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Tips for a Safer Move During COVID-19 Pandemic

Even under the best of circumstances, moving is a hard task. A move of any kind needs to be carefully coordinated. Moving during a pandemic poses special challenges. Given the fact that many parts of the country have chosen to essentially shut many services down, it is understandable that some people are considering postponing moves until things pick up. For those who can’t put off a move, moving during Covid-19 must be done. If you’re one of those who people who simply has to move, there are some things you can do to make your planned move a lot easier.

Safety First

There’s no doubt about it. Covid-19 is very dangerous. Hundreds of thousands of people in the United States alone have been sickened. Experts estimate people have a two to three percent chance of dying if they catch it. People who are moving during Covid-19 need to make every single effort they can to keep safety in the forefront with every single move. This means paying close attention to every member of their party. If you’re moving with seniors or those who have certain medical conditions, they need special care to arrive safely at your intended destination. The last thing you want during the move is to have someone get sick. If you’re moving from states that have lots of Covid-19 cases to a case that does not, you need to make sure you’re not left in quarantine until it’s safe to leave.

People with special needs should have what they need on hand during this move. If someone in your party, for example, has an existing medical condition such as asthma that makes them more vulnerable, make sure they have all necessary asthma medications on hand before you leave. If you are moving to a new state or county, you’ll want to know the nearest medical facilities along the way as you travel. It’s best to keep medical records on hand along with a backup prescription. This way, if something gets lost you will have access to such records in the event of an emergency for all medical professionals.

Interview Movers

Many moving companies are well aware of what it takes when moving during Covid-19. They should have plans to help their clients deal with all issues related to this problem. Speak with the moving company. Ask them what they are planning to do during your move to reduce the possibility of exposure. You want a detailed plan that lists all safety measures they’re going to take. This should include any safety equipment the workers are using when moving your items. It should also include any safety equipment they can provide for you and members of your family while the movers are in your personal spaces.

A moving company should indicate how they are going to scrub the surfaces of all items before, during and after transit. You need to know that workers are protected when handling your precious items. You also need to know that workers are well aware of the conditions they need to observe as they move. Each worker should have personal protective equipment on hand as they work such as gloves and masks. Each worker should also have access to cleaning liquids that can remove Covid-19 from all surfaces. A good moving company should be able to answer all of your questions about moving during Covid-19.

Cancellation Issues

While chances are that you are going move, you might face obstacles that make it harder to carry off the move. Job losses are common during this time. Someone might pull out from the home you’ve sold. You might be forced to stay put in order to care for a family member who is sick. This is a time of great uncertainty. Things are moving very fast and the future is not clear. It is not clear what is going to happen in the next few months or even the next year. People can be left in limbo suddenly without warning.

Under these circumstances, it’s best to have a mover who can help with these issues. A mover who can offer a money back guarantee can work with you if something goes wrong. Find out what happens if the mover has an issue on their end. They might have movers who are sick and unable to work because of Covid-19. This can delay your moving plans. Make sure the movers are on top of this possibility when you are moving during Covid-19. Find out how if you can change the moving date you’ve set up when you hire these mover. You should also know exactly what happens if you should have to make that choice and delay the move for a day, a week or even longer.

As the Move Starts

When moving day is upon you, you’ll want to remain on top of everything. You have to be there to take charge. You’re the person who will tell people how to carry your things and where to place them in the new location. You are the person who needs to make sure your movers know where they’re going and what to do when there. You’re also the person that each member of the moving party will turn to during the move should something go wrong. As the director of the move, you need to be on top of your game. You need to be the one who can watch over every member of the moving company and ensure all safety procedures are carried out. So make a checklist, get your things ready and be prepared for the move as begins.

Before they arrive, clean all the surfaces in your home. You don’t want to bring Covid-19 with you as you move. Think about purchasing your own personal safety equipment as a backup for your movers. If they don’t have enough gloves and masks, you can hand out additional items to keep them and everyone in your party safe no matter where you’re headed. You don’t need to get fancy. Soap, water and paper towels will get the job done for you. Have a few bars and several rolls of paper towels. This will get everyone in your party exactly where you need to be quickly and safely.

Moving during Covid-19
Moving During Covid-19

Using Box-n-Go for Moving during COVID-19

The concerns about COVID-19 infection spreading during the move are warranted. As a minimum you have numerous movers at your house. So taking precautions is necessary. Another safe moving approach that eliminates these concerns is using Box-n-Go for your moving needs. Box-n-Go can deliver one or several moving containers to your home. If you wish, you can set them up for a quarantine, where you will not use them for a few days. After that, you can load them up. All on your schedule. When done, we will come back, pick them up and deliver to your new address. there you will unload your units. Very simple. No contact. Affordable. Convenient. Simply call us at 1-877-269-6461 and we will take care of all your needs. Moving during COVID-19 is simple with Box-n-Go.