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Laminated Steel Padlock


High security laminated steel padlock perfect for locking your storage unit.

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There are many styles and quality padlocks available out there. You must consider your particular application when choosing the right padlock for you. At box-n-go all our storage units are stored inside a high security facility. So likely, the padlock you use will act as a secondary deference and will be indoors for most of its use.

The padlock we recommend for use is a high security laminated steel padlock is perfect for locking your storage unit. Our laminated steel padlocks are made from high-quality material. The locks come equipped with hardened steel shackles. The body is constructed of galvanized laminated plates that are zinc plated for rust resistance. The lamination makes the lock mechanism better able to resist force. A protective bumper prevents marring of finishes. The brass cylinder operates smoothly in all weather situations and is designed for a long lasting, smooth working action. Mushroom shaped locking pins provide maximum pick resistance, with a double locking shackle secured at both ends. Each lock has a unique blend of strength, durability, and extreme weather resistance. these padlocks offer a superior protection from drilling and prying. each padlock comes with a set of two keys.

Compare our padlocks to others:

  • Laminated steel padlock with PLATED STEEL BODY
  • DOUBLE DEADBOLT locking mechanism for increase strength
  • HARDENED STEEL SHACKLE for extra cut resistance
  • Non-rekeyable, multi pin tumbler cylinder helps prevent picking
  • Highly durable and easy to use
  • Easy installation and easy handling
  • Plastic bumper to reduce scratching during use
  • Product dimensions: 40 mm padlock body
  • Product weight: 0.60 lbs (0.27 kgs)

The padlock is manufactured in China to our exact standards and specifications. Order as many as you want. We will credit your account for all the unused padlocks you return to us. The actual padlock and packaging may vary slightly from the one shown above.

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