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What can fit in a 10 by 20 storage unit?

If you are planning to move your small business, excellent business storage units are available today. Small-to-mid-sized companies often move fairly frequently as they grow and thrive. You may have found the ideal new office facilities. However, often need to wait for the vacating tenants to leave.

Perhaps some renovations or repairs are needed to enhance your new work environment before you move in. If you are moving to another city, you may have a longer wait until plans are finalized with movers. Also, scheduled moving plans can change abruptly. If any changes or delays occur, you will most likely need top-quality storage space in the interim. Fortunately, superior quality business storage units are available today.

10 x 20 Unit – Perfect Use as a Small Business Storage Unit

The contents of most SMB offices will fit nicely into a commercial storage unit measuring 10 by 20 feet. This space will give you 200 square feet (or 1,800 about cubic feet), if the room is 9 feet high. Storage spaces vary widely in height from about 6′ to 9′ in most cases. Unless your office is over-cluttered with extra stored items, this should be adequate storage space. The general rule is that the contents of five furnished office rooms with equipment will fit into this space.

Unless you are moving a portable spiral staircase or a monumental sculpture, a 9-ft. ceiling will be ideal. You can always consult the experts at your storage facility for answers to any questions about storage. They can advise you down to a fraction of an inch concerning what will fit in your unit.

Another option to consider is to use business storage units from Box-n-Go. Box-n-Go offers units that are modular, so you do not have to guess on the space you need. Also, you do not need to pay for the space you will not be using.

What Items from Your Business Offices Will Fit in a 10 by 20-Foot Storage Unit?

In general, the contents of an SMB suite with up to five furnished rooms will fit into this space. If each room contains two desktop computers, printers, desks and compact file cabinets, these items will fit. This will allow plenty of room for storing a couple of medium-sized couches. Also tables and chairs. If you have a moderate-sized conference room, the chairs and disassembled table will also fit into this space.

You will still have room for miscellaneous items like floor and desk lamps, folding partitions and small tables. Any small or portable kitchen appliances should also fit. If you select experienced, recommended movers for storing your office equipment, furniture and accessories. All should go well. Your moving pros can arrange items in business storage units with expertise.

Helpful advice and tips for packing and storing your items include the following:

Business Storage Units
Business Storage Units

Label Packing Crates and Boxes.

Take time to label all packing crates and boxes accurately. This will save time and headaches when you need to locate an important item in your storage unit. It will also prevent the aggravation of unpacking and repacking boxes as you search. Having all stored items well marked with labels will also save valuable time when unpacking in your new offices. All of the best business storage units managers will also appreciate your efforts at good packing organization.

Calculate Stacking Space.

Before you move any items into storage, calculate available stacking space. Boxes and crates for packing computers and digital equipment are standard size according to the size of your equipment. You can easily determine how to safely stack these items together before your move. By obtaining standard packing boxes from your storage facility, you will know their exact dimensions. You will know that you can stack three boxes that are each two feet high. This will allow an extra free space at the top for storing small, lighter boxes.

Stack Heavy Items Beneath Lighter Ones.

If you plan to move some items around your storage room after storing them, do so with care. As your movers will explain, heavy items must be on the bottom of all stacked crates and boxes. Although this is common sense, it can be easy to forget when you are trying to retrieve something quickly. Just be sure to refrain from placing the boxed crystal chandelier under your small office fridge or console cabinet.

Leave Space Between Stored Items and Walls.

If you ended up choosing a traditional self storage unit, be sure to leave a small space between your stored boxes, bins and crates and the storage unit walls. This will allow for adequate ventilation throughout your storage room. Your stored property will not become overheated. Which is important for computers and other electronics. Even in temperature-controlled storage areas, good air circulation is important. Maintaining adequate ventilation will also eliminate the development of mold or mildew over time if air humidity levels fluctuate.

Of course this is not necessary if you chose Box-n-go storage units. Box-n-Go business storage units are designed to be breatheable, so the needed ventilation is always provided. No mold or mildew concerns here.

Create a Center Walkway in Your Unit.

Similar to the above point, if you end up choosing a traditional type self storage facility, always create a center walkway in your storage unit. Although it may seem like a waste of space at first, you will need easy access later on. With a clear pathway through your storage unit, you can easily move about to access items. You may also find it helpful to divide your storage space into four sections. With easy walking access throughout. This can be especially advantageous if you are storing books, records. Also small amounts of company inventories. By storing these items in small areas with easy access, you will have no difficulty locating them if needed.

Cover Furniture and Delicate Items.

Cover any furniture or delicate items like sculpture or decorative accessories with plastic sheeting. This will protect them from acquiring scratches or scrapes when you or your staff are accessing other stored furnishings. It will also protect item surfaces from accumulations of dust and debris. In addition, if moisture levels in the air should rise, delicate surfaces will not become damaged or discolored. Even the best business storage units may have some slight inconveniences.

Make a Map of Your Space.

You have chosen the ideal sized storage unit as a safe, easily accessible place to store your company property. By making a map showing the placement of each packed item in your moving inventory, you will stay well organized. It will be much simpler and easier to make the move into your new offices on your move-in date, free of stress and fatigue. Your map will also provide extra assurance that you leave nothing behind when you remove your items from storage. You can move all of your valuable equipment and furnishings from storage to your new office space smoothly.

Organize and Downsize Where Needed Before Your Move

Take time to organize your company equipment, furniture and accessories well before your move. This will enable you to downsize where needed. By discarding or donating items that you no longer want or need, you will simplify your future business life. You can move into your new company offices free of extra baggage and possessions.

Your moving costs will also be lower with fewer crates, boxes and bins to move. Most SMBs outgrow many items of equipment that were essential for gaining success in their early stages. It can actually give you and your staff a healthier beginning in your new premises when you leave these outgrown items behind.

When you downsize and consolidate prior to relocating your business, your storage needs will also be less. You will find that your 10 by 20-foot storage unit allows plenty of space for storing your company property. By keeping your unit well organized, your stored property will remain safe and in excellent condition. You will even have extra room to add a few new items to storage before your move, if you like.

Decorate your new office space

You may want to purchase that special painting or graphic that you have been admiring in a local gallery. It may be the perfect choice to enhance a wall in your new office reception area or conference room. You may even treat your staff to new computers or a full wall digital display in the office snack-bar.

Choose the ideal sized storage unit to keep all items of your business property stored safely and securely. Take the experts’ advice and select the recommended 200-square feet of storage space for your SMB before your business relocation. Listen to these experienced professionals and choose the best of business storage units. You can then enjoy making the move to your new fashionable and functional offices, completely stress-free.

Try Box-n-Go for your small business storage units needs

All you have to do is to call Box-n-Go at 1-877-269-6461. we will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have and offer you the best storage and moving option for your needs.