• Moving Locally? Let us help!

    Self-service or full-service moves within Southern California.

  • Moving Locally? Let us help!

    Self-service or full-service moves within Southern California.

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8’ Container – all weather.
Each fits 1-1.5 rooms.

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8’ L x 5’ W x 7.3’ H
93” L x 57” W x 78” H
Door Opening:
47” W x 78” H
240 Cu.Ft or 2 ,000 LBS
Clear Req’d:
8.5’ L x 8.5’ W x 8.5’ H
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Employee Relocation Tips

Overseeing a corporate relocation is guaranteed to include both the excitement of new possibilities. As well as the stress of a big transition. But as a company, there is a lot you can to minimize the stress of transition on your employees. Thus, maximize worker productivity even during your move. So here are some employee relocation tips to simplify your efforts a bit.

These employee relocation tips will help you get your relocation process off to the best possible start. Also minimize disruption during the move and support your employees to bring their A-game. That is during and after the transition.

Communicate your company relocation policies clearly.

You can count on the move itself to bring some amount of stress. But you definitely don’t want to add to it by assuming your employees understand the process. As well as their perks.

Perhaps the number one cause of stress during any relocation. Corporate or otherwise, is simple misunderstanding. Even if you are sure your employees understand your relocation policies clearly. It is always smart to go the extra mile to make sure.

A wise approach is to take the time to outline your corporate move process step by step. For each affected employee. Set up a dedicated hotline, chat or email support service. Moreover, specifically answering employee questions about the transition will help greatly. Distribute information so each employee knows where they fit into the greater move day picture.

You will also want to start this part of the process far in advance. To give your legal team time to review your written policies for accuracy and clarity. Have everything in writing and vetted by your corporate legal team. This will go a long way to protect both you and your company. As well as your employees from potentially costly misunderstandings.

Employee relocation tips – set up strategic relocation partnerships in advance.

Few companies are so fortunate as to be able to expertly handle all details of employee relocation in-house. Although from a cost-cutting perspective it can feel tempting to try. However, you may find it is more costly in the end to take a fully do-it-yourself approach. Rather, take employee relocation tips from strategic partners whose areas of expertise complement your own.

Not only can setting up these types of strategic partnerships give you cost advantages. You would not have had access to on your own. But outsourcing certain aspects of your corporate relocation eases the strain on internal employees.

Examples of strategic relocation partnerships can include storage containers, moving transportation. Also shipping, pet services, child care providers and housing locator services.

Empower your employees to feel at home in their new location.

Even the most adventurous employees may be inclined to feel some trepidation. Especially when making the leap to a new work location. After all, in most cases they will be expected to hit the ground running. Get right back to work with little time to explore their new home up front.

Here is where you can really make a difference in the quality and speed of your workers’ adjustment. Do this by creating welcome materials to help them feel at home quickly. Don’t forget they may have loved ones who are also struggling to adjust. Consider facilitating local partnerships by assembling gift packs filled with discounts to local services.

Discounts or freebies for restaurants, child care and baby sitting, pet sitting. Also dog walking, home furnishings, entertainment passes, hair salons, spa services. As well as similar perks will not only provide a ready introduction to the local offering. But will also be a source of smiles and good first memories post-move.

If you want to be the company whose employees take to social media.Praise you for how easy and welcoming their move is. It is the little extra touches really speak louder than any words.

Keep it personal throughout your relocation.

One of the biggest employee relocation tips that can make or break your employees’ experience is to keep things personal. In addition to the dedicated hotline, special cost-cutting partnerships, local discounts and other perks. Most of all you want to remember that sometimes it can just be easier and faster to talk to a live person. That vs using an app, the company intranet or email to coordinate aspects of a move.

If it is not possible to visit with relocating employees in person, make a point to set up regular times to check in over the phone. With the call being initiated from your end. Rather than waiting for a frustrated employee to call in asking for help.

Go over your relocation packages with a fine-tooth comb.

The importance of personalizing each employee’s relocation package simply cannot be emphasized enough. If you are coordinating a move between more than one office location for employees at different levels. This is especially vital, as each area may have different local amenities or costs associated with living and working there.

