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Moving Box Bundles

Make you shopping simple – you may need for a specific box size and plenty of them. This is why we sell them by the bundle.

Each bundle consists of the listed quantity of the same size, professional quality cardboard boxes. Typically each bundle will be secured together with plastic ties to keep all the boxes in the bundle together. All boxes are shipped flat and require assembly. Please use several strips of the packing tape to assemble to box and seal it.

All of the boxes provided in the bundle are made of 100% recycled, single wall, corrugated cardboard. Most boxes are made to 32 ECT standard. All boxes are made in the USA.

We recommend not packing over 50 pounds in each box. Otherwise it will be too heavy to be lifted and moved. When the box is too heavy, you also risk that it will come apart when you lift it, thus damaging your belongings. Please consider this when you decide on the sizes of boxes you order.

Do not forget to buy the packing tape. The packing tape we offer is a high strength, high adherence tape used by professional movers.

Other items we offer are also designed and made to satisfy the needs of professional movers. This is how we know that they are of the highest quality. We source all the items locally and usually have them in stock.
Since our main service is storage, we can deliver all the items you buy to you for FREE along with the delivery of your storage unit(s). No need for you to drive around shopping for boxes, handling them and hauling them home. Everything you need can be delivered straight to your home.

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