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Self Storage in Redondo Beach, CA

Redondo Beach is one of the best beach places to live. It’s because of the location—in the South Bay. Unlike other beach towns, it offers modern services and amenities to its residents. Therefore, you can find everything you need within a few minutes’ drive. This includes moving and storage services. Our Redondo Beach storage units are high quality and easy to access. There are many reasons why people search for storage facilities in Redondo Beach. They include going through a life change, remodeling a home, or storing items for a business. When looking for Redondo storage usually people search for storage units for rent in Hermosa Beach – Redondo Beach area. A Redondo Beach storage facility gives you a way to keep items safe and secure as long as needed. If you’re reading this, you’re probably about to experience a change in your living or working situation. Maybe you need to free up a room for a new bundle of joy on the way. Or perhaps you’re moving into a home that’s half the size of your previous pad. Or maybe you’ve switched up your office space to more of an open architecture, resulting in a surplus of furniture. Whatever the reason is, however, you need to rent self-storage units in Redondo Beach, CA. Only thing is, you know there’s an abundance of options. However, you’re not sure which one makes the most sense for you. Box-n-Go offers cheap climate-controlled storage units in Redondo Beach, CA. We’ve got a 5-minute self-storage assessment to help you. All you have to do is just answer the questions and tally your score to get a recommendation of the best solution for you.

Take the 5-Minute Assessment for Storage Units Near Redondo Beach CA

1. Are you looking to move your belongings in one day or would you prefer to go at your own pace?

a. One day. b. My own pace. c. I need several days.

2.When you want your items back, would you rather visit your on-site storage unit and load it up yourself or have a mobile storage unit dropped off at your location?

a. Pick up items myself. b. Schedule a convenient drop off. c. The flexibility to do either.

3. Do you own a large vehicle or would you be willing to rent a truck to move your stuff to a storage facility?

a. Yes, I have a truck or would rent one to go to public storage Redondo Beach. b. I don’t own a truck and would rather not have to rent one c. I prefer the convenience of having a truck come pick up my mobile storage containers

4. Do you have any health issues involving your arms, legs or back that may make it difficult to lift heavy boxes?

a. I have no health issues b. I do have issues in my arms, legs or back c. I have other injuries that may make loading and unloading difficult

5. Would a standard-size, on-site unit properly fit all your possessions, or would you prefer to only pay for the space you use with just-right-size mobile storage units?

  1. I’m okay with standard storage unit sizes. b. I only want to pay for the space I use. c. I want the flexibility to use multiple 5’ x 8’ x 7’ mobile storage containers.

Score Key: a. answers = 1 point b. answers = 2 points c. answers = 3 points

If you scored 5-7 points, then one of those traditional storage locations in Redondo Beach may be the right choice for you. If you scored 8-12 points, you should consider a mobile storage solution, like Box-n-Go’s. Our low-cost storage units in Redondo Beach fit the bill. If you scored 12-15 points, mobile storage is most likely the option that suits you best. See below for details on a leading mobile storage service you’ll love.

Storage Units in Redondo Beach for a Life Change

There are a variety of life-changing events that create a need to put your belongings in a storage facility. For instance, a death in the family may leave you with excess belongings. A divorce or newborn baby may also cause you to accumulate extra items. Additionally, decluttering due to a life-changing event is common. A Redondo Beach storage facility allows you to easily hold onto items during these events. This is why storage places like ours help you create space in your home and store your items in a secure space. This gives you time and space while you determine what to do with your stuff.

Remodeling a Home

Often a stressful experience, remodeling a home can displace your items, yourself, and your family. However, you want to keep your items safe. Storage units in Redondo Beach provide a variety of options. Whether you need single-day rental or multi-day rental, storage units are available to place furniture, valuables, and other property. Most self-storage facilities also offer on-site containers, as well as facility-run containers and storage. You can keep your items protected while remodeling your home with Redondo Beach storage containers.

