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Moving Companies Near Naples CA

So, you are looking for Moving Companies near Naples CA. However, before you start the moving process, you should prepare your belongings for the move. Most movers will charge you hourly for this work. So, if you are willing and able to do some work yourself, why not. Save some money along the way. Here we will offer some advise on how to pack your clothing.

Packing your belongings for Moving Companies near Naples CA

We all gather clothing, sometimes a lot of it. They are often not tidy enough. This creates the mess and clutter in our bedrooms.  In many households closet space is at a premium. One solution to the problem, when moving, is to use the services of Box-n-Go. They supply mobile storage units to for you to pack in your own time. Buy some wardrobe boxes, and transfer your closing from the closets into the box. Lay shoes on the bottom of the box, to save some space.
Moving Companies near Naples CA
Moving Companies near Naples CA
Follow these guidelines to ensure your clothes are packed and stored correctly:
  • Use hanging storage for clothes. Do not use un-coated metal hangers, as they may rust over time.
  • Avoid any type of plastic bags, including vacuum-seal space saver type bags, when storing expensive clothing or linens. They can permanently crease and crush fabrics and furs. The airtight seals can cause mold and mildew growth.
  • Allow plenty of space between items to help air circulation.
  • Use special wardrobe boxes with a rod for hanging, because this will make the task easier
  • Packing furs, leathers, suits or other expensive garments is the only way to assure their safekeeping.
  • Rolling garment rails can be used in combination with garment bags to hang clothing in storage but they will take excessive room.
  • If boxing clothing separate them with sheets of acid-free white tissue to separate garments and also line boxes or containers used with them.
Moving using the mobile storage units is easy. Once packed your mobile unit is collected and taken to a secure facility for safe storage or your new home.  If you prefer, we can send a moving crew with a truck instead. We offer you all the options. You decide what works the best for you.