An exceptional partner and resource in getting a move or long term storage need fulfilled.

The guys at Box-N-Go helped me and my family move from a 4500 sq ft home to 3 separate destinations. They were absolutely prompt, courteous, helpful and understanding in every way. Even though my requirements changed several times as far as pickup and delivery dates, number of boxes, etc, they were always able to meet the need, without question. This service is the best.

Edward A., San Gabriel, CA

Outstanding in every way!

I was looking for storage and shopped all the companies out there. Box-n-go had by far the best customer service before I placed the order, the best service during and the most competitive prices. I will recommend them to all my friends, family and co-workers.

Michelle V., Woodland Hills, CA

Great service at great price.

I saw my neighbor using Box and Go several month ago when he was moving to NY. I decided to use it for storage (my brother's old LP collection, many boxes of records, and to my astonishment, I was able to fit my entire old bedroom set into one box. I still had room to add into the box. Extremely versatile and useful box and all this for $59 per month. On the day of the delivery the truck was 40 min late, I was late for a get together with my friends. The driver was great though, and gave me a free padlock for the box. Overall, I am glad I found Box-n-Go, I already visited my box at their place to add some more things to it. Expected to see some annoyed employees that you see at storage facilities, instead met the owner, and was impressed.

Anna S., Studio City, CA

Definitely go with Box-N-Go.

I chose Box-N-Go for the convenience and because their prices are very reasonable. They provide quality service. Their customer service is excellent. They are always nice no matter when you call them. My experience with Box-N-Go has been better than I expected. I did not know that I was going to have my things in storage for as long as I have. With Box-N-Go, if you have your stuff in storage for a year, you get a bargain rate. It is a really good deal. In fact, it has helped and encouraged me to keep my stuff there. Otherwise, I would have been in a hurry to get it out. I feel that my things are secure and safe. I also have easy access to my stuff. All in all, Box-N-Go is the best because they will tell you up front how much everything costs. There are no hidden cost, as there can be with other storage companies.

Susan A., Los Angeles, CA

I had a great experience with Box-n-Go

The staff was extremely helpful and courteous over the phone and answered all my questions. My container was dropped off for me to load on my time and taken away for storage when I was ready for it to go. When I no longer needed to store my items, one quick phone call and I scheduled the delivery of my items to my new location. I would certainly use again and would recommend Box-n-Go to those needing to store their belongings. Thank you Box-n-Go!

Lisa K., Santa Ana, CA