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Six Packing Tips For Fragile Goods For Movers Panorama City

One of the most difficult type of items to pack for movers Panorama City are the fragile breakable pieces. We all have plenty of those in our homes. Hence, if you choose to have them professionally packed, it will cost an arm and a leg. However, if you do pack them yourself, please make sure to follow the tips below to avoid disaster. Saving some money on your move seems to be easy. However, you need to prepare and pack properly.

Tips for packing the fragile items for movers Panorama City.

  1. Use newspaper to wrap items directly. But be careful as newsprint can be transferred to items causing staining.
  2. Ensure you fill all empty areas of boxes with packing. Use crumpled newspaper as an unfilled box may collapse when stacked.
  3. Mark the box on several sides clearly with “FRAGILE”. Do this even if you choose to load the rented truck of storage unit yourself.
  4. Do not store heavy items on top of any box containing dishes, glassware, china, lamps or lamp shades.
  5. Pack all delicate breakable items in appropriate packing boxes. Place a layer of bubble wrap inside the bottom and on top with boxes containing these items.
  6. Wrap all china, stoneware, glasses, crystal, and other fragile items individually. Place bubble wrap in between or put in special dish or glass plastic sleeves.

Storage solution for movers Panorama City

A great solution for movers Panorama City is mobile storage units by Box-n-Go Moving.  They deliver mobile storage units to any Panorama City CA address. There you can safely pack your items following the above tips. If you wish to load them yourself, feel free to do so, on your own schedule. Because you control the schedule, you can pack in one day, or over several evenings. All up to you. If you wish, Box-n-Go can professionally pack and load your units. Just ask. Box-n-Go will make the proper arrangements.
Movers Panorama City CA
Movers Panorama City CA
Once you finish packing, Box-n-Go collects the units and takes them to a secure storage facility. There your fragile items are kept safe.  The benefit over traditional public storage is that you will have no need to be involved in any tiresome commute to a storage site.