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20’ Container – all weather.
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5-7 rooms, furniture, appliances, etc.

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16’ Container – all weather.
Perfect for 2-bedroom residence.
3-5 rooms, furniture, appliances, etc.

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8’ Container – all weather.
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Each fits 1-1.5 rooms.

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How to unpack after a move

The last part of receiving your belongings from storage or after a move is unpacking. It’s a daunting task, but here are some helpful hints to make the unpacking process easier. When you start wading through the sea of storage boxes, there should be a method to your madness. The following are a few simple tips to make the unpacking process easier. And remember, you don’t have to unpack everything right away, not in one day or even in one week! Take your time and maybe you’ll even be able to enjoy the process as another step along a new adventure!

1.    Unpack one room at a time. First Things First. The Essentials

Begin with the kitchen so that you can have a snack to fuel your fire. Items that you won’t be needing right away can be set aside to unpack at a later time when you can better gage the right setup. This is also a good time to line your cabinets and drawers.

•    Set up basic kitchen items like paper plates and cups, drinks and snacks.

•    Unpack your essential china and cookware into the dishwasher and run it, so you have clean dishes to prepare meals or snacks right away.

Tip: Unpack breakables over the box you’re taking them out of; that way, if you happen to drop an item, it will land on some packing material, thereby reducing its chance of breakage.

•    Once the kitchen is set up enough to function, it can become a haven where everyone can meet and take a break from the chaos in the other rooms.

•    Resist the urge to unpack everything that belongs in the kitchen right away. Instead, start with the basics and leave the less-frequently-used items in boxes until you decide your room and storage arrangements.

The bathroom should be next. Unpack and set up at least one bathroom with proper toiletries. Make sure the toilet, faucets, etc. are operational. A few things you should definitely have are a shower curtain, toilet paper and soap.

In the bedroom it is helpful to have major pieces of furniture placed before unpacking. Then putting things away will be a cinch! If at all possible, take the time to organize your belongings as you go, so you don’t have to straighten them out later! Before you fully unpack, take the time to clean each room and wipe out the drawers. The person who’s room it will be should make the area feel comfortable and personal to them. Setting up an organized closet is another great thing to do when moving in. Unpack your bedding and make up the beds as soon as they’re in place, so they’re ready when you’re ready to fall into them at the end of the day! Also, if you have to dress for work or a special occasion the day after your move, make sure you have an outfit ready to wear.

The living room should be a combined effort of everyone in the household. There will be a lot of items to be placed and electronics to hook up. Before anything is done, create an “unwind” zone where you can relax at the end of the day, without having to climb over boxes, etc. Set up the TV or stereo, bring in some furniture and lamps. It may not be permanent, but it should help you feel a little more at home. For a more permanent placement it’s a good idea to make a sketch of the room, and how you want the furniture laid out. It’s easier to move furniture around on paper than it is to lift and move the actual couches around the room. This is a good time to consider the practicality in wirings. For example, the entertainment center will have to be in close proximity with the cable outlet. Remember, if the cable still needs to be set up, it’s a good idea to keep the TV cabinet away from the wall enough that you do not have to move it again when the cable company arrives.

Having an organized garage is a daunting task for most. Consider installing shelves and wall hooks so you can arrange tools, shovels, and rakes as you unpack. This approach might curb the tendency for making piles.
Your lifestyle should dictate what other rooms are organized next. If you have an extra room you won’t be using right away, put non-essential boxes in there until you’re ready to unpack them.

2.    Take note

Take inventory of everything you have to make sure nothing has been lost. If you have any broken or damaged items, make sure to keep them as evidence. You must file all insurance claims within a certain amount of days after the receipt of your belongings.

3.    Play interior designer

When getting ready to shift furniture around in the living room and bedrooms, it’s a good idea to make a sketch of the room with squares representing where you would like certain items placed. Erasing an armoire, rather than lifting it, could save you a trip to the chiropractor!

4.    Take it Easy!

Don’t let unpacking stress you out. Take your time and remember what matters most is that you’ve made it into your new home. Step by step, the job will get done! With Box-n-Go Storage you do not have to rush.