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Will the army move my stuff

The army is a great place to start a career. The military offers a good chance for decent pay and new adventures. All members of the military need to prepare for anything the army has in mind. For many members of the military, part of doing their job means moving to new places. Moving is a process that requires a lot of thought and effort. It all needs to follow and stay organized for the move to work. Perhaps make arrangements for the military storage boxes. Members of the military often have a lot of questions about moving. One of the most common is whether or not the military will move their stuff. Moving items to a new place is a difficult task. Knowing what the army can do for you during the process is essential.

Relocating Families

The Department of Defense moves more families than any other American organization. As such, organization officials here have developed useful policies and procedures that apply to all military members. They know that any move can feel deeply scary. This is why they have developed choices for all staffers. These choices allow members of the military to decide how they are going to move. Military members can get training to help with issues such as military storage boxes. The local personal property office is staffed with people who can answer all questions. They can help anyone planning a move to get it worked out. Staffers are available all day and night long to assist with this difficult moving process.

Job and Travel Orders

Before buying military storage boxes, it is important to understand how the move begins. All moves begin with an order. This information is typically quite detailed. It includes issues such as how long the assignment lasts as well as if people can bring their family. An order will also include what people can bring. This order tells all members of the military how their items are going to arrive at the new destination. A personal property office can answer any questions about unclear information. It is crucial to understand the terms that may apply to the person’s plans as they move. In general, there are two kinds of moves. A move may be temporary. A move with the army can also be permanent.

The Types of Moves

A Permanent Change of Station or PCS is when someone is going to take their military storage boxes with for twenty plus weeks. The new job will last more than this time. Army personnel can expert permission to bring their entire household with them if this is their assignment. The other type of move is called a Temporary Duty or a TDY. This is when the move is more is between 31 days and less than twenty weeks. This kind of move has certain regulations that also pertain to the person being moved by the army. Keep in mind that the army only permits certain items to come with people during this kind of move.

Your Destination

Different destinations for a move within the army have different rules. In general, there are two categories for the army moves. The first are move that take place in the 48 states. These are known as CONUS moves. Another type of move is OCONUS moves. OCONUS moves are moves that take place to another country. They’re also moves where the member of the military may be sent to Hawaii or Alaska. Most moves take place in the continental United States. Moves that take place in Alaska, Hawaii or overseas can be much more complicated. Keep in mind there may be a limit on the number and kinds of items people can keep in their military storage boxes.

Your Choices

One of the best things about making a move with the army is that army personnel have some leeway when moving things. Everyone has a total allowable weight. You can split this up into more than one shipment. Most members of the military in the move in the continental United States get a move they can do themselves. They also get a shipment by a government moving company. It’s a good idea to know the difference between what the government mover will allow and the move you do yourself.

Household Goods Move and Personally Procured Move

Military Storage Boxes
Military Storage Boxes

Under the HHG or household goods move, people have access to government service provider. The army approved organization does it all for you. They’ll pack your military storage boxes. They’ll also take them to your intended destination. The military pays for this service. If something is broken or lost, you can be compensated. All those who are doing a permanent change of station move can use this service. For a do it yourself PPM, government officials will pay up to 95 percent of the cost of a mover or for you do it yourself. Doing it yourself means you can save the money you would have paid a mover. This is a good option for items you will need immediately when you move. You can keep an eye on them as you move and make sure they aren’t getting lost or damaged along the way.

Other Applicable Issues

You can use the unaccompanied baggage option for items for items you want to have immediately that aren’t fragile. They can be a part of your total allotment weight for the move. These items can arrive before you do at your new location.

Vehicle moving is another area that the army covers. If you are moving overseas, you are the person responsible for getting it to the designated drop off center. Some bases do not allow a personal vehicle. In that case, the army can store it for you in the United States. You can get mileage and toll reimbursement so keep careful receipts. A medical waiver for the shipment may be possible if you find it hard to drive for long periods. This applies to a permanent move. You can put your items in Non-Temporary Storage when you go. Items remain there for the duration of your stay. Find out what restrictions apply before you leave.

Military Storage Boxes by Box-n-Go

Box-n-Go is a local portable storage and moving company. Our storage boxes can easily delivered to you for loading or unloading. We can ship them across the country, get the weight certificates, offer loading services, boxes, etc. We are here to support your needs any way we can help. Even if it is just a free advice. Call us at 1-877-269-6461 to start the conversation.