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Are you dying to clear out some clutter yet aren’t ready to part with your items?  Whatever your storage needs, Box-n-Go’s storage space is a convenient and affordable answer to your trouble.  Box-n-Go provides a unique storage container service that blows away the competition. Offering state of the art storage containers delivered straight to you. Most of all, use Box-n-Go’s storage space calculator to expedite your move

Storage Space Calculator: a No Brainer with Box-n-Go

Firstly, almost all customers agree that the ease of Box-n-Go storage space can’t be beaten. Simply call up Box-n-Go and ask them to deliver as many units required. Our containers measure 8’x5’x7’ and can hold up to 1 and a 1/2 rooms of furniture.  Unfortunately, most people are unsure of how many units are needed to load, so, they use a storage space calculator.  Therefore, to help budget your move, use our storage calculator to get an idea of how much space is required.

Convenient Portable Storage Containers

Don’t worry if you don’t use all of the storage space available, you’ll only be charged for the ones you do! Furthermore, if you rent more than one, separate items into different units, subsequently, making them easier to locate.

Box-n-Go allows the ease of packing up items at ground level. Alleviating the trouble of stairs, or elevators – you never have to cart things farther than just outside your house.  Never again worry about the hassles and costs of renting a truck, sparing mileage fees and gas prices.

Experienced drivers safely stow and retrieve the items once you’re ready – take all the time you need.  Upon delivery, we guard your items 7-days a week in an secure warehouse. Rest assured that your precious items are safe and sound, hence, our safety record proves it!

Most noteworthy, customers easily access items anytime.  Just call Box-n-Go, we deliver or you come to a convenient storage facility. Either way, you easily retrieve your possessions seven days a week.  In conclusion, give Box-n-Go a try!