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Storage during home remodeling

People may need storage rentals for a variety of different reasons. Usually it isn’t just individuals renting storage spaces. For the homeowner, however, one of the most common is needing storage while remodeling the home. From tearing down walls to adding a new bathroom. A remodel can become a messy affair. It is good to have a safe place in which to put all of your valuables.

Storage While Remodeling

Home remodeling is an exciting but daunting prospect. Knowing what your home will look like at the end of the process is the exciting part. But reaching that end goal will have its share of concerns and potential headaches. There will be plenty of decisions concerning what you’ll have changed during the remodel. Will you be having a separate tub and shower installed in the bathroom. Or a combined shower and tub? In the event of a kitchen remodel. Will you be getting granite or wood countertops? These could be considered the fun decisions when undergoing a home remodel.

There are also planning steps you need to consider before the remodeling starts. One of these will be storage while remodeling. Depending on how many rooms and what rooms you’re having redone, options will vary. You’re going to have plenty of possessions you’ll need to get out of the contractor’s way for the duration of the project.

The more rooms in your home you’re having worked on at one time, the more daunting storage while remodeling will be. Don’t let it be too big a worry though. After all, that’s why you’re reading this article. The following are a few helpful options for temporarily storing your belongings while the contractors transform your home into what you’ve always wanted it to be.

Rent a Self-Storage Unit

A quick search will yield a plethora of self-storage companies in your area. This option will probably be better for storing larger items such as furniture or appliances. As well as any belongings you don’t need to get to on a regular basis. There are storage facilities that will pick your things up and bring them to your storage unit for you. Others that will lend you a truck or van to do it yourself. This option will be best for a fairly long-term, extensive remodel of your home. Depending on what’s being stored, most companies should have climate-controlled or non-climate-controlled storage units available. A self-storage unit will also be an excellent option if you think you might have an ongoing need for the unit after the remodel.

Storage While Remodeling – Renting a Portable Storage Container

There are companies that, in essence, bring a storage unit to you. These are portable containers that they will drop off in your driveway. When exploring solutions for storage while remodeling, a portable storage container is generally a better option than a storage unit. The primary reason, of course, is convenience. You’ll have ready and immediate access to your belongings. Remember, though, when packing your items in a container, leave a space to walk in. As well as to look for particular belongings so you don’t end up curtailing this advantage.

Unless you live in a very sparsely populated area, a search for portable storage container companies should yield plenty of results. Be sure to get quotes from several companies.So you’re not paying any more than you have to. Planning is also important. If you’re not positive about how big a container you’ll need, err on the side of going a size bigger. You don’t want to run out of room after getting three-quarters of your stuff in it. And then find yourself scrambling to locate another place for the excess.

While a portable container is generally a superior option to off-site storage, the problem is that it’s not available to everyone. If you live in your own house with a driveway, then it should be fine. You may be living in a condominium or a townhouse, however. Which means you’ll need permission from the homeowners association or the condo board to have a portable storage unit parked in your parking lot or driveway. Make sure you get this permission ahead of time to prevent wasting money on something that you may end up not being able to use.

Use Another Room in Your Home for Storage While Remodeling

One factor that can open up your options for storage while remodeling is the amount of unused space you currently have in your home. If you have a basement with an unused corner available or an unoccupied guest room, you can use these to store your belongings. Perhaps you’re only having your kitchen remodeled or another single room renovated. This leaves the whole rest of your house available to stash stuff that was in the room being renovated. Even if it makes things a little cramped. You need to keep in mind that the remodeling project won’t last too long. Also, you are probably already spending a pretty penny on the remodel. If you’ve got the space in your home or garage, this does have the advantage of being a free storage option.

As with a storage unit or container, be sure to pack things away so that you’re still able to have access to anything you may need. Also, make sure this extra space is out of the way. Even if it’s not in the room the contractors will be working on. Make sure they’re not tripping over it on the way to this room. What if you don’t have enough space in your home to fit everything that has to be relocated? The next tip might prove useful.

Storing Your Belongings With Friends or Family

If you’ve got a friend or family member with extra space in their home or garage, asking them for permission to temporarily store your things there can be an option. This will be even better if they live in your neighborhood. It will come close to giving you the relatively easy access to your belongings that you would have from storing them in a corner of your basement. Or in a portable storage container.

This has the allure of being a free option, which puts it above that of a storage unit or container. That being said, you don’t want to strain your relationships with friends or family. So make sure they know ahead of time how long you’ll need the extra space in their home or garage. If your remodeling project takes significantly longer than originally estimated, you may want to consider employing another storage option to avoid fraying nerves.

Other Considerations for Storage While Remodeling

Let’s say you’ve evaluated your situation and figured out the best storage option for you. There’s still the real-world issue of packing your items and getting them to the storage unit, storage container, or corner of your house or a friend’s house. The following are a few helpful tips for this part of your remodeling adventure.

It is just as handy for other, smaller jobs you are doing on the house. If you are going to take out the carpet and replace it with hardwood floors, or if you are repainting, you may want to use storage rentals to secure your belongings while you work. You will need to call the storage company and tell them the date on which you want the container delivered. Depending on the amount of material that you need to move into the container, you may want to have it delivered a few days ahead of time. This ensures that you won’t have to rush the procedure.

Get Help if You Need It

When starting a home remodel, you’re trying to get your dream home, not a hernia. In the event that the belongings you need to move include furniture or boxes of heavy items, don’t try to handle it all by yourself. Ask friends or family to give you a helping hand. Buy them all pizza when it’s over as a thank you. If you don’t have anyone close enough or in good enough shape that you can ask for help, then hire professional movers who are licensed and insured. This way you’ll be covered for any damage to your possessions while avoiding any injury to yourself. Contact several moving companies to get quotes for moving your items. You can also check with friends or coworkers for any movers they’ve used and had a good experience with.

Storage While Remodeling – Stay Organized

If you’ll need to access some of these stored items during the remodel, you have to pack and store them in an organized fashion, so you can find them quickly when needed. This means clearly labeling your boxes and packing them so that these labels are visible. It also means moving the boxes that contain more frequently used items last, so they’ll be at the front of the storage unit or corner of your basement when you need them. You’ll also want to leave a path down the middle of your boxes and other items to help you reach everything.

Storage While Remodeling – Don’t Forget to Keep the End Goal in Mind

Home remodeling can seem daunting at times. Choosing between countertop materials, cabinet styles, plumbing fixtures, flooring and who knows what else seems complicated enough. On top of all this, side issues arise that need to be dealt with. If it’s your kitchen that’s being remodeled, where do you prepare food in the meantime? If your master bath is being redone and it has the only shower in the house, you’ll have to temporarily make other arrangements.

As if these types of things weren’t complicated enough, now you have to figure out where to keep all the stuff in one or more rooms while they’re being remodeled. Hopefully, the above pointers will help you decide which option will work best for you when addressing this question.

Just keep in mind that this is a happy time because, at the end of all this turmoil, you’ll have the kitchen, bathroom or entire home you’ve been looking forward to. You’ll be enjoying your remodeled home for years to come, and it’s amazing how quickly any hassles during the remodeling process will seem like a distant memory.

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