Are you moving to Washington DC area and searching for a moving company that suits your unique needs?  Box-n-Go has the answer for your hassle free move to Washington DC.  Box-n-Go has gone the extra mile to make sure your move is as easy and pleasant as it can possibly be by eliminating what movers hate most about moving.  With Box N Go, you’ll be floored by the many ways that you can save money, time and sanity.

Moving is a cinch with Box N Go.  That is because with our service you never have to bother with renting a moving truck.  No moving truck means no rental or mileage fees, no gas costs and no headaches associated with the stress of driving a lumbering vehicle through unfamiliar territory.  With Box N Go, our storage and moving containers come to you.  All you have to do is move your possessions from your front door to our containers awaiting you a few feet away at ground level.  That means no struggling up and down a ramp with your heavy boxes. Also, unlike other moving companies, you won’t be charged an exorbitant amount to have clumsy movers pack and move your things for you.  This means you can personally make sure your belongings are safely packed while saving money.  Washington DC movers really have it good!

A Hassle Free Move to Washington DC with Box-n-GO

How can Box-n-Go make such a promise?  For starters, with our unique system, our Box-n-Go storage units come directly to you.  This eliminates the need arrange your life around the many troubles that renting a truck creates.  Imagine the hassle and danger of driving to a truck rental facility in a questionable part of town and then maneuvering an oversize and ungainly moving truck through unfamiliar streets and horrendous traffic. With Box-n-Go, you can completely avoid this horrific scenario.  You will also save plenty of the green stuff by avoiding rental fees, mileage fees and the high cost of fuel.

When your containers have arrived and been placed in the most convenient location to make your moving  easiest, you simply load up the containers with your boxes, taking as much time as you need.  You can request as many containers as you think you will need, but you will only have to pay for the containers that you use.   Also, unlike other moving companies that charge enormous fees to pack up your belongings and then possibly damage or break your possessions, with Box-n-Go, you pack and load up your belongings yourself saving money and the headache of worrying about the safety of your prized possessions. And don’t forget, Box-n-Go can also provide you with moving boxes and padding, eliminating the chore of driving all around town gathering used boxes for your move.Once your containers are loaded – and remember you can take as long as you need – you just lock them and the key stays with you.  Then give Box-n-Go a call and they will come and whisk your belongings to your final destination, unless your new domicile is not ready for you, in which case they will be delivered to our ultra-safe warehouse.

Once delivered to the location of your choosing,  just unload and move it to your new home.  No rushing necessary. At Box-n-Go, we are pleased to report that we have an extremely impressive record for safety.   Break-ins are prevented due to our strict policy that none shall enter the storage facility without being escorted by a security professional. With so many benefits, why not start saving time and money right now by ending your search for the perfect  moving company for your move to Washington DC.  When it comes to moving to Washington DC area, you simply can’t go wrong with Box-n-Go.

Those moving to Washington DC should also take note that Box N Go has gone out of their way to make sure you have all the time you need.  We won’t come and collect and deliver your storage and moving containers until you are ready.  We believe you should be able to take all the time you need.  And once they are delivered to your new residence, you can unload them at your leisure as well.

If you are moving to Washington DC and want your moving experience to be as easy as pie, then be sure to take advantage of Box N Go’s unique service.

Box-n-go offers its convenient long distance moving services in the following additional metropolitan areas:

Atlanta, GA, Baltimore, MD, Boston, MA, Chicago, IL, Columbus, OH, Houston, TX, Greenville, SC, Miami, FL, New York, NY, Portland, OR, Raleigh, NC, San Francisco, CA, Seattle, WA and many more. Please call us at 1-877-269-6461 to discuss your moving needs and how we can help you.