Another consideration that can cause employee relocation stress is reimbursement for moving expenses. Be sure your employees understand exactly how that process works. How to apply for reimbursement. Or account for a lump sum relocation allowance in the present and at tax time. Also be sensitive to how employees prefer to receive relocation package information.

Providing this information and other employee relocation tips over the company cloud intranet. Or on a thumb drive may be easier than handing over a cumbersome binder full of brochures and paper. If there are forms to be completed. Pre-filling generic information can greatly reduce the manual labor of returning the completed documents.

If employees balk at relocating, proceed with caution.

Some employees may be all about relocating to experience different parts of the country or the world. To these employees, change is an exciting adventure and one they are eager to enjoy.

But other employees may be homebodies. They may have children who are doing well in school or a partner who is rising up their own corporate ladder locally. These employees may be less keen to relocate for a wide variety of reasons.

By initiating the relocation process as far in advance as possible, you give yourself time for the natural attrition. Which often arises when some employees elect to stay behind.

While it can be stressful to have to replace key personnel. Ultimately it is better to know if an employee is very resistant before you have invested the finances to relocate them.

Relocation tips – Don’t forget about cost of living adjustments.

Different areas of the country and even different neighborhoods locally can have very different cost of living expenses. For example, in dense inter-urban areas, parking expenses alone can run into the hundreds of dollars monthly. In some areas there may be a glut of homes on the market. But the rental market is incredibly tight or vice versa.

To entice key personnel to make the move, it may be necessary to offer cost of living subsidies in certain areas. Such as housing, transportation or child care.

Employees who must move before an existing home can be sold may also find themselves in constraining financial circumstances. Trying to secure new housing. Here, offering bridge loans, salary increases or bonuses. Enhanced expense account options. Also other perks can ease the financial stress and strain of making the move. this information along with other employee relocation tips will help your employees deal with the living adjustments.

Employee relocation tips – time your relocation with care.

In corporate relocation as in life itself, timing can make all the difference. The difference between a chaotic, stressful transition and a seamless one. Initiating your relocation during the holidays. Also at the end of quarter. Or at the end of year sales or accounting periods. Also at the start of a new school session or similarly inconvenient times can heap extra stress on transitioning employees. Thus, on you.

Choosing the wrong moment to begin a corporate relocation can also increase the chances that you may lose key personnel. The ones that may balk at making the move. Here, if there is any way to be flexible, it can help to relocate your workers in stages. Allowing those with families or spouses who are also transitioning extra time to navigate those concurrent changes.

With new cloud or app-based work options, it may be possible to permit certain employees to operate as remove workers. Until they can begin their own transition without undue disruption to loved ones.

While there will always be some amount of uncertainty. Also stress involved with any move. The above eight tips can go a long way towards letting your employees know you value them. Want to make their relocation experience as positive and affirming as possible.

By giving yourself plenty of planning time, doing thorough research into each employee’s needs and local amenities. Communicating clearly, keeping a personal touch throughout and timing your move with care. Your employees have the best chance to welcome the transition and form good memories of their relocation experience.

Relocation entails more than just transporting belongings; it encompasses the intricate web of details that ensure a smooth transition. Among these details, the often-overlooked task of updating your mailbox information, along with mailbox selection and guides, plays a significant role. This seemingly minor step is pivotal in maintaining your connections and commitments. As you settle into your new abode, notifying postal services and contacts of your changed address ensures that your mail, packages, and correspondences reach you unhindered.

Your mailbox becomes more than a receptacle; it symbolizes your presence in a new place. It becomes the point of contact where distant loved ones, official documents, and cherished subscriptions find you, guided by the mailbox selection that suits your new home. In today’s interconnected world, staying accessible is crucial. By selecting the right mailbox and promptly attending to the mailbox update, you assert your presence and readiness to embrace all that your new location has to offer. In essence, it’s not just about changing an address; it’s about safeguarding the flow of communication and preserving a sense of continuity amid change.

Box-n-Go can help

Box-n-Go is a storage and moving company helping with relocation in Southern California. With our innovative portable storage approach to storage and moving, we can offer a variety of options. From self service storage and moving to full service. The self service moving comes with a flat rate price, quoted ahead of time. So you know exactly how much the move will cost. All you need to do is to call Box-n-Go at 1-877-269-6461.