Moving Company Servicing South Gate, CA

When considering Moving Company near South Gate, residents and businesses should look at the mobile units from Box-n-Go. They offer a new and innovative way to store or move. Locally or nationwide. Regardless of what kind of movers South Gate Ca you end up using, it is vital that before or whilst packing, you  maintain an inventory of what you are planing on moving. The inventory not only allows you to remember what is in the storage facility or being moved, but the list can be invaluable for insurance purposes.  So if you desperately need to recall where a certain item is or if something would happen to your unit, you would have a full list that could be submitted with your claim for damages.

Movers South Gate CA

Moving Company near South Gate
Moving Company near South Gate
If you use Box-n-Go, or your move includes storage, fill the unit the RIGHT Way! It is key to pack your unit as efficient as possible.
  • Put the largest items in the back and the boxes you plan to access the most near the front.
  • Stack boxes with the heaviest on the bottom so they will not collapse onto lighter boxes.
  • As you fill the unit, leave a little aisle space so you can manoeuver inside the unit to access your belongings even those at the rear of the unit without unloading everything.
  • Label all boxes
  • Keep a map of what boxes are where.
Movers South Gate Ca – now you know how to pack your stuff into the unit. Residents have the peace of mind that their belongings are safe stored in the mobile units and transported from their door to the secure facility or your new home. With Box-n-Go your move is fully controlled by you. Do as much or as little work as you want. Control the cost and timing.