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Extra Large Moving Box


Size: 22″ x 22″ x 22″

For: bulky items, linens, comforters.

Recommended: 2-5

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Professional quality extra large moving box (6.0 cu.ft.) is ideal for lightweight, bulky items such as linens, comforters, pillows and towels. This box can be an ideal solution if you are packing an over sized item. The box is made of 100% recycled cardboard. It is built with a single wall construction to 32 ECT quality standard. The box can hold up to 65 lbs, although we strongly recommend not to pack this box with more than 50 pounds. Extra Large moving boxes are really only to be used in limited circumstances and for specific needs. You can’t fill them up with just anything, because the box will get to heavy to carry. Hence the 50 pounds limitation. So give some thought to what you will be putting in your XL moving boxes before you buy them. When it comes time to pack your extra large box, place heavier items into the bottom and lighter items on top. When you are done packing, make sure to label each box on all sides and top with the identification of content and the room this content came from. It is also advisable to indicate “top” on the box, as well as “Fragile” mark if the box has any glassware or other fragile items in it.

The box is manufactured in the USA and is designed to be used by the professional movers. In fact our movers use the very same boxes.

The box meets UPS shipping requirements and can be used for shipping.

Order as many boxes as you want. We will credit your account for all the unused boxes and supplies you return to us. Keep in mind that these boxes are also available in bundles, should you need an number of them for your project.

A typical box is 22″ x 22″ x 22″. Holds approximately 6 cubic feet. The actual box may vary slightly from the one shown above.

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Weight 2.14 lbs
Dimensions 44 × 44 × 0.25 in