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I live in an apartment, where can you place the Box-n-Go container at my address?

Typically, when containers are delivered to an apartment/condo complex there are few placement options available:

  • street in front of the building
  • back alley or driveway
  • parking lot
  • parking garage

When the units are placed on the street, we are able to place two storage containers in place of one parked car. Our units are street legal and can be placed anywhere the car can be parked legally. Some municipalities regulate the street container placement and a permit may be required. Your sales consultant will be able to assist you with determining the regulations at your location.

When the units are located in the back alleys, parking lots or parking garages or elsewhere on the building or association property you must first obtain the permission for such placement from your building management or landlord. So please be sure you have agreed upon suitable location for the units and time our units can be there. Also bear in mind that we require a minimum clearance of 8′ in width and 8′-2″ in height.