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Self Storage Units in Sun Valley, CA

When it comes to moving, it is usually daunting task. However, it must be done. First of all, regardless if you are moving around the corner or across the country, you need to be prepared. If you are organized before, in most cases during and after moving day, you will have a seamless moving experience. Storage units Sun Valley CA service by Box-n-Go is here to provide you with a simple and efficient moving check list, however it is not all inclusive. Box-n-Go provides the affordable storage options. Our cheap storage units near 91352 are delivered to your home.

To maximize your home space a solution is to use self storage to clear out some of the cluttered areas of your home.  An option for residents looking for climate controlled Sun Valley self storage is to use mobile, climate friendly storage units supplied by Box-n-Go Storage. When you are looking for Sun Valley self storage, Box-n-Go Storage gives you a great option in using mobile storage units delivered to your home.  You then carefully load the unit in your own time.

Here are some simple tips to prepare you for storage:

Before the move:

  • Do you research and choose the best movers based on your needs
  • Determine your budget and request a quote from different moving companies
  • Schedule a time and date for your movers to start the moving process
  • Sort through your things and decide what goes in storage 91352
  • Make an inventory of all the items you are putting in cheap storage 91352
  • Wrap and Cover. Use clean towels, sheets or other linens to wrap or cover items. Avoid using plastic as it can accumulate moisture and can cause mildew damage.
  • Clean Before You Store. Clean all furniture, appliances, and clothing prior to storing them. Pack clothes loosely and cover furniture with clean sheets.

Self Storage Sun Valley Tips

  • Storing Vehicles. Cars, motorcycles and riding lawnmowers etc. should be full of stabilized fuel prior to storing. Disconnect and remove battery.
  • Storing Appliances. Kitchen appliances should be clean and dry. Keep freezer and refrigerator doors slightly ajar to stop any mold forming.
  • Storing Mattresses. Store all mattresses and box springs on their long edges. Wrap with cloth for protection. Elevate off the floor if possible. Stand mattresses and sofas on end when possible to maximize your space.
  • Ensure you pack all items in boxes rather than having items loose.   If you use boxes of a consistent size it will allow you to stack and store easier.
  • Stack heavy boxes at the bottom of piles and ensure all boxes are full so they will not collapse.
  • Place items in the back of the unit that you won’t need easy access to. Fragile items should be stored on some shelving so heavy pressure will not be on them.
  • If using a traditional storage for rent 91352 unit, leave space to walk space between rows of stacked boxes for easy access.
  • Place items that you may need regular access to near the front of the storage unit.
  • Disassemble any furniture items if possible, store fixings in a bag taped to the parts and keep components together.

Storage Units Sun Valley CA

Research storage units Sun Valley CA and choose the one that is right for you. Figure out what works best for you: Public storage (also known as traditional storage) or a modern, portable storage. When considering moving your household items into Self Storage Sun Valley CA, residents should heed the advice below when moving furniture.

Moving furniture involves more effort and extra care, because the furniture pieces tend to be large and cannot be placed in a box. If a part of furniture can be removed, like glass tops, table legs, bed frames, doors, shelves, etc., then remove it. Then carefully label which piece it belongs to. If possible, keep the assembly instruction books that came with the furniture to the piece.  Keep all hardware in a small bag taped to the item. Moving a couch or sofa often requires a lot of pushing and maneuvering. Sometimes even the removal of doors. It is not easy to determine if a sofa will fit through the door, it often requires some considerable thought.

Furniture Handling Tips for Self Storage Sun Valley CA

  • Make sure you use strong and sturdy boxes and/or plastic storage containers
  • Label all your boxes that displays what type of content is inside. First of all indicate if contents are fragile.
  • Secure your boxes with  packing tape to prevent opening
  • Clean, wash, wipe down, and dry everything before you pack
  • Make sure you have enough boxes to carry your items
  • Dissamble furniture , appliances, and electronics
  • Protect your items with protective covering and bubble wrap
  • Do a final check to make sure your everything you need is packed
  • Create a checklist and check off the items that will be going in storage
  • Remove all the cushions. You can bag them, if they are small. Or simply wrap them with sheets. You can launder them later.
  • If you can remove the sofa’s legs, then remove them. Place the legs in the bag and try taping it to inside of the sofa (between the cushions).
  • Measure the height and width of the sofa and door, before you move. Often doors are too small to move the sofa through. You may also want to see if the sofa will fit inside the elevator or the stairs (if you live in the apartment).
  • Place cardboard on the floor to make sliding easier. You could also purchase some specialty sliders designed for this specific purpose.
  • Ensure that you have enough hands to help. Most sofas require at least 2 people for handling. Sometimes, if the sofa is large and the doors are narrow, you may need as many as 4 people.
  • If you are unsure, then hire professionals. This may be the best decision. Although professional movers are not cheap, they will make sure not to damage your house and you will not break your back, while moving your sofa.

After your move using cheap storage units near 91352

  • Make sure you unpack all of your belongings and place them in your new space
  • Take your inventory list and retrieve the important items out of  public storage sun Valley
  • Turn on all necessary water, electricity, in your place if necessary
  • Keep items in storage places 91352 that you will not be using in the near future
  • Relax and take a time out – you deserve it!

Looking for Storage Units Sun Valley CA? Call Box-n-Go Sun Valley storage today at 877-269-6461!

When it comes to moving and storage, the overall process is very hard. We say this because we know it first hand. This is why you to let us worry about your storage near 91352 needs, however. At Box-n-Go Sun Valley storage units, we provide affordable and spacious storage units. These units will hold a wide variety of your items. Our storage units 91352 hold furniture, instruments, memorabilia, sporting and fitness equipment, toys, business files, and so much more. So, when researching storage prices 91352 or looking for the best storage unit prices 91352, consider Box-n-Go. If you are looking for cheap storage units near 91352, give us a call today!

Compare Box-n-Go

Do not take our word for it. There are numerous self storage facilities around you. Drive by. Check them out. Perhaps you will find services that work better for you. We are confident that you willfind our services and offerings to be the most convenient and affordable. however, compare for yourself:

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  • Public Storage Sun Valley CA – 7880 San Fernando Rd, Sun Valley, CA 91352
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  • Sun Valley Self Storage – 10991 Roscoe Blvd, Sun Valley, CA 91352
  • U Haul Moving & Storage of Sun Valley – 7721 N Hollywood Way
  • Store It 4 Less – 9327 San Fernando Rd, Sun Valley, CA 91352
  • Public Storage 91352 – 11838 Sheldon St, Sun Valley, CA 91352

Box-n-Go provides self-storage units and moving services to the following zip codes in Sun Valley, CA: 91352, 91331, 91504, 91040, 91605, 91353. Find a Sun Valley portable storage unit near you!

In addition to the above areas, Box-n-Go storage and moving services are availble in many of the surrounding neighborhoods, including: Universal City, CA, Toluca Lake, CA, Valley Village, CA, Valley Glen, CA, Panorama City, CANorth Hollywood, CA, Studio City, CA, Burbank,CA as well as all of the Greater Los Angeles, CA and Orange County, CA.