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Boat Storage Tips & Tricks

In the United States, it’s estimated that one out of every ten households owns a boat. If you happen to be one of these households, you know the truth. You know how much fun one of these recreational vehicles can offer. However, you may also know that boat storage can be a struggle. Especially since preparation is a crucial step in doing it right. If you’d like to streamline the process so you do things quickly yet properly. Then the tips and advice below can help.

Why Is Proper Boat Storage Important?

Without proper storage, a boat can easily experience rust. Or mildew and even tarnish to the exterior as well as important parts of the interior. Proper storage can also help keep this recreational vehicle safe from inclement weather conditions. Including hurricanes that can cause excessive damage or even total the boat out. This can save you a considerable amount of money over the time you own the boat. it will also help keep it looking like new for longer. A good rule of thumb is to learn how to store your boat before you ever buy it. This is in order to make sure you keep this investment in good shape.

Tip 1: Always Clean Before Storing

Boats should always be clean both inside and outside before placing them into a storage area when the season is over. Leaving a boat dirty is very likely to result in rust. And can even mean the paint job damage in a few short months. Once you’ve wash the exterior, you’ll want to apply a fresh coat of wax. This is just to make sure and protect the paint. On the interior, you’ll want to condition leather seats and vacuum to get rid of any dirt and dust.

Tip 2: Invest in a Good Quality Cover

Even if your boat is going into a storage unit, a cover will help keep dust, bugs. As well as other debris will not be touching your investment. The heavy-duty canvas tend to be the best. Although the price of these will be more when you compare them to a lower grade materials. Additionally, you may want to look for one that is waterproof so it can provide additional protection to your investment.

Tip 3: Fill the Tank Up

Many owners think that it’s okay to store their boat with any amount of fuel that’s left after the last expedition of the season. However, this can cause corrosion due to condensation. This can leave you with some damage. Especially when it comes time to use the boat again. To avoid this, you’ll want to fill the gas tank to the top before storing for the end of the season. You should also pour in some fuel additive. This will help prevent sludge and carbon from building up over the next few months.

Tip 4: Change the Oil

Changing the oil on your boat isn’t something that should only be done before you take it out on the water. It’s important to also do this before you store in order to avoid carbon from building up inside of the engine. For the small amount of time it takes to do this task, it’s well worth the benefits it has to offer. In fact, a quick oil change can save you hundreds to even thousands of dollars in damage in the long run.

Tip 5: Address the Battery

The engine of your boat is one of the most expensive and important parts of it overall. For this reason, it’s important to protect it when you put your boat into storage. To do so, either disconnect your battery or connect it to a trickle charger.

Tip 6: Maintain the Engine

It’s crucial to flush your engine with fresh water before storage in order to prevent saltwater corrosion. Additionally, it’s recommended to run antifreeze through the water in order to prevent freezing in areas that experience lower temperatures during the winter.

Where Should You Store Your Boat?

Once you go through all of the steps that are necessary to prepare your boat for storage, it will be time to decide where you should store it. This is an important decision. Storage option you choose will determine how to protect your investment. Especially during the several months that it is out of use. In most situations, you can either choose outdoors or indoors. Below you’ll find more information for both options.

Should I Store the Boat Outside?

Storing your boat outside is always an option if you’re tight on space in your garage. However, even with a high-quality cover over the exterior, this can result in damage to your investment. This is true no matter what climate you live in. Both hot and cold weather can take their toll on a boat over the course of the off-season. people typically do not recommend the outdoor storage. Especially if you have a relatively new boat that you want to keep in good shape for many years to come.

Should I Store the Boat Inside?

Indoor storage is hands down the best option for any type of boat. this is because it helps protect it from the sun, rain, wind, cold, heat, and humidity. However, not all indoor spaces are equal to one another. While a garage provides adequate cover, it is very unlikely to be climate controlled. If you want the best protection, then an indoor storage unit is going to be the best route to go. With this, you will have a dedicated space. A space where your boat is protected on all sides from the weather that’s going on outside.

An additional benefit of renting a storage space is the fact that it will be more secure than it would be elsewhere. You will be the only one who has a key and there will be less traffic than there would be outside of a garage. However, you should still make it a priority to check on your boat often. Perhaps once per week until you’re ready to take it out for the next season. Since the boat will likely sit on a trailer while it’s in storage, make sure to check the tires often as well. In fact, most experts recommend rotating those tires monthly in order to keep them inflated and in good shape for the season to come.

Any storage need

While renting a storage unit is an additional cost, it’s one that will give you peace of mind that your boat is being protected. Since it’s very likely that you invested quite a bit of money in this, the last thing you want to do is risk it being damaged when it’s not in use. A storage unit overcomes this risk and helps keep things in good shape for the future. When it’s time to remove it for the next season, all you’ll have to do is haul the boat away and close the unit until it’s time to store once again.

While Box-n-Go cannot store boats, we are here here to provide storage for most any other need you may have. Please feel free to contact us at 1-877-269-6461 should you have any storage and moving needs.