Storing Items for a Business

Business space can be limited. Also, businesses often require additional space to store items. Whether you need temporary or long-term solutions, local self-storage facilities offer a great way to keep a business space decluttered. Therefore, storing seasonal items, such as patio furniture during winter, keeps your business space tidy-looking. File storage is another common issue. You can keep records safe and secure with our office storage solutions.


This is possibly the most common reason for using storage units. Moving is often a stressful experience. Redondo Beach storage units often provide both moving materials and knowledgeable staff, as well as a secure self-storage facility, to help make your move as efficient and anxiety-free as possible. Our storage services are the perfect way to move quickly and effectively.

Box-n-Go delivers affordable storage units in Redondo Beach, CA

First of all, Box-n-Go makes storing your things simple. However, be assured that from the South Bay Galleria to the Redondo Beach pier to the homes on the Esplanade, we’ve got you covered. Because, there’s no need to rent a moving truck, no hidden fees, and no elevated platforms to lift heavy boxes onto. Make the smart choice: get a quote today, then contact Box-n-Go to schedule a drop off of the right-sized containers to easily and efficiently store it all.

3 simple packing tips to ensure an easy storage experience

Sometimes renting storage units can seem like an onerous task. However, if you plan on how to organize and pack your storage containers ahead of time, you will have an easier time packing. Also, here are some tips that will help you pack your storage units with ease.

Tip #1:  Group certain items together.

Simply put, this means put all the winter gear together. Also put all your electronics together. This will give you easy access to them when you are ready to retrieve them from your storage facility in Redondo Beach.

Tip # 2: Label your boxes

You always seem to hear this tip from self-storage facilities—but it’s true, however. Because you will be surprised by how much time is wasted rummaging through things because people simply forgot to label the contents of items in their boxes.

Tip # 3: Make a List or Inventory

There’s nothing more frustrating than rummaging through your things in your storage units, looking for one item. This is because you only discover that they were never put in storage in the first place. Hence, it’s crucial that you make a list of every single item that you are placing in storage. Therefore, when you need to access your things, you can save time by knowing exactly what is in storage and what you need.

At Box-n-Go, we provide small and large storage units in Redondo Beach that can hold a wide variety of items. These can include:

  • Televisions & other electronics
  • Computers
  • Bicycles
  • Instruments
  • Sheets & blankets
  • Artwork & picture frames
  • Books
  • Toys
  • Memorabilia
  • And much more!

Call us and ask about our self-storage unit prices in Redondo Beach today!

In conclusion, when it comes to moving and storage, a simple organization plan can help you. If you are looking for storage, and especially cheap storage units in Redondo Beach, CA, Box-n-Go has you covered. Hence, taking your needs in consideration we offer a wide array of flexible service options and convenient storage containers that meet your needs. So call us today and learn how to reserve storage units in Redondo Beach. However, do not just reserve with us without doing the homework. Drive by the below facilities and compare their services to Box-n-Go. Also here are some of the storage units near Redondo Beach CA:
  • Public Storage Redondo Beach CA – 4460 Del Amo Blvd
  • Mini Storage -777 N Francisca Ave, Redondo Beach, CA 90277
  • Redondo Hermosa Mini Storage – 811 N Catalina Ave, Redondo Beach, CA 90277
  • Redondo Torrance Mini Storage – 3701 Inglewood Ave, Redondo Beach, CA 90278
  • US Storage Centers – 1415 Hawthorne Blvd, Redondo Beach, CA 90277
  • Trojan Storage Redondo Beach – 1651 S Central Ave,
  • Public Storage 90277 – 3501 Lomita Blvd
Box-n-Go provides self-storage units to the following ZIP Codes in Redondo Beach, CA: 90277, 90278. Find a Redondo Beach portable storage unit near you! Box-n-Go storage containers are readily seen on a daily basis in many Southern California cities, including Torrance, CA, San Pedro, CA, South Bay, CA, El Segundo, CA, Manhattan Beach, CA, Hermosa Beach, CA, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA, Gardena, CA, Hawthorne, CA, Carson, CA, and numerous other areas in Los Angeles, CA and Orange County, CA.

Self Storage Units in Redondo Beach