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Wardrobe Box Bundle


Size: 20″ x 20″ x 46″

For: shirts, blouses, sport coats & jackets.

5 boxes per bundle.



Our wardrobe moving boxes aren’t wimpy! They are larger than most – double strength portable closet! You’ll use them over and over again – great for storing winter & summer clothes too!

Assembly Tip:

Because of the boxes size, assembling the box is a bit complicated. Start by taping the bottom shut. The set the box upright. One side flap of the wardrobe moving box is designed to pull out and fold down – to make it easier to add your hanging clothes. Pull this wall down. After this insert the metal hanging bar. There are small grooves on two sides of the box where the bar can rest. Once the bar is inserted the box is ready to be packed. Do not need to add any packing paper. The thickness of the walls will protect everything inside. Once the box is filled, simply fold up all the tabs and tape the box shut at the top. You can place the shoes at the bottom of the box, then hang the hangers with clothes onto the bar. once you are done filling the box up, tape it shut to protect your clothes from dust.

Our heavy duty, double wall wardrobe moving boxes ensure your clothes won’t sag before you do on your next move. Each wardrobe moving box comes with a sturdy metal hanger bar. Each wardrobe moving box measures approximately: 20″ x 20″ x 46″ (10.0 cu/ft). Make sure not to lose the hanger as it is the essential part of this moving box.

Because of the size of the wardrobe moving box, the carton is somewhat expensive, so if you are on the budget, your closet hanging clothes can be removed from the hanger, folded, and packed into a medium size box. this approach may require you to iron each piece out, after you pull them out of the box. A bit more work, but it can translate into some savings.