8’ x 5’ unit as low as $59/mo.
8’x5’ unit from $59/mo.
Save 50% Load/unload only once.
Less work, time, wear & tear.
No Truck Needed We'll deliver storage & pick up.
Ground level access.
No Heavy Lifting Do it yourself or let us
do the heavy lifting.
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Moving your possessions from place to place isn’t just stressful from a mental perspective. It’s also puts a great deal of stress on your body—especially your back. One smart solution that can lighten your load is using pod storage. The storage pod concept was pioneered by PODS® and Public Storage® a while back. Any pod storage units (if that’s what like to call them) option is very convenient. The pod storage rates are always affordable, regardless which company you choose. Also, with all the companies out there that provide this service, you will load and unload only once. How do you take that to the bank? If you have a bad back, you’ll want to check out the three biggest reasons you should consider pod storage units as an alternative to traditional storage. Please note that this article discusses the general advantages of pod storage concept. Box-n-Go is not affiliated or sponsored by PODS®. If you are searching for PODS®, you can visit their site by following this link.

1) Pod Storage Limits Your Heavy Lifting

If you deal with back discomfort or have difficulty lifting heavy objects for any reason, moving or using public storage can be a painful process. But before you reach for the ice packs and ibuprofen, consider your options carefully. Did you know that with mobile storage, you can have pod storage units delivered right to your driveway? The major advantage is that there’s no need to rent a moving truck or deal with public storage facilities. You don’t even need to pack up your car. In fact, you’ll cut your physical exertion in half.

Simply load your belongings into the conveniently located storage pod and schedule your pick up. Everything will be hauled off to a nearby location. It’s then stored securely for as long as you need. When you need your storage pod back, you just request a delivery time and it will be dropped off at your home. Moving to another place? You can arrange for multiple pod storage units to be transported to your new address, whether that’s across town or across the country.

2) Storage Pod will Not Make You Ramp Up Your Physical Activity

If you’ve ever moved using a rental truck, you know that getting your goods to the truck is only half the battle. You then have lift boxes and containers up about waist-high to get them onto the truck. Or you need to load up the dolly and make a number of trips up the steep and narrow ramp. It’s definitely a recipe for a back ache—or worse.

With pod storage, you have easier access for storing your stuff. Pod storage units are ground-level for loading, so there’s no hoisting and not as much lifting. If you have heavy boxes, you can load them up on a dolly and roll them right into the storage pod. There are no big ridges to get in the way. It’s a safer way to put everything in its place. Not only will your back thank you, but your fragile items like flower pots and electronics won’t be at risk of falling and breaking.

3) Pod Storage Rates are Affordable – Your Move on Your Schedule

With other moving and storage services, you often need a rental truck. The second you pick it up, the clock is ticking and your bill starts rising. So, there’s an inherent pressure to load and unload the truck as quickly as possible to curb your costs. But when you rush, accidents can happen.

Pod storage rates do not change, so there’s never a race against the clock. You can take your time loading your belongings. using pod storage units affords you the convenience of flexibility. You can have a storage pod dropped off anytime and when you fill it is entirely up to you. Pick up is just a call or click away, so you can go at the pace that’s right for your schedule—and your physical capability.

Pod Storage Units Have Your Back

If you’re ready to give pod storage a try, regardless if its based on convenience or pod storage rates that you found to be competitive, you’ll want to go with a company that instills confidence. There are several companies out there that offer the modular storage units many refer to as pod storage units. Most of these companies are very reliable and affordable. Starting with PODS. one of the industry pioneers. Check out the many reasons why Box-n-Go is the smart choice as well. Then, set up your storage pod delivery in one quick call.