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Pods Storage is Easy and Affordable with Box-n-Go

Pods Storage | Pods for Storage

People are tired of the way traditional storage companies operate. They are not happy with having to do too much work to move in and out of storage. They are unhappy with security of their belongings. they are not happy with the way their belongings smell when they retrieve them. Not to mention the frustrating process of needing to load all your items onto a truck, drive the truck to the storage facility, and then unload everything on the same day. It is fine if you have a few boxes. But imagine packing up items from a three-bedroom house and needing to do it all in a single day! However, pods storage is making quite  a lot of difference in the life of the people who are planning to relocate. No wonder the popularity of storage pods is increasing by the day. Read on to know more about pods for storage.

The good news is that you now have a very real alternative, in fact, many of them. Yes, with the increasing popularity of storage, you don’t have to worry about your goods and their safe keeping. With the most efficient storage you can keep your belongings securely, without worrying about the space constraint or any such factors. All you have to do is get in touch with a reputed moving company. And they will take care of it smoothly. From sending containers to pick up goods to storing them safely, they will ensure a hassle free storage process.

Pods Storage: What is it?

The pods storage concept was pioneered by Public Storage® and PODS®a while back. Storage pods (as most people refer to them) option is very convenient. There are several companies that provide this service. Starting of course with PODS® storage. Box-n-Go is not affiliated with or sponsored by PODS storage. We are a competing company offering a similar service.  Over the past many years, pods storage companies such as Box-n-Go have worked very hard to streamline their mobile storage service to something that mainstream customers can afford. When you are contacting a company like Box-n-Go, you can expect fair prices and ultimate flexibility. If, however, you are looking for PODS®, you can view their offerings by following this link.

The service works in a very simple way. You will look over the different sizes of pods for storage and you will decide on the one that you want. When you pick pods for storage, ensure you are choosing a size that is big enough to fit all your items. If you are worrying about money and expenses, go with the smaller of the two options in your range. You can always fit your items in tightly.

Are They Useful?

When you use storage pods, you are getting everything you could want from a storage solution. The company will drop off the storage units at your home. That is right – you get these storage pods dropped off right outside your house. You do not even need to go anywhere to load your items into a storage unit! How convenient is that?

When you have finished loading up your storage pods, you are all set. You will call the company and they will come pick up their pods for storage. Then you must let them know where you want the pods storage dropped off. Keeping your convenience and accessibility in mind, they will drop the pods exactly where you have wanted.

Accessing Your Storage Pods

There are a few options when it comes to accessing your items. If you request your items to be sent to a nearby storage facility, you can access the facility during business days. But you also have the option so that the company drop off your storage pods at a different address in a few months. You will get the flexibility to access your pods whenever you feel like, depending on your prior requirements.


Box– Go eliminates stress while increasing affordabilityPods storage no longer has to be the dreaded chore it once was.  Thanks to Box-N-Go, household storage and moving is easier and more affordable that it has ever been. Wanting to spare yourself and your family from some of the stress and headache of moving into storage, perhaps you’ve looked into seeking the help of a moving service in the past. However, if you’ve ever requested quotes from a typical storage company it will surprise you how much money you are asked to pay through the quotation.  If you never have received any quotes, don’t take our word for it, see for yourself!  But Box-n-Go is different! With Box-N-Go, there is no need to rent a moving truck or pay clumsy movers to pack up your belongings for you. The efficient storage pods will take care of your belongings.

Here is how pods for storage work

We bring the storage and moving pods (containers) to you.  You walk your belongings from your house to the nearby containers. You take all the time you need to fill the containers.  We pick up the containers whenever you are ready and then we deliver the containers to your new residence. Once you get the delivery of the pods, take as much time as you need to unpack the precious contents into your new home.  And just like that will complete your smooth and hassle free relocation!  All this for a fraction of the price of typical movers.

Also, if your new house is not quite ready for you, we can simply take your belongings to our secure warehouse for safekeeping until you are ready for them.  It couldn’t be more convenient. If storage is on your agenda, you really can’t beat Box-N-Go.