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What is the best way to protect my belongings from damage and keep the contents from moving around while the storage container is being transported?

While our staff is always cautious while transporting belongings, the best way to protect your belongings is to pack the contents of the storage container as tightly as possible, the weight evenly distributed. Treat packing of the container just like you would a truck (after all the unit will being transported via truck to our warehouse), minus the slippery metal ramp to navigate your way up and down. Remember that your containers are only inches from the ground. Place your heavier items on the bottom and lighter items on the top. Fill in as much empty space as you can and UTILIZE PACKING SUPPLIES like shrink wrap which can help to keep items from being scratched or dented! Use strong moving boxes in uniform sizes, break down items with removable legs. Things like moving blankets and using the appropriate boxes are the single most important factors in a successful move. Please be sure you read the packing and storing tips provided at the Help Center on this web site. Use common sense and you should not have any problems.