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Looking for packing help? Believe it or not, the traditional moving companies still work with an age old model of moving. They still must walk through your home to give you a quote, set a time to pick up your items when THEY are available, they set their timetables, and you must be available when they arrive at your new home, no matter if they keep to their schedule or not, they work slow and you cannot expedite the process. Many hands repeatedly touch your household items and the chances of something getting damaged or lost are very high. You then have to file a claim, haggle over when, and how much you will be compensated, which can take many months to resolve.

Stress Free Local Moves using Box-n-Go Moving Service

At Box-n-Go we set out to change the thing that people hate about the moving industry. We offer a containerized moving system based on what is important to you, the customer. It offers a more convenient, more efficient, higher security, more flexible way to move.

Our Moving Service secures your goods in sturdy, breathable moving containers that are 8 ft by 5 ft and 7 ft high. Each one holds 1 to 1½ rooms worth of goods. Our helpful service reps bring the moving containers to your door, placing them where it is most convenient for you (not us). We bring as many moving containers as you think you may need, but you will only pay for what you actually use. You take all the time you want to fill them; an hour, a day or a week – the point is to fit it into a schedule that works for you. A real boon in today’s run a mile-a-minute world and a definite benefit over renting a truck.

When you finish packing your moving container, you lock it and keep the key! Once your goods are locked up, they stay that way. Because the moving containers are optimally designed for packing and are sturdy & secure, you avoid many of the traditional moving problems caused by shifting loads and weight damage.

We pick up the moving containers whenever you are ready. We pick them up at your old residence and deliver them to your new address, where you can take as long as needed to off load all the items. It’s that simple. And if your new place is not ready for move in yet, we can store your containers at our secure warehouse for up to one month at no additional charge! Of course you can also store extra items at our secure facility until you are ready to unpack them. You tell us what day you want them delivered. We’ll get them to you within a 3 hour window. That’s it; you’re done. What could be more convenient? What could be easier?

Don’t forget to ask us about boxes, locks and many other items that you might need.