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Professional Moving Company in Aliso Viejo, CA

Preparation Tips for Your Aliso Viejo CA Movers

Our households often encompass the many items of glassware and china, because often they are received as wedding presents or passed down through families.  These items are precious and often valuable, however, taking care of them and preparing them for the move is not so easy at times. When households are moving and researching the available options and moving companies Aliso Viejo CA, a question of cost comes up all the time. How much work do you want movers Aliso Viejo to perform? What to take care yourself? Often people do the packing themselves. This saves a lot of money. However, if your china is not packed properly, a lot of damage can occur during the move.
Movers Aliso Viejo Packing Tips for China and Glassware
Moving Companies Aliso Viejo CA

Movers Aliso Viejo Packing Tips for China and Glassware

You want to find a right balance of saving to get the best result. If you question your ability to pack, then its best to let the professionals do it. On the other hand, if you can do it yourself, why not? If you want to prepare for your move well, follow the tips below.
  • Take a hint from the professional movers. They use specifically designed boxes for packing china and glassware.  They have a double walled construction to protect fragile items.  The boxes you drag home from the supermarket will never match the quality. So visit a special box supplier and obtain them. Many outlets refer to these specialty boxes as “Dishpacks”. While they are somewhat expensive, they pay for themselves in a long run.
  • Wrap all pieces of china and glassware individually in clean acid free tissue paper. Use several sheets of paper. Start from the corner, wrapping diagonally and continuously tucking in overlapping edges.
  • A double layer of newspaper serves well as an outer wrapping. However, do not get newsprint in direct contact with items as the newsprint can transfer the ink onto the items.
  • A generous amount of paper padding and cushioning is required for all china and glassware.
  • Label boxes”FRAGILE – THIS WAY UP”. Place these boxes where they will not topple or be stepped on
  • Large china and glass plates, platters and other flat pieces are best placed at the lowest layer in a fragile box.
  • Do not over-pack the box. Each box needs to be no more than 35 pounds in weight, otherwise you will risk damage to contents.
  • Label all boxes with the name of the room and their contents. This will help a great deal when you will start unpacking.

Moving Companies Aliso Viejo CA

One of the options for movers Aliso Viejo is to use the mobile storage by Box-n-Go. When using mobile storage residents can carefully pack the units in their own time following the above guidelines. This will save you a lot of money and headaches. Call us at 877-269-6461 for details. When you use Box-n-Go, you can customize your move. You can plan the packing phase over a few days. Same with unpacking. If you need some storage in between, it is no problem at all. We can move you locally or across the state. Want to move nationwide? Not a problem. Our system will easily accommodate your move. Want to pack yourself, but have some help loading? It is very easy when using Box-n-Go. We can accommodate a wide range of scenarios.