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Can you use self storage as a workshop?

When one thinks of a self-storage place, they usually think of singular rooms. Ones with dim lighting that is filled with boxes stacked up on top of each other. While this idea of a self-storage facility might be what people are used to, the reality is far different. Many self-storage facilities have come a long way since the early days. they have now evolved into spaces that can be used for multiple purposes. Businesses, in particular, are beginning to realize the incredible amount of benefit to using business storage solutions. People all over are choosing to operate out of these storage facilities. Merely so that they can be closer to their product and so that they can work with all the essentials that they would need.

As businesses grow, so do the operations that they need to carry out. Businesses sometimes need a certain amount of space to work with. Finding this kind of space is not always easy. Over the past few years, real estate prices have gone up considerably. Making it significantly harder for business owners to find spaces that don’t burn a hole in their pockets. These rising prices have caused people to rethink the places that they turn to be able to carry out their business operations. This is one of the biggest reasons why company storage solutions have become such a viable choice. Especially for those who want to expand their business and need a space to work with.

Business Storage Solutions – Creative Thinking

When working with business storage solutions, improvisation becomes an important factor and something that one should look to do. Most self-storage spaces aren’t traditionally designed for businesses. Which is what makes them tricky to work with. However, there is an incredible amount of possibility with regard to the way you can transform this space. This can help you have the set up that you need to operate efficiently.

While most self storage facilities would not accommodate a workshop type use, there are some that would. So you need to search hard for options and be creative in the way you approach your needs.

Turning Company Storage Solutions Into A Workshop

Depending on the kind of business that one is running, they may need to conduct a variety of processes. Often which need to be all done in one place. For those who run a business that needs a workshop, this space can prove to be incredibly useful. Sometimes, people who simply enjoy doing some activity as a hobby for which they need a workshop to turn to these spaces to do the things that they need. Turning this space into a fully functional workshop is also not out of reach. Also it is something that many people do when working with this kind of space.

Before you turn your company storage solutions into a workshop, it is important for you to analyze everything that you would need. When working with this kind of space, you first need to have a general idea. Idea of what are the things that you need to fit into this space. Making a rough layout is the best way to go when it comes to this. You can first start by figuring out what things you need for your workshop and their individual sizes. One should be able to fit them well into your workshop while still having a place to work with it and move around. Not to mention store the additional things that you might need. You may also want a space to keep the things that you are making. You should also have a place that is designated for the trash that you need to throw away.

Power Connections

The next thing that you are going to have to do is figure out all of the power connections within your company storage solutions. When people are working with certain tools, machines, and appliances, they are always going to need a certain amount of power. Storage units generally come with no power in each of the rooms. However, there are units that tend to have several plug points throughout the room. These might not always be the best when for the purpose of organizing your room well. Which is why you may need to set up your own individual links to be able to get your entire system going. If you have multiple machines that all need their own power source, you may want to look into getting things like extenders and adapters to properly power each device.

Business Storage Solutions – Being Aware Of Restrictions

While a self-storage unit is a brilliant place for those who want to set up a workshop, there are a few restrictions that one has to adhere to. Normally, self-storage facilities are welcoming to most businesses. They are generally alright with letting their tenants operate as they please. However, there are a few important things that one needs to pay attention to when operating out of here.

One of the biggest restrictions that self-storage spaces have is on flammable liquids and gases. Self-storage facilities tend to have these restrictions. Mainly because there tend to be many storage units located close to each other. If for whatever reason, a single unit catches fire, the likelihood of it spreading to other units is incredibly high. If this were to happen, it would result in the destruction of millions of dollars worth of property. This can also be dangerous considering that storage units always have people in the nearby vicinity. People ho could get caught in the event where there is a fire.

Fire Safety

Business Storage Solutions
Business Storage Solutions

If you are planning to do some kind of activity that involves working with flammable liquids or gases, the best approach is to contact the company offering you the storage unit. Speak to the manager or someone who would be knowledgeable about the subject. Make them aware of the work that you are going to be doing in the unit. Let them know about the materials that you are going to have to use in the process. The self-storage room provider will usually take a call with regards to this. They can either choose to let the tenant bring in their flammable materials. Or will ask them to refrain from doing so. Whatever the outcome, it is important to make sure that you adhere to all the regulations that have been placed down. This ensures that you can operate without having to encounter any kind of disturbances.

Noise Level

Just like flammable liquids and gases, loud noises can also be a problem. There are always going to be instances in which individuals need to do certain workshop related activities that involve a certain amount of noise generation. If these noises are relatively soft, and one can’t be hear them outside of your storage unit, you will be relatively found with the process. However, if the noise that is being generated is loud, you may be asked to stop the noise. Also refrain from carrying out your particular activity. Just like in the previous instance, it is considered to be a good option to ask about the policies that the provider has in place. Whether you can conduct the activities that you need to inside your storage unit.

When operating in this manner, you also have the option of adding a soundproofing layer to your room to prevent the noise from getting out. While you cannot make any kind of permanent modifications to the room, you can always install makeshift soundproofing panels into the room. So that you can conduct your work without any hindrance.


There is no doubt that self-storage spaces are a great option for those who want to set up a workshop, either to run their business or to engage in a hobby. If the restrictions work for you, and if you can operate well, a self-storage space might be the thing you need to take your workshop activities to the next level.

How Box-n-Go can help

Box-n-Go is a portable business storage solutions provider. this means that we deliver portable storage units to your business location. This way you do not need to send your employees out to a storage unit. No need to rent a truck, deal with its fueling, etc. While you would not be able to operate a workshop out of one of our units, we offer very convenient business storage solutions to any size businesses. All you need to do is call us at 1-877-267-6461 and we will eb able to answer any questions you may have.