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20’ Container – all weather.
Perfect for 3-bedroom residence.
5-7 rooms, furniture, appliances, etc.

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16’ Container – all weather.
Perfect for 2-bedroom residence.
3-5 rooms, furniture, appliances, etc.

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8’ Container – all weather.
Modular – works for any need.
Each fits 1-1.5 rooms.

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Can I use self storage as office?

We live in an age where it is now possible to start up a business just about anywhere and at any time. All one really needs to be able to run certain kinds of businesses is a computer or a laptop and you are good to go! This also means that businesses can now function even in the instance where they have an incredibly small budget. Businesses who don’t want to invest in any kind of space can also operate easily without any hassle. This is why having a business self storage space is so important.

For small businesses and start-ups, in particular, setting aside the money to find a space that works for them is not always an option. Businesses that do decide to find an office often do so because they feel that this is something that a business should do. This however often leads them into situations where they regret their decision. The amount of money they spent on renting out a place. Rather than going into an expensive lease that will put a significant dent in your wallet, a better option is to run your business out of a space that you already have. Even a space that is significantly more accessible to you can be a good option.

Business Self Storage to the rescue

Business self storage, business storage space
Business self storage

Self storage spaces are rapidly becoming a common option for those who want to use a budget-friendly space and don’t need something that is too big. No doubt, working out of a business self storage unit may not always seem appealing. However, it is something that can quickly prove to be incredibly beneficial. This however is not possible at all self storage facilities. Most would not allow you to conduct a business from their units. Additionally, most self storage units do not have the power and internet connections.

Business Self Storage – Staying Closer To Your Products

With the internet, it has become easier than ever for businesses to get a footing and sell to customers from all over the globe. Many individuals decide to run businesses where they offer a certain line of products. As a business grows, the business owner will eventually have to find a place for themselves. This usually is so that they can store their products and is done before they set out to find an office space. This often means that individuals turn to storage units to be able to properly store all of the products that they are looking to sell.

Many businesses choose to rent our storage units. Also they may already have this space to work with. In this instance, one can make use of this space to run their business. This makes it significantly easier for the business owner to keep a track of the products that they are looking to sell. It can also help them manage their inventory in a much better manner. Moreover, it helps them have everything that their company is offering under one roof. This also ensures that its operations are performed in a more streamlined manner.

An Opportunity To Meet New Professionals

When working from home, individuals often don’t get to have the ‘office experience’. This means that they don’t always have the opportunity to meet as many professionals working in their field, or even others. As more and more business leaders are opting to work out of storage units, the chances of meeting other professionals are significantly higher. Most storage providers have multiple professionals working from their individual units and running their own businesses. This is a rather unusual, but incredibly beneficial business opportunity. Meeting people from different professions and industries can always prove to be beneficial. Also can help businesses grow even further. For those who are looking to work in collaborative efforts in the future, this can be beneficial. There are a number of professionals that you are likely to meet if you do choose to go in for this space.

How To Make A Business Self Storage Space Work For You

When running a business out of a storage unit, you always want it to function in a similar manner as compared to a regular kind of office. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways in which one can make the space that they have more efficient and more beneficial for them.

Divide Your Room

One of the first things that one must try to establish when using a storage space as their office is the layout. When working with this kind of space, you have only a limited area to fill with all that you need. You may also need room to store your product if you decide to keep it in the same place. Storage units are small. But it doesn’t mean that it can’t be a space that one uses to stay productive.

Establishing a good layout is an important first step to take. This can ensure that you have an office that feels like a good place to work. Start by figuring out all that you are going to want to keep with you in your office. This generally includes a desk, a chair, your computer, additional devices, any documents or files that you might have. It can also include the product that you are looking to sell. Additionally, it can have anything else that you would want in with you.

Business Self Storage – Find The Right Placement

Find the most ideal spot for your desk and chair and start there. Make sure that it is somewhere in the front of the storage space. Try to place it so that it is not at the back. This is especially the case if you want to fill up the leftover space with your product inventory. If you are storing your inventory, it is important to figure out how you are going to store it. You should always try to designate parts of the business self storage room for particular things. This can help you ensure that your business storage space is more organized. It can also ensure that your business space doesn’t feel cramped up in any way.

Set Up Your Connections

If you are operating through a computer, you are going to need power. If you work through the internet, you are going to need a good WiFi connection. There are numerous things that one may need to set up. Also these can help make your business self storage space feel a lot more like an office. Fortunately, power and WiFi are both things that are offered by most prominent business storage space providers. This means that these are two less things that you need to worry about.

What you are going to have to do, however, is to set up all the connections to the things that you need. If you want to keep your computer plugged in, you are going to have to find a way to set up your connections in a way that doesn’t take up too much space. You also don’t want your business storage space to look messy in any way. There are plenty of guides online to show you creative and nifty ways in which you can set up and conceal computer connections. This can give you a much cleaner feel, thereby making your business storage space feel more like an office.

Install Your Own Security

Business storage spaces are incredibly efficient in maintaining security. These providers are usually being used to store the valuable things that people own. People trust business storage space providers immensely because of the model that their businesses are built on. However, it is not unheard of to take your own security measures. This is especially true if you are using this as your office and have all of your company’s product in there. You can always choose to install one camera inside your storage unit to take additional security precautions.

Box-n-Go Storage – Your Business Self Storage

While you would not be able to use Box-n-Go self storage units as office, Box-n-Go brings many other benefits to you. Those that would not be available with the traditional self storage units. Take delivery as an example. We can deliver your entire storage unit to you. Try this with a traditional storage!

Simply call us at 1-877-269-6461 and we will be happy to explore options with you and help you with all your business storage needs. We offer the flexibility and convenience other places simply cannot even imagine.