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Local Movers in Culver City, CA

Six Moving Myths Solved and How You Can Make Relocating Less Stressful

Are you relocating to another city or neighborhood with moving companies Culver City or local movers in Culver City CA? Do you have a job transfer that will take you across the country next month or year? Local movers Culver City often get questions like how do you avoid the typical moving issues that everyone is talking about on social media? We discuss six primary misconceptions about moving and give you our favorite stress relieving strategies in this article.

Myth one: Any box will do

Will it? Sure, you can pick up cardboard containers from the fast-food joint down the street. The dollar store has plenty of different sizes of boxes to accommodate all your dishes and pictures. The only problem with using these items is that the companies purchase this packaging in bulk. Local movers in Culver City CA will tell you the material is only thick enough to get soaps, dollar toys, and cereal boxes from point a to point b. Most of the deliveries go onto skids that get a few layers of plastic wrap around the outside to designate store destinations and keep products from moving during transit. Unless you have a pallet wrapping machine to deliver your furniture and belongings safely to your new house, then purchasing boxes from moving companies near Culver City might make more sense. Using materials that will stand up to shifting in the back of the moving van can help you protect delicate items like porcelain decorations, fragile artwork, and glassware.

Benefits of buying boxes from moving companies Culver City

  • Not made with recycled materials that can flex and crack open
  • Mirror boxes and containers for clothing provide extra protection with custom sizes and reinforced panels
  • Packaging made solely for relocating short or long distances
  • Quick access to locks, packing tape, foam wrapping, and labeling products
  • Local movers Culver City often have furniture pads and blankets for breakable items
  • Rental equipment like appliance dollies come in very handy for heavy furniture and equipment

Myth two: You only need to put the room on the box

This technique works well for getting your belongings to the right area. What happens when you go to look for a specific item and you have 35 boxes in the same room? If you need something in a hurry, you need to know where to start looking. Local movers Culver City say one way to keep yourself on track is to add the furniture name to the room. Label each box with the room where you want the items inside to go. You can break down the placement even further: put a drawer or shelf number with the room and furniture on it. The more details, the better. Designating the packaging with bedroom closet or storage will give you an idea which boxes to check last when looking for specific belongings. Another idea is to create a table of contents list for each box. If you have enough time to write out a list for boxes with several items, then you can quickly determine what to open when movers in Culver City CA get your stuff to your new house.

Myth three: There are so many things to pack on moving day

Movers in Culver City CA tell homeowners and renters you do not have to wait until the day of the move to pack up everything in your house. How does that work? Trial size hygiene products, paper cutlery and plates, and single-serving drinks can free up your moving day to make it much simpler. Moving companies near Culver City suggest packing all of your personal items up three days before you move so that all you need to toss in the last box is your curling iron, shaver, charging cords, and leftover snacks. You can buy heat and eat meal items that will run out the night before the move, so nothing needs refrigeration except medications like insulin. Purchasing non-perishable snacks will keep you from running out during the move to get something to invigorate the group. Saving out money to buy donuts or breakfast sandwiches at the drive-thru and pizza later in the evening will keep you from needing to cook or find a place to eat that does not involve dressing up.

Myth four: Moving companies Culver City are expensive

One of the biggest costs when hiring a mover includes the crew waiting for you to pack up stuff if you wake up late or are still packing. Since you have storage under control, the fees for moving companies Culver City should be close to the quote you get from the business. When you use moving boxes from the company, the truck will load easily, and your items have better protection. Professional, local movers Culver City carry insurance coverage. This is for damages, breakdowns, and injuries. When you have back issues or worry that someone will get hurt moving your furniture, you should let the experts do the work for you. Packing each box to the top helps transport your items safely with less chance of shifting during transport. Tie down straps can secure large items like wardrobes and armoires minimizing the risk of breakage.

Myth five: Waiting until the weekend to move is best

Moving companies Culver City advise renters and homeowners to consider getting a truck or hiring professional movers during the week. Since most people think you have to wait until the weekend to move, you can avoid the weekend rush. Besides having more trucks to choose from, you will be more likely to find dollies and moving supplies. Many individuals cannot get the time off from work to move during the week. So lots of trucks get booked for the weekend.

Myth six: Moving is so stressful

Local movers in Culver City CA cannot get rid of all the anxiety for you. But, these professionals can make sure you don’t have to worry about the truck, damages, and getting to your new place on time. The best you can do is have everything packed right and ready for the moving crew. That will help ensure that your move goes quickly and easily. Any flat tires, missing keys, breakdowns, and damages are nothing for you to worry about on moving day. Moving companies near Culver City will take care of these issues so you can concentrate on feeding the family or getting boxes to the right room of the new house.

Stress reduction tips from movers in Culver City CA

Movers in Culver City CA know how busy the traffic is in the area, so they can navigate a less-traveled neighborhood to get you to your home fast. These specialists move items every day, so they know how to be efficient and effective no matter what pops up. Here are a few anxiety reducing tips that specialists at moving companies Culver City want you to know before your next relocation.

Stress reducing tips ahead of moving day from local movers Culver City:

  • Use lists you can check off to give you a sense of accomplishment when packing
  • Stay in one room when unpacking
  • Begin with items that are seasonal or those you will not use for at least six months
  • Use a Sharpie to label every box
  • Plan a family outing at least every other week to give everyone a break
  • Book a facial or spa visit during the busiest prep says moving companies near Culver City

During the move

When you are in the middle of moving, taking time to find plates to use is a big hassle. Using some of the above tips like stocking up on non-perishable items will help says local movers Culver City. Put plenty of single-serving drinks in the fridge the day before. Then you’ll be sure to have tons of cold drinks to go around during the move. Remember to pack a separate bag with everything you may immediately needs. These can include daily medications, over-the-counter pain remedies, bandages, triple antibiotic ointment, sunglasses, sunscreen, contact lens cleaner, and charging cords. Keep this bag with you or in your car.

After you reach your new home

  • Plan family time away from the mess
  • Book another spa visit say movers in Culver City CA
  • Unpack one room at a time or designate people for each room
  • Buy meals you can throw in the oven and serve with no-prep sides for the first few days or week
We hope disproving these myths helps make your move easier. You can trust moving companies Culver City to protect your items and make the day less painful for you. Your move can be more enjoyable by using our packing and relocation tips from the moving experts.