointments must be placed by noon of the preceding business day. Charges will apply upon move out. Belongings access at the facility is subject to facility schedule and rules and regulations in effect at the time of access.
  LIEN RIGHTS. By executing this agreement Customer acknowledges their understanding that their stored property may be subject to a claim of lien in favor of Box-n-Go, LLC for unpaid rent and other charges or any other default under this agreement and may be sold by Box-n-Go to satisfy lien if the rent and other charges remain unpaid or any other default occurs under this agreement for fourteen (14) consecutive days. This lien and its enforcement is authorized by California Self-Storage Facility Act, chapter 10, division 8 of the business and professions code of the State of California (commencing with section 21700).
  CONTAINER LOADING. Customer agrees to load each container with Goods not exceeding a maximum of 2,000 pounds, evenly distributed throughout the container. Customer represents and warrants that goods in each Container do not include Prohibited Goods or heavy items that could easily shift during the pick-up and transit, i.e. items on rollers, unsecured heavy items, etc. Please refer to Terms and Conditions for further information.
  LIMITATION ON VALUE OF GOODS STORED. Customer agrees not to store Goods with the total value in excess of $2,000 per container, or $20,000 per all containers, without the prior written express consent of Box-n-Go. Any consent may be withheld in Box-n-Go’s sole discretion. If such written consent is not obtained, the then total value of Customer’s property shall be deemed not to exceed the limits listed above, notwithstanding any claim or proof to the contrary.
  PICK-UP SCHEDULING AND RE-SCHEDULING. All container pick-ups occur between 8 am and 9 pm daily. Customer presence is not required, unless access to the container(s) is obstructed. If you would like to re-schedule your container pick-up date, please notify Box-n-Go at least 24 hours’ prior your originally scheduled pick-up date or your account may be accessed the $30/unit re-scheduling fees and other applicable fees. Please note that we only allow for up to five (5) consecutive days of container storage at your location without prior agreement to the contrary. Pick-ups which were not previously scheduled may require up to 3 days’ notice. Please also note that containers scheduled to be picked up full must be padlocked as a condition of pick up. Similarly, empty containers Similarly, the containers that are scheduled to be picked up empty must be empty, clean and free of all debris and belongings ($170 charge for not complying).
  CONTRACT CANCELLATION. Should this Agreement be cancelled for any reason, Customer will be liable, as a minimum, for the local transportation (as posted at and minimum rent charges (as outlined in the Terms of this Agreement). The remaining balance, if collected from the Customer, will be refunded to the credit card on file.
  PREMIUM PROTECTION COVERAGE PLAN ELECTION - Customer understands that their property is stored at their sole risk. Customer agrees to insure the personal property for its full value against all risks, as well as that Company is not responsible for losses to Customer’s property beyond the agreed to protection coverage limit, subject to the Terms and Conditions of this Agreement. If customer has elected to add the protection coverage plan, then they agree to pay the recurring costs associated with that plan.
  FUTURE CHARGES AND FEES. Your belongings may be subject to future storage, transportation charges and other fees. All such charges and fees, including recurring charges as may be applicable, will be added to your account per then current rates as published at Your credit card on file will be charged accordingly to the terms of this Agreement.
  UTILITY DOLLY RENTAL ADDENDUM Customer agrees, if dolly was rented by them, to pay the amount of dolly rental (plus all the applicable sales and use taxes) for the use of the utility dolly. The dolly must be returned to Box-n-Go upon the pick-up of the Box-n-Go storage containers from the customer. The dolly must be returned in the same condition as when it was rented by the customer. In case when the dolly is lost, stolen, damaged or otherwise rendered unusable the customer will be responsible for the full value of the dolly in the amount of $100.00. By placing their initials herein, the customer authorizes Box-n-Go, LLC to debit all the charges under this addendum to the credit card as listed above. Should the customer's payment method be other than credit card, a refundable deposit in the amount of $100.00 shall be collected at the time of delivery.
  DRIVEWAY/LAWN DAMAGE WAIVER. When containers are placed on Customer’s property, Customer authorizes Box-n-Go delivery personnel to enter the Customer's property and drive the container delivery vehicle and or place Box-n-Go containers on Customer's property including driveway, lawn, back or side yard or any other portion of the property. Customer hereby understands that while Box-n-Go personnel will take all normal precautions while moving and placing the Box-n-Go containers, Customer will assume all responsibility for any damage that may result to the driveway, sidewalk, yard, lawn or other portion of the property. Customer further agrees to repair or replace any and all paving and any other surface improvements, landscaping and vegetation that may be damaged by the Box-n-Go container(s) or delivery vehicle. Please note that a minimum clearance of 96" wide and 100" high is required to accommodate the delivery vehicle.
  REDELIVERY ADVISORY. Customer understands that delivery of full units to Customer is scheduled on a "first come, first serve" basis and must be scheduled well in advance. We recommend scheduling deliveries at least 7 to 10 days in advance.
 By placing a check mark in the box to the left Customer signifies their understanding and agreement to all the provisions above.
  I, the undersigned, authorize Box-n-Go, LLC to perform the services listed in this Agreement and agree to pay all the fees and charges as detailed herein and all the recurring service charges, transportation charges and other applicable additional fees and penalties incurred thereafter, until my occupancy has been terminated, in accordance with this Agreement. I further agree that any term discounts that may be provided as a part of this Agreement will expire when the original storage term is fulfilled, unless a new term is requested by me. Should the discounted term expire, the monthly rental fees due will revert to then current standard month-to-month rates, as published at
  Note: If a third-party signs this Agreement on behalf of the Occupant, the signatory hereby represents and warrants that he/she is an agent of the Occupant and is authorized to enter into the BOX-N-GO, LLC Non-Negotiable Storage and Moving Services Agreement on behalf of the Occupant and bind the Occupant to all its provisions, Terms and Conditions. The undersigned acknowledges that they may enforce the Terms and Provisions of this Agreement only in their capacity as an agent for the Occupant and not as an individual Customer.
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