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Affordable Movers in Agua Dulce, CA

When using Movers Agua Dulce CA, most people prefer to pack their items themselves. They usually try and finish packing prior to the moving company Agua Dulce CA arrival. One of the tricky aspects of packing is how to pack mirrors and other glass framed items. Pack to avoid damage.  The superstition of seven years bad luck may be doubtful, but a breakage of a mirror or glass can be costly. It is also dangerous to those around it. When you use the services of movers Agua Dulce CA residents can follow the tips below to avoid this costly messy problem. Movers Agua Dulce CA Movers Agua Dulce CA

Packing before moving company Agua Dulca CA starts loading

  • Apply masking tape diagonally to the glass front of framed items and mirrors. This will prevent shifting of the glass in transit which can cause breakage. These items are more vulnerable at the corners. So add protection in those areas with additional packing.
  • You should group thinner pieces together. Separate them with layers of bubble wrap or polyethylene foam.
  • You can obtain special mirror boxes. This will allow you to pack individual pieces or groups. Surround them with adequate packing materials to ensure a safe transit.
  • Crate especially valuable, costly, or cherished mirrors and works of art to protect your investment. Label the boxes as “Fragile” alongside the destination room.

An alternative to traditional moving company Agua Dulce CA

Box-n-Go Moving delivers a mobile storage units for you to pack. They are then collected at your convenience. Then they aree placed in our secure storage facility or moved to a new address.  It’s a great solution to moving and storage.  Customers can be assured their mirrors and other glass framed fragile possessions are safe in the specially designed mobile storage unit. It does not matter if you are moving across the street, or across the country. Or even if you need the storage in between your moves. Once you pack your unit, it can be moved, shipped or stored, safely.