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College Dorm Checklist

The fall semester is approaching for many. Many students will be heading to college to begin a new phase of their journey as young adults. As a part of that transition, many students will be moving away from home. Living at the place here they will be studying to get their degree. Moving into a college dorm is definitely a different and potentially trans-formative experience. For some, it could be partially intimidating moving away from home. Adapting to new living conditions. For others, it could prove to be very fun and exciting time transitioning into a new phase of one’s life. Having a good college dorm checklist may help in getting your school year to a great start.

Regardless of the situation, it is very important to be prepared. So that you will have everything you need to maximize your college experience. Here is everything that you should make sure you have on your college dorm checklist.

Desk and Office Supplies

One of the first set of items you need to be concerned with on your college dorm checklist is where you will be doing your work and studying. Your office space is where you will be taking notes, studying for tests and doing other important schoolwork.

You will first need your standard school supplies. This will include pens, pencils, notebooks, folders and binders to keep your notes or PowerPoint handouts. If you are studying a specific specialty, you may need certain items such as scissors, rulers and potentially tape.

Certain students find that taking notes on index cards help them memorize material better. So that may be something to consider. Highlighters to organize your notes and have key concepts down are also a popular commodity among college students.

Being organized with all of your assignments will be one of the most important things you will have to do in college. One of the best items to purchase to help with this challenge is to bring a planner and meticulously plan out the rest of your week at once.

You may also want to bring sticky notes so you could set yourself reminders of important events that are happening. Bringing a printer and paper is an option for some, but colleges typically provide you with your printing needs.

Electronics and Entertainment

Electronics have become somewhat of a necessary evil not only in society, but in school. You will seldom find a college student without a laptop. You may find yourself needing one to conveniently take notes, do research or perform other important school functions.

Laptops could become very expensive, and you should prioritize getting a quality laptop that will get the job done and perform all the functions you need. Do not be tempted to shell out hundreds of dollars just based on the quality of the screen or other cosmetic details. Certain students like to use tablets in order to do some convenient reading.

Music is a way for certain students to relax, and getting a set of portable speakers could be a great way to help you unwind after a long day. In order to keep memories and records of your events, bringing a camera is also something you may want to consider. Although if you already have your cell phone, you could take your photos there.

Whenever you want to take a study break or completed an assignment, you could reward yourself by playing video games. Bring along a console, controllers and some of your favorite games if you have them. If video games are not your style, you could try opting to see if your roommate would be down to playing some card games.


This area will probably take up most of your time in terms of packing on your college dorm checklist. But you still need to ensure that you are adequately prepared clothing-wise for the semester. You need to ensure that you carry enough shirts, pants, socks and underwear. When you plan to exercise or be active, you should bring along some sweats.

At night, ensure that you have a good set of pajamas for you to sleep in. As for proper footwear, you will need to carry an assortment for different situation. When you are walking around campus, you should bring along comfortable sneakers and shoes to walk or run in. If you are not traveling any long distances or will be localized in your dorm, you may ant to bring a pair of slippers with you.

Certain events may call for certain dress code, so you will also want to pack a set of dress clothing for formal events that you may want to go to. If you plan on getting wet and if your school has an area for you to swim, bring along a swimsuit.

One important factor that many students forget to consider is the fact that the weather will be changing from summer to fall and eventually to winter. They do not account for the fact that the weather will get colder. Only pack as though they are still on summer vacation. Do not forget to pack warm clothing so you can adapt to the weather as the temperature drops.

In order to adequately prepare for this change in the weather, you should pack sweaters, light or heavy jackets, scarfs, gloves. Also any other warm clothing that you can find.


Taking care of your body will be incredibly important as you will no longer be under the confines of your house. You will need to carry important articles used for you to take care of your body and ensure that you optimize your health as best as you can.

On your college dorm checklist, you should ensure you have adequate amounts of soap, and shampoo for when you take a shower. You should also pack along sufficient toothpaste, floss and mouthwash for your oral health.

Cosmetically speaking, you will want to bring along moisturizers, deodorant, combs or brushes. Also nail clippers, shaving cream and cotton swabs. Depending on your hair needs, bringing a hair dryer may also be necessary for you. Cologne or perfume are also items to consider bringing along to keep a fresh scent throughout the day.

Certain students have certain medical conditions or deficiencies that need to be resolved with medication. Others may also suffer from headaches or pains throughout the semester. If you find that this happens to you a lot, then you should consider bringing along pain relievers such as aspirin and vitamins.

Shared Items

You will also have to consider items that you may be sharing with the roommate that you are assigned with. Before you officially move in, you will be able to meet with them and establish a rapport with them to see if there is mutual interest in certain items.

Certain items that may be shared among the both of you may include TV players, a mini-fridge (if the school has not already provided you with one), a rug, posters and audio equipment. Consult with your roommate prior to confirm what is allowed in your dorm and which items you would like to share together.

Personal Belongings

Being away from home for an extended period of time could predispose to one being homesick or potentially depressed. It may be important for you to bring along reminders of your family so they do not seem too far away. Bringing along family photos, heirlooms or personal items can help alleviate some of this potential loneliness. Leaving it on your desk while you work or perform other tasks can give you certain comfort.

Handy Items

There are other items that also may want to have handy, although they are not exactly considered essential. If you plan to visit areas off campus in the local neighborhood, you may want to bring a map.

In addition, if you want to write letters to loved ones from college to inform them of your progress. Bringing along some envelopes and stamps may be helpful for you.

To accommodate all of your electronic needs, bringing along an extra power strip or extension cord may be convenient for you. Especially if you want to have all of your electronics being charged in one place.

As you can see, there are plenty of things you will need in order to maximize your college dorm experience. Everybody’s needs are different. However this is a general sense of what you will need to pack in your bags before you move out of your home. Make sure to double-check that you have everything on your list so you do not have to make separate trips. Get all of the items that you need well in advance, and best of luck for the new school year.

How Box-n-Go Storage & Moving Can Help

Box-n-Go is a student self-storage and moving company that services many of the colleges in Southern California. While we are most useful when it comes to moving out, we can also help with move in. Some students ship their belongings to us, instead of traveling with them. We then deliver those items to your dorm room, for a reasonable fee. This simplifies your move in process as you can do the shopping inline and have all your items delivered to your dorm room.

Call us at 1-877-269-6461 for more information or receive a quote today.