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What can a 5×5 storage unit hold?

Choosing a storage unit for business storage is one of those tasks with an initial learning curve. But it becomes so much easier after you’ve done it once. Not only can choosing to house less needed supplies and materials off-site be a space-saving move. It also it can also impact your business bottom line.

The truth is, in nearly all cases you will it costs less to rent the equivalent in storage space than it would to store those materials on-site in your office itself. In this article, we take a look at what a 5 x 5 storage unit holds. How to choose the right storage unit for your needs and what to think about before you store your items.

What Can a 5 x 5 Storage Unit Hold?

A 5 x 5 storage unit is generally going to be the smallest business storage unit you can rent. You may find it is the perfect size for when you are just starting out. Many entrepreneurs who launch a new business from their homes need just a little bit more space than what their house can provide. As well as a place to safely stash materials away from kids and guests.

Having an off-site out of home storage unit can also help you close the door. Also put business-you on hold at day’s end so you can enjoy your off time with your family fully. If you are a visual person, visualizing a small, square closet gives you a great idea of what a 5 x 5 storage unit can hold. You get 25 square feet or 200 cubit feet of storage space inside.

Is a 5 x 5 Storage Unit Enough Space for Your Needs?

Figuring out exactly how much business storage space you need can feel a little daunting the first time you do it. But if you follow this simple step-by-step guide, you can feel confident about picking out the right size space for your storage needs.

Write out an inventory list of what you need to store.

This is perhaps the most important of all the steps to figuring out what size space you need for storage. We say this because your inventory list will tell you a lot more than just what items need to be stored. It will also tell you which items should go into your storage unit first. Whether certain items need special handling. Also how to organize your items for the most efficient space management.

Plot out five feet by five feet by five feet on the floor against a wall.

In cubic feet, the measurements of a 5 x 5 storage space usually are 5 x 5 x 5. You can easily plot this out in your office or home office. Just measure out a five foot by five foot cube on the floor. The measure five feet up. This is the size space you have to work with. Now refer back to your inventory list. Which items will fit easily? Which items may create special space issues due to irregular shape or size? Most importantly, how readily will you be able to locate, access and retrieve stored items that you need as your business grows?

After all, it is all fine and good to cram everything you need to store into a tiny business storage cube. But if it takes you half a day to exhume what you need, that doesn’t make for a very efficient use of your valuable time.

Consider special needs for your storage space.

Storage is big business itself today and there are lots of bells, whistles and special features if you have the need for them. For example, many storage unit facilities now offer temperature control. Air conditioning and heating, humidity balancing, ventilation and circulation.

Some stored items may benefit from being stored in a temperature-controlled environment. Good examples include semi-perishables like dry food and drink goods, printer ink and toner, paper goods, raw materials, natural furnishings and similar others. The last thing you want is to invest into a storage space for your business only to later discover the stored items have become unusable while in storage. Be sure to pick a space that will protect your business investment well.

Ask about special safety, security and insurance features.

Depending on what you may be storing for your business and how you plan to use your storage unit, it is a good idea to consider safety, security and insurance. For instance, are you going to need to visit your storage unit after hours? Will the facility provide on-site security personnel or video monitoring?

How will your items be protected against theft, weather, vandalism or events beyond your control? (This is particularly important if you live in a flood-prone area and your storage unit is on the ground level). Is there a gated entry and exit to prevent unauthorized individuals from accessing your valuables? What kind of locking mechanism is provided and are there upgrades?

Of course, these additional features may add a bit to your bottom line costs. However they also ensure your storage unit can do what you need it to do – keep your items safe and useful.

Consider the storage unit location.

Finally, it is important to think through the location for your storage unit itself. This can be especially important if you will need to take time away from running your business to visit it frequently. Also, you don’t want to have to pay employees to drive miles out of the way to retrieve stored items when you could be paying them to work. By choosing a central location that is easy to access you safeguard your time and your employees’ time to grow your business. Read more on this consideration below.

Tips for Storing Your Items Successfully in a 5 x 5 Storage Unit

Once you have gone through the five steps listed here, you have the information you need to plan out how to store away your business valuables. Using your inventory list, make a check mark next to the items you think you will need to access frequently. These need to be placed near the front of your 5 x 5 storage unit.

Make a star next to heavy items. You will want to put these items in first and place lighter stored items on top of them. Put a plus sign next to fragile or sensitive items that need extra ventilation or special handling. You may want to reserve one corner of your storage unit for these and mark the area with a “fragile items” sign so you don’t forget later.

Finally, think about your own comfort before deciding on the final placement of your stored items. It can be a good idea to store a small trolley or rolling cart in with your items to help you move things around later if you need to.

Getting Started with the Right Size Business

Business Storage
Business Storage

Storage Unit

If you still aren’t sure whether a 5 x 5 storage unit will give you sufficient space, it is smart to visit the storage facility in person and ask to see a model. You can talk with our friendly customer specialists about your storage needs and get a tour of the facility as well. It can feel great to reduce clutter at your business location or home business office. A business storage unit has increasingly become one of the most economical ways to declutter and organize your business. Saving valuable office space for work to build your business.

Another important consideration is the type of storage you choose. There is also an option of portable or mobile storage. This type of storage comes to you. Unit or several are delivered to your location and then picked up. After you are done packing. This is a great convenience and advantage for small business owners. it saves you lots of time commuting to and from your business storage facility. If you have employees, you will significantly minimize the risk of injury, as well as wills ave a bundle on their time. There is no driving back and forth, loading/unloading twice, truck rentals, etc.

Using Portable Storage To Your Advantage

Companies like Box-n-Go offer many advantages over the traditional storage options. Especially when it comes to business storage. Take the size of the unit as an example. With the traditional storage you will guess on the size you need and rent the unit accordingly. Imaging if this unit is too small or too large! It happens all the time. Suddenly you either have to rent a second unit, or worse yet, end up paying for the unused space.

With Box-n-Go all our units are modular. So we can deliver an extra unit to you. If you do not use it, you do not pay for it. Simple! Call us at 1-877-269-6461 and we will be glad to be of service.