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How fast can I get a Box-n-Go unit delivered so that I can start storing?

We can usually get a Box-n-Go storage unit out to you within 2 to 3 days. If you are in a situation where you need a unit delivered right away, just let us know. In most cases we are able to deliver the same or the next day, depending on the availability.

Keep in mind that our schedules fill up quickly at times. We recommend that you order or schedule your container delivery as soon as possible to lock in the desired date and time slot. That way we can hold your unit and make sure it’s available when you do need it, especially if you have a vacate or move-in deadline.

What are your days and hours of operation?

Box-n-Go works to your schedule. You can learn more about our service schedule by following this link business hours. Of course our web site is available for your use 24/7 and here you can answer many of your questions or even make a reservation.

Does Box-n-Go sell packing supplies?

Yes. Box-n-Go offers a variety of boxes and packing supplies to help you move and protect your belongings. Please visit our packing supplies page to see what we offer. For your convenience, we can include these boxes and packing supplies when we deliver containers to your house.

What is Box-n-Go storage service ideal for? Can I use it for moving or long term storage?

Easy and convenient Box-n-Go storage service is perfect for most for your storage and moving needs:

  • Decluttering in preparing your home for a Sale. Clearing out personal belongings and unnecessary clutter can help make a house more attractive to buyers, and gives you a head start on the moving process. Most realtors report that decluttering reduces the time on the market by an average of 2 months!
  • Remodeling. Store the contents of any room and know that your belongings are safe during construction.
  • Downsizing. Ease crowded home conditions by storing your belongings until you need them again.
  • Storage While You Move
  • Emergency Repairs. Save your belongings from additional damage in cases of flooding, fire or other structural damage. When your home is restored, your belongings will be delivered to your door.
  • Archiving and records storage. Store records or belongings that need to be saved for months or years can be safely housed in our climate-controlled storage facilities.
  • Seasonal Inventory & Holiday Storage.
  • Excess Inventory Storage.
  • Local or Long Distance Moving.
  • Corporate Relocation.
  • Short or long term storage.
  • On-site storage.
  • Storage for Students.

Can Box-n-Go service be used for business?

Absolutely. Box-n-Go service can be used for many business needs:

  • records storage
  • corporate relocation
  • excess inventory storage
  • seasonal supplies or decoration storage
  • exhibit storage
  • and many many more

Please feel free to contact us to explore the many exciting possibilities or service has to offer.

Will Box-n-Go storage save me money?

Absolutely. Box-n-Go storage rates are competitive when compared to those of traditional self-storage. On top of that when you factor in the cost of a truck rental or making several trips to the self-storage facility, loading/unloading time and costs, insurance, gas, etc. you will find Box-n-Go costs are much more economical than that of traditional storage or moving. Not to mention all the benefits and conveniences of Box-n-Go storage method along with the added security of your belongings being stored in an alarmed warehouse. So, when you consider ALL the costs, Box-n-Go is not only economical but most likely your most cost-effective choice.