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Why is Box-n-Go portable storage more convenient than traditional garage-style storage methods?

With Box-n-Go mobile storage system we bring the storage units directly to you thus eliminating many worries associated with traditional storage – we remove the extra burden of packing up a truck, making multiple trips to the storage facility, and then moving everything for a second time into the storage unit. With our approach:

  • No need to rent and drive a large truck
  • Load and un-load only once! We deliver storage containers right to your door time reducing your workload and reducing the wear on your belongings
  • No need to rent a truck or make multiple trips to the storage facility
  • No need to rush so you can return it that day. Load your Box-n-Go units at your leisure
  • No need to walk up the skinny ramp into the back of the truck, risking injury and damage
  • You eliminate the hassles of dealing with multiple companies (i.e. truck rental and storage facility). One call does it all.
  • You decide whether you want to store at your location or ours, move locally or nationwide!